Elia Moretti's File
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Elia Moretti

Manager of the Horticultural Compound at Site Cerere

Name: Elia Moretti

Birth Date: 03/07/1968

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 1.76 m tall; black complexion; slightly heavyset (80 kg); black, curly black hair, often gathered in dreadlocks; brown eyes. He is astigmatic and wears glasses.

Language Certificates: French (native language), Italian (native language), English (B2)

Research Focus: Botany, agronomy.

Career: Recruited in 1988 as a botanist in the horticultural compound at Site Cerere, he became its manager in 2010.

Biography: Elia Moretti was born in Grenoble, France, and named Élie Maurel. Both his parents were professors at Pierre-Mendès university: his father Émile was a physics professor from Guadalupe, while his mother Elena Moretti was an Italian literature professor from Alessandria, Piedmont. Given his parents' academic interests, Elia grew fond of both subjects. Despite that, he chose to study agronomy. After graduating in 1989, he decided to move to Italy, a country he had often visited during family trips. Once there, he attended the plant biotechnology course at Turin university, where he specialized. However, he struggled to land a job, also because of racial prejudice. He was jobless for six months, after which he got sporadic, underpaid jobs. In 1993, he was hired as the laboratory staff manager in the Gran Sasso national park, Abruzzo.

In 19██, while he was carrying out dendrological analyses in the forest near his research post, he encountered SCP-███-IT, which was in the park instead of being at Site Cerere because of a containment breach.1 Mistaking it for a common pet cat, Moretti took it to his home to take care of it. Three days later, some field agents investigating the disappearance of SCP-███-IT who had followed a lead to Moretti's place proceeded to interview him. During the interview, SCP-███-IT displayed its anomalous properties, which Moretti was unaware of. Seen as a suspicious individual, he was taken to Site Cerere for further questioning. The Foundation then noticed that he had taken good care of the anomaly, despite the shock due to discovering its anomalous properties during the interview. It also noted that he had followed a brilliant academic path and gotten good professional results. After a careful examination of Moretti's skills, a job as a botanist at Site Cerere was offered to him, and he immediately accepted. He was assigned to the horticultural compound, under Dr. Tommaso Passini's management.

In 2010, site director Giorgio Romero retired and Dr. Passini was chosen to replace him. At that point, he offered his previous position to Moretti, who took the job. The first thing he did was expand the compound, with the creation of a second containment area, which turned out to be helpful in 2012 to house instances of SCP-076-IT after their previous habitat was destroyed.

Personality: Elia Moretti is a very dutiful man. He sees the fulfillment of his tasks as an honor. Outside of work, he is very sociable and starts new friendships with ease. Thanks to his friendliness and good looks, he has always been able to attract potential soulmates. However, he suffered from racism in both France and Italy, which made him go through a period of distress in his teenage years. He feels perfectly comfortable in the Foundation, with the personnel of the horticultural compound and the other staff members. But above all, he gets along well with director Passini, whom he sees as a mentor.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • He has both the French and the Italian citizenships.
  • When he got to Italy, he took his mother's surname, as it was easier for Italians to pronounce.
  • During summers, he often goes to Guadalupe, where his father's family lives.
  • He is married to Elsa ████████, who is also French. He met her in Chambéry in 1990. They have two daughters: Marion, born 1993, and Harmonie, born in 1994.


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