Emilia Lombardi's File
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Emilia Lombardi

Director of the Hospital (Medical and Immediate Response Division) at Site Asclepio

Name: Emilia Lombardi

Birth Date: 23/10/1963

Clearance Level: 3

Physical Description: 1.74 m tall; long, black hair; blue eyes. Her left arm is covered in tattoos and bracelets.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), English (B1), Spanish (B1)

Research Focus: Medicine, emergency care.

Career: An agent of SIR-III since 1995, she became its captain in 201█, before being appointed director of the Site Asclepio hospital.

Biography: Raised by a very modest family in the countryside near Catania, Sicily, Dr. Lombardi committed a lot to achieve her goals, both to study and to satisfy her parents and lead a better life. She graduated in medicine and surgery at Enna university in 1993. She chose that path after losing her sister, who died from cancer. At first, Emilia Lombardi worked at the [REDACTED] military hospital as an emergency doctor, and cured many soldiers who had been injured in the battlefield. An undercover Foundation agent was among them, tasked with finding potential candidates to hire. The agent was impressed by Dr. Lombardi's talent and competence, so he offered her a position in SIR-III. Emilia agreed after a few days of reflection. She was recruited into SIR-III as an emergency doctor, then became its lieutenant in 2007. She later became its captain in 201█, after her predecessor was killed in a raid on a CFO base. She was shot in the left arm during that battle. In 201█, at the age of 5█, she became the director of the Site Asclepio hospital. Among other things, she was responsible for treating S5-9, and one of the few people beside the Superintendents to know his medical file.

Personality: Dr. Lombardi is very caring to the hospitalized patients and hates it when they die. Her "reason for living" is to do all she can to save them, even if they are Class D personnel or CFO agents. In her own words: «They're human beings first of all, and it's my duty to help them». She shares that mentality with the Seventh Superintendent, which is why they get along well. She respects S5-9, and the feeling is mutual, since she was the one who treated him. However, she wants nothing to do with esoterism. She is often too much of a perfectionist, not hesitating to question her very existence when she fails to save someone.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • She wears many bracelets and has several tattoos on her left arm to hide a scar left by a bullet. She was shot during a raid on a CFO base.
  • She met Benedetto in 1989 during a soccer match in Rome and is married to him since 1992. She is very caring to him, especially since 2002, when he had a serious car crash that forced him to use a wheelchair. She feels guilty because she did not get to treat him herself.
  • They have a son named Stefano, born in 1995. He is a philosophy teacher in Palermo.
  • She can play the Jew's harp.
  • Although her actual name is Laura, she prefers to be called Emilia, especially not to be mistaken for Dr. Laura Zaffiro.


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