Francesco Galeazzo's File
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Francesco Galeazzo

Captain of SIR-II [REDACTED]

Name: Francesco Galeazzo

Birth Date: 23/05/1963

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 2.03 m tall; fair complexion; long, greying hair, shaved on the temples; a long, greying beard; green eyes. He is very heavyset and has several tattoos on his arms.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), English (B2), Serbian (B1)

Combat Focus: Interrogations, information gathering.

Career: An agent of SIR-II since 1994, he became its captain in 2005.

Biography: Francesco Galeazzo was born in San Marino in 1963, from a San Marinese father and a Serbian mother. His father was a diplomat, which was why the family moved to Pozarevac, Serbia - which, at that time, was part of Yugoslavia as a Federate Socialist Republic - in 19██. Galeazzo's father regretted his decision very soon, given the political situation in Serbia. Galeazzo spent █ years in Serbia, under Tito's dictatorship. He returned to Ancona in 1980, following Tito's death, when he was seventeen. After graduating technical high school, he enrolled at university in Camerino and specialized in software engineering. At the age of twenty-five, he enlisted in the Army of Carabineers, where he could use his competences as a software engineer. At the age of thirty, he was recruited by the Foundation, after being recommended by the carabineers for his skills. He became an agent of SSM-IX; however, the Superintendents later deemed him more useful to SIR-II, because he proved very fit for undercover and espionage missions. Moreover, Galeazzo stood out for his ability to locate activities and agents of hostile groups of interest even with very little evidence, both physical and digital. In 1997, he was promoted to team leader of SIR-II, which he was for eight years, before becoming its captain thanks to how excellently he handled his squad. At first, he was able to handle SIR-II on his own, but as the team members increased, he felt the need for some outside help. In 201█, the Superintendents assigned him an assistant — lieutenant Costa, who became the second captain of SIR-II in 201█. Costa preferred paperwork, while Galeazzo also liked working in the field "to train and keep fit". The Superintendents disapproved of that: since Galeazzo was the leader of SIR-II, they wanted him to handle his squad's paperwork. He was often scolded for that, especially for being too bold and reckless. Nonetheless, Galeazzo was highly regarded and respected by his men and the Superintendents were glad that he was very efficient at his job, especially at handling SPeV-II, even though he did not get along with its director, Mauro Venelli.

Personality: Francesco Galeazzo does not hesitate to use his stocky build to scare hostile agents brought to Site Virtus for interrogations. He has a very deep voice and everyone knows about him at Site Virtus, even if many have never met him in person. Despite his physique and his temperament in the workplace, he is a sweet, caring man, who never hesitates to help newcomers.

He especially hates CFO, which is attributable to the negative effects the Serbian dictatorship had on him. Indeed, he is afraid that a new totalitarian regime might begin in Italy, should the Dictator successfully rise to power. He often overreacts in the presence of CFO members and when certain topics are brought up, such as the political situation in the former Yugoslavia or some mental issues.

Although he studied informatics, captain Galeazzo is interested in medieval Italian literature and philosophy. He signed up for an online philosophy course at [REDACTED] university and got a bachelor's degree in 2002, at the age of thirty-nine.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • He is a great fan of heavy metal bands, such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Aerosmith, and he is often seen wear shirts of these bands, as well as Rangers shoes in Doc Marten's style. He can play guitar and often performs in concerts with his older children, who play drums and sing.
  • Since 1987, he is married to Silvia Mariani, known as commander Silvia Galeazzo, leader of SSM-II (“Legio Atlantidis”) from 1996 to 2006. He had three children with her: Serena (1991), Elia (1993) and Fabio (2006). When he is not busy at work, he takes care of his wife and their youngest son.
  • He is friends with Lorenzo Ferri, the Seventh Superintendent, although they have different views on the use of Class D personnel. His firstborn son Elia is married to A████, Seventh's daughter.
  • He can speak Serbian, but uses it only when he is forced to, because of his bad experience in the dictatorship.


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