Gianfranco Rinaldi's File
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Gianfranco Rinaldi

Deputy Director of Site Deus

Name: Gianfranco Rinaldi

Birth Date: 20/08/1977

Birth Place Milan, Lombardy

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: Dark brown hair, always kept in a crew cut; light brown eyes; 1.57 m tall; small, thin hands. He tends to walk "pigeon-toed".

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), Latin (C2), English (C1), French (B2), German (B1), Chinese (A1)1

Research Focus: Physics, esotericism, public relations

Career: Class D staff member from 2006, as a captured Fascist Council of the Occult researcher, he stood out for his keen intelligence and assigned to Site Deus as a researcher, under close surveillance. Following his several contributions and a proven change in views, he was given a new identity and officially joined the Foundation in 2001. He became deputy director in 2017 thanks to support from most of the S5 Superintendents.

Biography: Gianfranco Rinaldi, born [REDACTED] in Milan and based in Melegnano for most of his life, had his first contacts with the anomalous as a CFO researcher.

He approached CFO at the age of sixteen, since he used to hang out with ultra-right groups, and was noticed by the local recruiters due to his sharp mind and unscrupulousness. At the height of his teenage conflict with his parents,2 the young man decided to follow them and was enthralled by the Dictator's figure, presence and speeches at the brief meeting. He remained an unofficial member of the Council until he came of age. When he turned eighteen, he left home for good to study physics in Milan3 and was accepted into the Council through a rite of passage. He was selected as a researcher and assigned to the Arcane Studies Office due to his skills and passion for experiments, especially in the esoteric field.

In 2006, the facility he worked in was found and raided by the Foundation. Rinaldi was captured alongside his collaborators. They were temporarily detained at Site Deus, since it was near the conquered facility. Waiting for transfer to the site he had been assigned to, Rinaldi overheard some guards discuss turning them into Class D personnel, so he decided to escape with his collaborators. He planned on using an esoteric formula designed by him to modify the width of a location affected by time-space alterations, such as Site Deus. However, they were discovered before they went through with that. His companions took the blame, so he was placed in solitary confinement.

The former director - Vincenzo Paglia - was informed accordingly. He was impressed by the fascist's formula and made exceptional arrangements with SRE-M to better comprehend his knowledge. As a result, the prisoner was put to work in an isolated room, watched 24/7 and obliged to have specialized therapists check on him every week. Interactions with site personnel were allowed only for research purposes. However, even in those cases, he kept claiming his loyalty to CFO. He acknowledged that his organization's methods to achieve their goals were excessive only after several discussions. Even evidence that the Council would never make any compromises could not make him change his mind. Only a report on all the casualties and damage caused by CFO, which he was given by archivist Michela Marchetti,4 led him to the peak of his ideological crisis in 2011.

He was depressed for a short time, but was able to overcome it, thanks to support from the therapists and some researchers who had collaborated with him and had learnt to appreciate him. So he decided to make up for his past actions by joining the Foundation, which introduced him to its researchers and gave him a new identity: Gianfranco Rinaldi. Despite that, he struggled to embrace all of the Foundation's methods and give up some of his preconceptions, even after his change in mentality.

Because of his results, both scientific and interpersonal,5 he was recommended as deputy director in 2016. After extensive research on his recent past and present, which included nothing impeding his promotion, the Superintendents issued their confirmation with seven ayes and four nays.

His career caused controversy at first, but the complaints decreased after the deputy director committed personally to studying a lost civilization, from which the Foundation gained important results and precious knowledge.

Personality: Gianfranco has an active, expansive, dynamic character, making him the right person to liaise with site personnel and work with anomalies in the field. However, he feels the pressure of his assigned position a lot; as a result, he partly suppresses these sides of him to look serious and reliable. He is very talkative, does not mince his words and is always ready to joke on every subject, especially about himself.6 Although he risks looking superficial in this way and he acts absent-minded when something is not related directly to his job, he has a long attention span and a good perception of reality. He is a bit selfish, but always ready to sacrifice himself for his ideals. Intelligent and impulsive, he rarely pauses to reflect on his mistakes, and tries to change the subject if he is forced to do so. Nonetheless, he has a constant desire to improve. He suffers from impostor syndrome: despite the excellent results achieved, he has little self-esteem and is afraid to fall back into his old fascist behavior. He hates not complying with his commitments and goals.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • He is very sensitive about his height and always tries to change the subject when someone brings it up.
  • He prefers to buy second-hand clothes.
  • He is on good terms with the agents working as heads of security at Site Iride: he often offers something to them at weekends.
  • Overall, he is usually the one organizing various parties and special events at Site Deus.
  • He likes tea better than coffee.
  • He always fills his text messages with emojis, even when there is no need for that.


  • «How can I pull an all-nighter without coffee? Now, that's a coffeeholic question!»
  • «Of course I want to go out in the field, the best discoveries are made there!»
  • «Men or women? Why choose in the first place?»
  • «I hope you have nothing important to do for the next two days»7
  • «That's right, we almost pay more attention to the needs of Class D personnel than we do to our own men's. They must be looking for the next deputy director»
  • «What does CFO do? I don't know, they forgot to leave me flyers about the next events when I left»
  • «Don't beat yourself up! The Foundation doesn't cover suicides»
  • «Did I go too far?»8


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