Camilla Cortellesi's File
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Dottoressa Camilla Cortellesi

Deputy Director of Site Nettuno

Name: Camilla Cortellesi

Birth Date: 12/02/1965

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 1.63 m tall; shoulder-length hair dyed black; brown eyes. Often has hair bangs. Wears glasses and earrings.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), French (C1), English (B2), Spanish (B2)

Research Focus: Economy, finance, human resources

Career: Hired by the internal affairs department in 2001, she moved to the financial department in 2007, before becoming the deputy director of Site Nettuno in 2014, following the corruption incidents at the site.

Biography: Camilla Cortellesi was born in the province of Naples. Her mother was a baker, while her father was a scuba diving trainer at the Baia archaeological park. She has two brothers - Giovanni and Michele - and three sisters - Ornella, Sofia and Maria. Her family was in bad economic conditions, so Camilla often helped her mother in the bakery. In 1983, she graduated high school and enrolled in the economy faculty at the University of Naples Federico II. She worked as a trainer in the Baia scuba diving club with her father, in order to pay for her studies. In 1988, she graduated in finance and began working at the French consulate in Naples, where she quickly became the consul's personal assistant.

In 2001, the former Second Superintendent paid the consul a visit, as they were good friends. He met Camilla and was impressed by her efficiency and loyalty to the consul. Therefore, after several weeks of observation, he decided to recruit her into the Foundation, assigning her to the internal affairs. In that department, Camilla Cortellesi met Vittoria Usai and became friends with her. Since then, Cortellesi's career was linked to her. Vittoria Usai picked her as her assistant every time — both when she became the director of the Financial-Accounting Section in 2005, and when she became the current Second Superintendent in 2011.

In 2014, Site Nettuno - affected by what happened in 2006 - was undergoing an internal investigation which led to the director and deputy director's dismissal, as they turned out to be corrupt. The Superintendents chose the captain of SSM-II and the captain of naval unit 1 - Arianna Contadi and Daniele Lorenzini - as the new site director and deputy director. However, the latter refused that function, while the former ended up facing difficulties which she could not handle on her own. Following a reassessment, the Superintendents chose Cortellesi as the deputy director. Such reassessment was due to some remarks — the events leading to the two former directors' dismissal and the need for a new staff member with remarkable bureaucratic competences, whose loyalty was proven. Cortellesi confronted the new site director's difficult character: she would not admit that she needed help. But thanks to the support of Lorenzini and Basilio Aramini - the new captain of SSM-II - Camilla Cortellesi was able to get accepted and became one of the most important, respected staff members at Site Nettuno.

Personality: Camilla Cortellesi is serious, unbiased and loyal to her colleagues and the people she knows closely, a quality for which she was always praised and appreciated. However, she acts cold and detached and is unable to change that. She is a perfectionist who always tries to solve conflicts, which causes her to feel very disappointed when she fails to find a solution to problems. She believes in work and merit, and hates it when someone scolds her and tells her that she is "just a paper pusher who knows nothing about such matters".

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • She has a huge collection of high heels and earrings; she wears different earrings every week. She describes herself as a fashion victim.
  • With a passion for scuba diving, her favorite hobby is watching SSM-II training.
  • She gets along very well with captain Aramini, whom she helped take over SSM-II by persuading director Contadi to leave the squad entirely to him.
  • She has an aquarium in her office, with a turtle in it. She called it Warturtle, as a tribute to the Pokémon videogames.

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