Luigi Foriani's File
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Luigi Foriani

Deputy Director of Site Cerere

Name: Luigi Foriani

Birth Date: 05/03/1975

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: Asian male; 1.69 m tall; black, almond-shaped eyes; black hair. Has a short beard.

Language Certificates: Chinese (native language), Russian (B2), Italian (C1), English (B2)

Research Focus: Veterinary medicine, biology, ethology.

Career: Recruited as a veterinarian in 2006, he became the deputy director of Site Cerere four years later.

Biography: Luigi Foriani was born in Xining, China, and named [DATA EXPUNGED] Liang. However, after his father was deported to the concentration camps and died in 1982, his mother [DATA EXPUNGED] Jiao escapes to Russia with her son and moves to Vladivostok (which used to be part of the Soviet Union), taking advantage of the more peaceful political relations between the two countries. His mother got a job in a small restaurant, improving her son's quality of life and her own. Little Liang especially liked cooking with his mother and often helped her in the evening, when he got home after school.

In 1984, Jiao met an Italian reporter named Lorenzo Foriani. They got married in 1985 and Foriani moved to Merano, Trentino-Südtirol, for business purposes. He took his wife and little Liang with him, adopting the boy in 1987. As a result, after spending some time in Italy, he obtains the Italian citizenship at the age of twelve. At the age of seventeen, even though he was not fluent in Italian, he decides to change his name in an attempt to better integrate. That was how he became Luigi Foriani.

He got the certificate of linguistic maturity in 1995 and enrolls at university in Turin, in the faculty of Asian and African languages and cultures. He graduates with honors thanks to his mastery of Chinese, but learns that he prefers veterinary medicine. Therefore, he enrolls in the veterinary faculty in Turin and graduates with honors, despite his terrible results with the language.

He joined the Foundation at the age of thirty-one, after curing an SCP-███-IT instance without knowing its true nature. He stood out for being so skilled at curing complex, dangerous anomalies and handling his assigned team. In 2009, he competed with Dr. Giulia Rossetti to become the deputy director of Site Cerere. However, let down by the fact that directors and deputy directors are not allowed to interact with anomalies, Dr. Rossetti gave way to Dr. Foriani. He became deputy director a year later, while Dr. Rossetti became the coordinator of the veterinary teams.

Personality: Dr. Foriani tends to lie about his past, omitting what happened to his parents and him during the dictatorship in China. Although he has the Italian citizenship and took an Italian name, hoping to better integrate, he is unable to. He struggled to be accepted in Italy because of his ethnicity and still makes grammar mistakes when writing reports, spending his time apologizing for it. In school, he was bullied for a long time for being a "foreigner". As a result, he tends to justify every single thing he does and lacks confidence. He almost refused to become the deputy director because of that. However, he is less shy at work and was able to gain everyone's respect, whether they are biologists, veterinarians or gardeners, and his appointment as deputy director of Site Cerere was received very well.

Outside of work, Dr. Foriani is a loner and does not like partying. He prefers to draw, read fantasy books and write novels, although he does not want to publish them. He has been trying to open up to others since he was recruited, but he does not always achieve that. He likes going to the bar in small groups, especially with the other staff members of Site Cerere. These are the rare moments where he feels comfortable, thanks to the frequent bad jokes told by Drs. Rossetti and Moretti. People do not mind his shyness; however, the rest of the site personnel, especially director Passini, would like Foriani to be less withdrawn. That is why he often asks him to tell Chinese or Russian myths around.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • He had an apartment built for him at Site Cerere, so as "never to be late".
  • He seems to have a romantic relationship, but refuses to reveal with whom.
  • Thanks to his childhood in Vladivostok, he is fluent in Russian, as well as Chinese.
  • His relationship with Dr. Rossetti has always been complicated, since they competed over the position of deputy director of Site Cerere. Nonetheless, they get along now.


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