Hannah Planieri's File
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Hannah Planieri

Captain of SSM-X (“Consequentia Glacialis”)

Name: Hannah Planieri

Birth Date: 25/10/1977

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: Caucasian female; 1.79 m tall; well-trained physique; black hair; blue eyes. Considered "good-looking".

Language Certificates: German (native language), Italian (C1), English (B2)

Combat Focus: Unit coordination, helicopter piloting.

Career: Recruited into SSM-X in 2003, she became its captain in 2012.

Biography: Hannah Planieri was born in a rich family in Saint Moritz, in the Grisons, Switzerland. Her parents Cristoforo (an Italian speaker) and Angela (a German speaker) were the managers of a ski resort. She has three older sisters: Wilhelmine (1965), Eva (1967) and Natalia (1970). Hannah went hiking a lot on holiday, and snowboarded during winters, proving very skilled at it. At the age of nineteen, she became the Swiss snowboarding junior champion and considered making it her ideal job. However, her parents refused, claiming that sports were not a good career choice. After graduating economic high school, Hannah grudgingly enrolled in a nursing school, but she forced her parents to let her teach skiing and snowboarding during winter breaks. Knowing that their daughter would quit studying if they did not let her snowboard, Cristoforo and Angela agreed to let her teach snowboarding to kids in wintertime.

After graduating in 2001, Hannah became a mountain rescuer at the Saint Moritz winter resort, which allowed her to join her passion for mountaineering and her studies. Proving qualified for that job, she helps save several people fallen victim of avalanches or skiing accidents.

During winter 2003, her father met an old schoolmate of his, Donatello Cerise, former captain of SSM-X — he was on holiday in Saint Moritz with his wife and his daughter Lucrezia, with whom Hannah turned out to get along well. Observing Hannah, Donatello Cerise was impressed by her skills, and after doing the proper checks, he offers her to join the squad led by him. Hannah immediately accepted, as she wanted to leave a place which she did unfit for her job prospects. But above all, she did not want to succeed her parents as the manager of the winter resort. Hannah joined SSM-X as a mere agent, before becoming lieutenant thanks to her actions during operation [DATA EXPUNGED], in [DATA EXPUNGED]. After the former captain retired in 2012, Hannah was deemed the best replacement and was promoted to captain of SSM-X.

Personality: Hannah Planieri loves mountain climbing and hiking outside of beaten tracks, especially in snowy areas. She keeps calm under any circumstances and her seriousness has always been appreciated by her superiors and S5-6. Such demeanor proves difficult to keep outside of work, as she tends to be much more playful with her teammates. She is often called a geek or a nerd and is known for loving the Attack on Titan anime. Unless she is on a mission, she hardly separates from her Nintendo Switch and people can often hear her curse in German when she loses. Apparently, she got this passion for videogames from a young men whom she dated back in the nursing school.

When she is with agents of other SSMs, she becomes very passive-aggressive and tends to make snide remarks, angering the captains of said SSMs. She considers her promotion to captain an honor and finds it intolerable to be mocked by others because her agents are seen as "mere mountaineers". She is known for being in a bad mood and overreacting at times.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • Since 2011, Hannah Planieri has a relationship with Lorenz Fischer, a German-speaking French teacher; he is also from Switzerland. They have a son, Christoph, born in 2017 and named after Hannah's father, who died in 2016.
  • Her boyfriend was born in 1990 and Hannah is often judged by others for the great age gap between them.
  • She can speak all four official languages of Switzerland, with a preference for Romansh, which she is teaching to her son. She is fluent in Italian and German, but struggles with French.
  • She gets along very well with S5-8 and captain Elia Contadi, with whom she coordinated the first expedition into SCP-135-IT in 2014. Rumors were spread that they had an affair, but they were rapidly debunked after captain Contadi posted a photo of his wedding on social media.
  • She has a very deep, low voice and people often mistake her for a man when she is on the phone or wearing a helmet and mask.
  • Beside her passion for videogames, she is known for being a metalhead. Paradoxically, she loves K-pop music as well and was a fan of 2NE1 for a long time. She is very fond of Slayer, Korn, Marilyn Manson and Arch Enemy and was seen at several concerts alongside Rachele Siciliani, Francesco Galeazzo and Lorenzo Ferri — respectively the captain of naval unit 2 of Site Nettuno, one of the captains of SIR-II and the Seventh Superintendent. This common interest is one of the reasons why Hannah Planieri became friends with all these staff members.
  • When not wearing her uniform, she prefers shirts portraying film and videogame characters, especially from the Mario universe.

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