Leonardo Costa's File
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Leonardo Costa

Captain of SIR-II [REDACTED]

Name: Leonardo Costa

Birth Date: 27/05/1979

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 1.65 m tall; short, red hair; blue eyes; thin physique. Has to wear glasses since 201█. He has an evident scar on his left cheek, going from his nose to his ear. Sometimes, he has to walk with a crutch.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), English (B2)

Combat Focus: Digital espionage, interrogation techniques.

Career: An agent of SIR-11 since 201█, he became captain Galeazzo's assistant first and the second captain of SIR-II then, in order to help him handle the squad.

Biography: Leonardo Costa was born in Taranto, Apulia, in 1979. After graduating in informatics, he decided to join the carabineers, influenced by his mother's anecdotes about his grandfather, who was also a carabineer. Thus he was transferred to Rome. In December 201█, he was tasked with investigating a factory suspected of hosting illegal wildlife trafficking. However, it turned out to be a CFO base, and Costa was captured after his partner was murdered. He was held hostage for several days, tortured by the CFO agents. They believed that he was a SIR-II agent and wanted to make him talk. Although he insisted that he did not know what SIR-II was, he was beaten up, tortured and attacked by some chimeras. He was eventually saved by SSM-IV and interviewed by the Foundation about what he had learnt during captivity. Costa was reluctant at first, thinking that no one would believe him. He was much relieved to know that the Foundation believed him instead. Determined to take revenge and unable to forget the horror of the chimeras, he asked to join the Foundation. After carefully assessing his offer, the Superintendents agreed, given his investigation and espionage skills. Because of his terrible physical conditions after captivity, he could no longer go out in the field. Therefore, he became a software security expert at Site Virtus. He stood out for his efficiency at handling emergencies. In 201█, the Superintendents chose him as the second captain of SIR-II to aid captain Galeazzo. Before that, Costa was his assistant.

Leonardo Costa made it possible to handle SIR-II more efficiently, because captain Galeazzo could not do it on his own, given the large number or agents. Their cooperation allows SIR-II to make the most of its potential. However, Costa prefers to consider himself "just captain Galeazzo's assistant". He is rarely present in the field, leaving it to Galeazzo: he is afraid of the chimeras and to be captured again. He prefers to stay in his office, "checking on everything from his trusted computer".

Personality: Leonardo Costa is very efficient at his job, especially when it comes to spying on CFO. He is responsive and adapts to any situation very fast. However, he does not like to be disturbed, especially for reasons which he does not deem relevant to his tasks. He may act aggressive when disturbed. Above all, he wants the agents of SIR-II to do their job properly. He does not smile a lot, but can sometimes be in a good mood and be prone to jokes.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • He is an avid Candy Crush player, although he pretends to hate that game.
  • Back in high school, he was a talented soccer player, but he can no longer engage in that sport because of the injuries and impaired mobility given him by CFO.
  • He is married to Sofia, whom he met at university, and had a daughter - Letizia, born in 2005 - and a son - Nicola, born in December 201█ - with her. Nicola was born on the day Costa was set free by SSM-IV.
  • His family still believes that he is a carabineer.


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