Lorenzo Ferri's File
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Lorenzo Ferri

Seventh Superintendent

Name: Lorenzo Ferri

Birth Date: 20/01/1962

Clearance Level: 5-IT

Physical Description: Caucasian male; 1.86 m tall; short, blond, perfectly combed hair starting to grey; dark brown eyes. Wears glasses. Slim build. Has a scar on his chin, caused by an accident prior to his recruitment.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), German (B2), English (B1)

Research Focus: Law, psychology, human resources


  • 1995 - Joins the Foundation as a lawyer in DAIeD. He proves very efficient at his job, especially at handling emergencies, and learns he has talent in making up cover stories.
  • 1999 - Following Incident [REDACTED], Ferri gets a clearer idea of how brutal the treatment undergone by Class D personnel often is. He is shocked by their life conditions and the cruelty they undergo, which he had not fully comprehended until then. As much as he knows how dangerous the anomalous can be, he does not accept the pointless sacrifice of human lives perpetrated by many colleagues of his.
  • 2000 - Transfers to the Ethical-Moral Regulation Section (SRE-M), which was smaller and less influential back then. Ferri stands out for his stubborness when handling the cases brought to his attention, and for his determination to drive the former Seventh Superintendent to request more and more funds and assets to DAIeD for the Section's operations.
  • 2012 - Ferri is appointed SRE-M Representative by the Superintendence. One of his first achivements as a Superintendent is making an agreement with Dr. Andrea Verdi, the former director of SSMM, about the testing of extremely harmful or deadly memetic agents on prisoners from hostile GoIs, such as CFO. Furthermore, he promotes project DIVINA ("Eth-09"), requesting the production of autonomous androids to replace Class D personnel in tests and explorations. Said project is completed in 20██ with the creation of DIVINA, currently assigned to SSM-IX ("Machinamenta").

Biography: All data relating to the Seventh Superintendent's recruitment are restricted to the other Superintendents and the O5 Command at their express request, in accordance with the Foundation's senior staff's data protection protocol. The following was personally validated by the Seventh Superintendent. Therefore, it is not possible to assess whether all the events reported here actually happened.

Lorenzo Ferri was born in Trento in a fervently christian family, which deeply influenced his view of reality, making him believe that no one is completely evil, not even the most inveterate criminal. After graduating high school in 1981, he chose to enroll in the Law faculty at University of Eastern Piedmont, against his parents' will — they wanted him to take over the family restaurant. He graduated with honors in 1988 and started working as a defense attorney, with excellent results.

During that time, Lorenzo Ferri committed to volunteering in prisons to keep a close eye on his former clients' rehabilitation. His dedication allowed him to notice that some prisoners followed by him had been released early - they were actually recruited by the Foundation as Class D personnel - and disappeared. Made suspicious by such events, he began investigating and caught the eye of the Foundation, which sent an agent to order him to stop searching. Ferri did not give up and it was necessary to give him Class A amnestics. However, two months later, he was recommended to the Foundation as a potential recruit by some observers in his District and later hired in the Internal and Diplomatic Affairs Department's legal team.

Personality: Seventh is considered very annoying by the other Superintendents, and he knows that very well. However, he is confident that he is doing a good job. In his opinion, Class D personnel are humans with fundamental rights; therefore, they deserve to be treated as such. That is why he also knows that the rest of the Foundation is not fond of him and SRE-M as a whole. The Fifth Superintendent dislikes him more than anyone else. Seventh hates Fifth's working methods and lack of empathy. He loves pestering and poking him, even though he faces the consequences.

Outside of work, Seventh dedicates himself completely to his family and is considered a loving husband and father, as well as a friend to count on. He loves spending time with his family, making trips with his wife and younger children or playing with his grandson, whom he loves deeply. He also listens to a great deal of music, especially metal music, and enjoys traveling and visiting churches, other places of worship - although he is not a believer like his parents - and historical sites, as well as going to the mountains when he is on holiday in Trentino.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • Seventh was raised by a very religious family, but he only regards places of worship from a historical-cultural point of view, since he is not a believer.
  • Back when he was a mere SRE-M researcher, he graduated in psychology, which he uses to better understand human rights and how the human mind works.
  • He loves singing and is particularly good at it. He can often be heard sing in his office. He is a huge fan of Rammstein and went to five of their concerts in Italy, Germany and Switzerland with his good friend, captain Francesco Galeazzo of SIR-II.
  • He has two daughters and two sons: A████, born in 1992, A██████, born in 2003, T██████, born in 2005, and F████████, born in 2008. He also has a grandson, L██████, born in 2018, son of A████ and Elia Galeazzo. He raised A████ alone, after her mother died in a car crash in 1995. His other children were born of a second marriage. He has a very strong bond with his firstborn daughter, and when he began working for the Foundation, he struggled to hide his job from her. She and her half-siblings were never able to determine if their father was a lawyer or a psychologist.
  • His now deceased parents owned a restaurant. Seventh left it to his younger brother Vincenzo, but he still has a talent in the traditional cuisine.
  • A memetic resistance test revealed that Seventh is unusually resistant to Class XX memes.


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