Elia Contadi's File
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Elia Contadi

Captain of SSM-VIII (“Subterranea Materia”)

Name: Elia Contadi

Birth Date: 01/08/1976

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: Caucasian male; 1.87 m tall; heavyset; short, curly, dark brown hair; brown eyes; a thick beard. Has a scar on his belly due to an accident during a mission.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), English (B1), Spanish (B1)

Combat Focus: Team coordination.

Career: A speleologist, he became an agent of SSM-VIII in 2006, and was eventually promoted to captain.

Biography: Elia Contadi was born in Pescara, Abruzzo, and spent the earliest years of his life in Molise. However, after his parents divorced when he was three, he followed his father, who moved to Venice to bcome a longshoreman and took Elia and his siblings Italo (1970) and Arianna (1972) with him. Thus, Elia Contadi grew up in Veneto from 1979 to 1986, then moved to Liguria with his siblings. All three children tried to forget their mother; indeed, they were never on good terms with her and never saw her again, after following their father to Venice. Their father remarried in 1981 and two daughters were born of this marriage: Laura (1985) and Federica (1987), with whom Arianna and her brothers are on very good terms.

As a kid, during holidays with his family in [REDACTED], on the Apennines, he visited some caves and grew fond of speleology. This passion of his led him to study geology at university in Milan, thus becoming a skilled geologist who also taught speleology to new apprentices. As a result, the Foundation noticed him in 2006: an agent of SSM-VIII ("Subterranea Materia") offered him to join the Foundation. Elia Contadi took the job. After several months of training and encouraged by his sister, who also worked for the Foundation, he became an agent of SSM-VIII.

In SSM-VIII, Elia Contadi stood out for his bravery and ability to handle his team when required. He became the lieutenant of SSM-VIII in 2013. Following an operation where he proved particularly capable of handling emergencies and very tough situations, Contadi was promoted to captain of SSM-VIII in 2015.

Personality: Back when Elia Contadi was a mere agent of SSM-VIII, his superiors deemed him very brave and committed. He is a captain respected by his men and very devoted to his job, which he and his older sister hide from their family by claiming that he is a speleologist. He is very kind to new recruits, although his physique scares them at first. The main complaint that people address him is that he is sometimes too committed: he does not hesitate to sacrifice himself and put his own life at risk for his agents, many of whom are his friends.

Rejected by his mother, he suffered from the lack of a mother figure until the age of seven. Apparently, that is the reason why his relationship with his sister is very close and why he acts so caring with his newest agents, his daughters and their mother.

According to the psychiatric department, he has an inferiority complex due to his childhood and the fact that he grew up in the shadow of his sister Arianna, director of Site Nettuno. They have a very close bond, but captain Contadi finds it unbearable to be constantly compared to her. Because of that, he did not enlist in SSM-II, although he met all the requirements to join it. He also seems to be afraid to be a bad father and a bad superior, and does everything he can to put everyone at their ease. However, he gets mad when he fails to do so and complains of being unable to do his job properly.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • He remembers nothing about Pescara and Molise and considers himself a Venetian, a claim supported by his strong accent.
  • He is married to Sara Azzolina, whom he met during his speleology training, and has two daughters: Sofia, born in 2007, and Emilia, born in 2009.
  • He risked dying in 201█ during an expedition, when he was attacked and hit by an anomaly. Severely injured, he was hospitalized in [REDACTED] and got a long scar on his belly.
  • During his studies, he learnt to recognize rocks and gems and he enjoys teaching speleology to his daughters.


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