Domenico Iriarte's File
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Domenico Iriarte

Archivist at Site Plutone

Name: Domenico Iriarte

Birth Date: 19/10/1966

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 1.73 m tall; heavyset; fair complexion; bald; grey eyes. Has several tattoos on both his arms and on his back, many of which portray Chinese folk tale creatures.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), Chinese (B2), English (B1)

Research Focus: Desk research, document archival.

Career: Hired as an historian at Site Plutone in 1992, he became an archivist seven years later, before being appointed manager of SCEMC documents.

Biography: Born in Trieste, Domenico Iriarte is the only son of Francesca Maralli and Domenico Iriarte, curator of the [REDACTED] museum in Venice. To make his father's job easier, the family moved near Venice in 1976. Domenico grew fond of his father's job, as he often took him to the museum or to the neighborhood library to aid his cultural education. The family did several trips to China, a country which young Domenico finds very interesting. After graduating linguistic high school, he signed up for degree courses on languages, cultures and societies of Asia and northern Africa at Ca'Foscari university, Venice. He finished studying in 1992 with a doctoral thesis about trade relations between Venice and China during the Middle Ages, graduating with honors.

In 1991, during a research session at the library in his father's museum, he found some documents about the Most Serene College of Anomalies and Oddities of the Municipality (SCEMC). Unaware of the true value of those documents, he transcribed and collected them in a file labeled "Book of the Other Marvels", in tribute to the Book of the Marvels of the World by Marco Polo. While he was translating them, some Foundation agents arrived, taked with searching for such documents and retrieving them. They found him studying them, so they pretended to be working for the national archives and interviewed him on the reasons why Domenico was studying those documents. Unaware of what it was really about, Iriarte explained the subject of his thesis, even boasting about his skills in Chinese. Indeed, he did not hide his dream to work as an archivist. Needing a specialist on medieval China for its research on SCEMC, the Foundation tried to recruit him once he finished his thesis, without revealing its true nature to him. Iriarte accepts, determined to expand his knowledge on SCEMC - which he believed to be a mere merchant company - and did his best to get the grades which would grant him the job. In 1992, he was hired thanks to his graduation with honors and transferred to Site Plutone. He was appointed on-site archivist after he broke up with his university girlfriend Maria, who did not want to follow him to Campania. From that moment on, he never heard of her again.

In 2003, Maria died in a fire and Iriarte learnt that he had a daughter, Lisa, born in August 1992. He had to raise her without knowing her, but neglected her because he was too busy at work. He did not hide that his studies mattered more than family to him. At eleven years old, Lisa quickly understood that her father was not going to take care of her, so she was housted and raised by Domenico's best friend. She is now an agent of SSM-VIII (“Subterranea Materia”). The relationship between Iriarte and his daughter is still complicated: they cannot have a peaceful conversation without arguing.

At work, Domenico Iriarte stood out for his devotion to research, his knowledge of Chinese and his commitment to study. While he is disliked for not sharing his work and knowledge with anyone, everyone knows him as an expert and leader in his field. In 2007, he was appointed manager of SCEMC documents.

Personality: Domenico Iriarte does not seek the other researchers' friendship, since he only sees them as co-workers. Very possessive, jealous and ambitious, he claims that successfully landing that job "was normal" and that it had to be "his rightful achievement after all those years of work". He thinks that he totally deserves the position of deputy director of Site Plutone. As a result, he is very envious of Dr. Bellini and has a bad opinion on him, looking forward to his retirement. He hates Dr. Lucrezia Cerise, the current Eighth Superintendent, as he believes that he is more entitled to that role than her. A history lover, a perfectionist and a workaholic, he hates unfinished jobs and it does not bother him to stay in his office for whole nights, if it means to finish studying a document. He neglects his physical and mental health, refusing to admit when he is burnt out due to excessive work.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • His best friend is Mario Ballesta, an agent of SSM-VIII. They met in middle school and Ballesta knows that he is one of the few people who tolerate Iriarte. He and his wife raised Lisa alongside their two children.
  • The few times he does not work, he likes going to the library or to museums. He often happen to go to Site Cerere to study SCP-076-IT, because he has a SCEMC document about it.
  • He goes to China for two weeks a year. He has several friends met during his studies there.
  • Professionally speaking, he gets along with Dr. Foriani, deputy director of Site Cerere, who helps him practice his Chinese.


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