Lavinia Fiorentino's File
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Lavinia Fiorentino

Deputy Director of Site Vesta

Name: Lavinia Fiorentino

Birth Date: 19/09/1969

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 1.71 m tall; olive skin; long, black hair; brown eyes; has a small, red spot on her right hand. Speaks with a slight Arabic accent.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), Lybian Arabic (native language), English (B2)

Research Focus: Economy and statistics

Career: Recruited as an administrative employee at Site Vesta in 2001, she became deputy director in 2013, after her predecessor retires.

Biography: Lavinia Fiorentino is the daughter of Souad and Hassan Barkali. Her father was part of king Idris of Lybia's government. After Muammar al Gheddafi's coup in September 1969, he left Lybia for fear of being arrested. Lavinia was born in Rome a few days after her parents arrived in Italy. They obtained the Italian state's protection, as well as an Italian surname, namely Fiorentino. Her father got a job in the Roman city hall, while her mother became a secretary in a clinic. Their daughter grew up in a wealthy family, thanks to the money earned by her father in Lybia.

Lavinia graduated economic high school in 1990 and studied economy and statistics at university in Rome, until she got her master's degree. In 2000, she was hired in the Health Ministry as a statistician. She had to deal with her colleagues' racism, but since she was "used to it", she pretended to ignore their criticisms and kept working even harder.

In 1996, she met Stefano Marchese, a new SIR-II recruit based in Palermo. They fell in love and he persuaded the Foundation to hire her in 2001, after a thorough investigation. She began as a mere administrative employee at Site Vesta. Nicola Giannini - one of her colleagues - and Mario Bertoli - the former deputy director - warmed up to her and defended her from the discrimination that she had to endure because of racist colleagues. That friendship and her boyfriend's support allowed her to secure a safe place at Site Vesta and to become its deputy director twelve years later, after Bertoli retired.

For his part, her colleague Nicola Giannini became the site director. They both began working to make Site Vesta a safer place, as well as to make sure that it was seen less as "the Foundation's garbage can". They asserted that the anomalies contained at Site Vesta should not be abandoned, even though they pose less of a threat. They also worked to make Site Vesta a friendlier place for personnel, creating a better working environment within the site.

Personality: Lavinia Fiorentino is very sociable and always ready to help her colleagues and the people dear to her. She shows the best of herself to get accepted. Because of that, most personnel at Site Vesta has grown fond of her. She is also known for being a workaholic, and she is often the last person leaving the site at night. At times, Dr. Giannini has to force her to go home or to take a week off. During her early days of work, she was often scolded for her Lybian accent. She tried to hide it, succeeding only in part. Since she became the deputy director of Site Vesta, she stopped hiding it: she now thinks that people should accept her roots.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • She married Stefano Marchese in 2000. They have a son, Samuele, born in 1999.
  • She has two younger siblings: Andrea, born in 1985, and Arianna, born in 1987. They all get along with each other and often meet up in Agrigento.
  • As an Islamic believer, she follows ramadan and eats no pork, but she never covered her hair with a veil.
  • She gets along with Samar Riai, the director of Site Angerona, because "she knows what it's like to be a Maghrebi in Italy". They have met multiple times and stay in touch.

SCP-036-IT — Ink Creature

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