Giulia Rossetti's File
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Giulia Rossetti

Coordinator of the Veterinary Teams at Site Cerere

Name: Giulia Rossetti

Birth Date: 06/09/1967

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 1.63 m tall; short, black hair; brown eyes. Often wears makeup. Has a piercing on her right nostril.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), English (B2), some Latin skills.

Research Focus: Veterinary medicine, specialized in dangerous animals.

Career: Recruited as a veterinarian in 1999, he became the coordinator of the Site Cerere veterinary teams in 2009.

Biography: Giulia Rossetti was born and raised in Florence. Her mother was a painter, while her father was a museum director. She has three brothers: Carlo (1964), Luigi (1970), Stefano (1970) and a fourth brother, Albert, who was born as Antonia in 1990. At first, she wanted to become a painter like her mother, but discovered a passion for animals in middle school. After graduating high school, she enrolled at Turin university to study veterinary medicine. After graduating, she began working at a wildlife recovery center, landing her dream job and taking care of her favorite animals: spiders.

She was eleven, when her family first introduced her to Janus' Order. They took advantage of her love for animals to make her study documents about animals kept by the Order. In 1998, the Foundation investigated an anomalous animal in the Order's possession. The order sent Giulia Rossetti to help, given her knowledge about the anomaly. Seeing how willing she was to help, the Fondation offered her a job after negotiations and discussions with the Order. Nonetheless, the Foundation is still keeping an eye on her, so as to prevent her from disclosing any sensitive data. Only the Superintendents and the director of Site Cerere know that.

At work, Giulia Rossetti made use of her love for unusual wildlife, such as reptiles and spiders. She quickly became an appreciated staff member, thanks to her commitment to work and her friendliness. In a few months, she learnt to perfectly work together with the other veterinarians. In 2007, she had to replace the veterinary team coordinator for three months. Giulia Rossetti was perfect for that task, having earned the trust of most on-site veterinarians.

In 2009, she competed with Dr. Luigi Foriani to become the deputy director of Site Cerere. Eventually, uninterested in the administrative work implied by that position, she let Dr. Foriani become the deputy director. He was appointed a year later, while she became the veterinary team coordinator.

Personality: A very playful person, Giulia Rossetti loves cracking and listening to jokes, especially dumb ones, both at work and at home. She loves her job as a veterinary, and proves very careful to the health of the anomalous animals contained at Site Cerere without breaking the Foundation's rules. It is very important to her that the specimens feel well, claiming that "every calm anomaly is a prevented breach". She is very caring towards injured or sick entities. In her opinion, the entities contained at Site Cerere are still animals, therefore living beings; it follows that they can be hurt, and subsequently cured.

She likes traveling. Before getting married and having children, she visited several countries to treat allegedly "dangerous" animals. She loves reptiles, insects and - first and foremost - spiders. She has a soft spot for SCP-027-IT, since it has never attacked her and keeps calm in her presence.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • She owned a tarantula for a few years, until she had to get rid of it because of her son's arachnophobia.
  • She met her boyfriend Ricardo at [REDACTED] beach. She had five children with him: Daniele (1999), Ilario (2002), Lorena (2004), Manuel and Valentino, twins born in 2013.
  • She has several piercings on her ears and one on her nose.
  • She has a vast collection of fingernail polish and changes nail color every day.
  • She is on good terms with her brothers, except for the youngest one, Albert, because of his involvement with several hostile GoIs.

SCP-027-IT - Arachnophobia
SCP-046-IT - Ichthyosaurus
SCP-076-IT - The Masked Ones
SCP-109-IT - The Butterfly's House, or the Torn Wings.

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