Lucrezia Cerise's File
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Lucrezia Cerise

Eighth Superintendent

Name: Lucrezia Cerise

Birth Date: 02/03/1976

Clearance Level: 5-IT

Physical Description: Caucasian female; 1.79 m tall; fair complexion; dark brown eyes; long, black hair; athletic build. Has a scar on the left side of her head, hidden under her hair. Always wears makeup.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), French (C1), English (B1)

Research Focus: History, archaeology, different arts.


  • 2005 - Gets recruited by the Foundation as a researcher at Site Plutone.
  • 2012 - Becomes a research coordinator at Site Plutone, thanks to her ability to manage research teams.
  • 2016 - The former Eighth Superintendent retires because of his old age. The Superintendents' first choice for the new S5-8 is Mauro Bellini, deputy director of Site Plutone, but they eventually choose Dr. Carise: she is younger, therefore less likely to retire in case of health or personal issues. Lucrezia Cerice becomes the Eighth Superintendent.

Biography: All data relating to the Eighth Superintendent's recruitment are restricted to the other Superintendents and the O5 Command at their express request, in accordance with the Foundation's senior staff's data protection protocol. The following was personally validated by the Eighth Superintendent. Therefore, it is not possible to assess whether all the events reported here actually happened.

Lucrezia Cerise was born in Châtillon, in the Aosta Valley, and named Lucrezia Grange. She is the only daughter of Cecilia Grange, a researcher at Site Urano. She was raised by her mother, without knowing anything about her father. In 1985, Dr. Grange married captain Donatello Cerise, former captain of SSM-X ("Consequentia Glacialis"). Captain Cerise decided then to adopt the girl, raising her as his own. That was how Lucrezia Grange became Lucrezia Cerise. Since then, she considers captain Cerise her father figure.

In 1995, she graduated high school in classical studies and enrolled at the Torino university, where she graduated in Ancient History and Archaeology. After getting that degree, she decided to expand her field of knowledge and enrolled at the Political Science and International Relations faculty at the new university of the Aosta Valley. That bachelor's degree gave her a chance to also graduate in law at the Chambéry university, in France, thanks to the frequent student exchanges between the two universities. She took advantage of her competences in history and political science to get a PhD. She wrote a doctoral thesis on [REDATED] after World War 2, and discovered information about a [REDACTED] entity. While trying to learn more, she was threatened and attacked in the street by members of CFO. They had been sent to stop her, because she was getting close to learning several facts about the Veil. CFO wanted to stop her from reporting those facts in her thesis. She was left on the street with a concussion, which still causes her to have seizures.

While she was hospitalized in Turin, Lucrezia Cerise was visited by her thesis supervisor, a now retired Foundation agent, tasked with finding new recruits. After telling her how lucky she had been to survive such violence, he informed her on how important her discovery was. Then she asked how she could help fight those who attacked her and the organization they belong to. So, after finishing her thesis, she was accepted into the Foundation, like her parents before her. She did not learn they worked for the Foundation before her own recruitment.

Personality: Beautiful and attractive, Eighth does not hesitate to use her good looks to get what she wants, and she has never failed to do so. This gave her a bad reputation at Site Plutone, although she does not care. In her own words: «I know I'm above them, I couldn't care less of what they say: they're just jealous». She is pleased to have such a reputation, and uses it to feel comfortable. Her apparent pride is her way to protect herself, because since she was attacked, Eighth became paranoid and hates being alone in a facility or walking alone in deserted streets at night. Her paranoia extends to her family, which is why she requested a whole team of SPeV-II to protect her parents (now retired), her boyfriend and his son.

At work, Eighth commits thoroughly to her tasks, the main reason for her recruitment, as well as the important details she learnt on the Veil, earning everyone's respect. She gets along with neither Fifth - whom she even slapped during a meeting - and Ninth, because she dislikes the fact that he never shows up at meetings. On the other hand, she is on very good terms with Fourth, Second, First and Seventh, whom she has always found attractive, "even though he's a pain in the neck".

She has a relationship with Dr. Rogazzi - current research coordinator at Site Plutone - since 2015. Therefore, she also takes care of his son M█████, born in 2006. These are the only known details on her private life, since she is very secretive.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • She senses higher temperatures than they actually are.
  • Since Donatello Cerise comes from Albertville, Savoy, he could teach her French. Thanks to that, she can speak it almost flawlessly, except for a slight accent.
  • She is very good at drawing.
  • She hates the sea since she was touched by a jellyfish in 1987, which set off a strong allergic reaction.
  • With a passion for mountaineering, she was twice the intercollegiate climbing champion, before being attacked by CFO. She had to give it up, because of the seizures following the concussion. Because of that, her health is monitored by Dr. Lombardi, director of the hospital at Site Asclepio. However, that did not stop her from hiding her epilepsy to go climbing at the gym under close surveillance, despite the Superintendents and Dr. Lombardi's interdiction.


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