Michela Marchetti's File
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Michela Marchetti

Director of Site Deus

Name: Michela Marchetti

Birth Date: 30/04/1970

Birth Place: Verona, Veneto

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 1.62 m tall; dark brown hair, often gathered in a bun; green eyes. Wears horn-rimmed glasses. Tends to walk slightly hunched over.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), English (A2)

Working Focus: Anomaly archiving and cataloguing, internal organization, human resources.

Career: She joined the Foundation as a mere secretary at Site Vesta in 1996, where she stood out for her organizing and cataloguing skills, and ended up becoming the former director's secretary. Thanks to her skills, once she obtained Level 2 clearance in 2004, she was transferred to Site Deus to help organize the archive. From then on, she was involved in site decisions more and more frequently, until she became the director thanks to her hard work and organizing competence, in 2011.

In 2015, she was offered a leading position in the Administrative and Financial Department. However, she refused, deeming herself better suited for directorship. Rumor has it that she refused simply because she grew fond of her working environment.

Biography: The oldest of three children, Michela Marchetti spend most of her life taking care of her brothers, since their parents were often away because of their jobs — their father was a firefighter, while their mother was a factory worker.

Even so, they easily noticed how intelligent their daughter was. Since they did not want to let her waste any opportunity, they encouraged her to get a professional diploma and go to university afterwards. She attended university until the beginning of the second year. At that point, tuition began to weigh on the family, and when her father broke his leg at work and was forced to stay at home, Michela did not feel like abandoning him and neglected university to take care of him. Her father fully recovered a few years later, but Michela did not resume studying, since she had already begun working and believed that it was too late for that. Her younger brothers Giacomo and Claudio were the ones who finished their studies in the family.

Giacomo joined the Foundation, which he had discovered at university: it was he who persuaded his sister not to be content with her small-time jobs, mentioning the fact that they were looking for a secretary where he worked. Once she learnt what the Foundation exactly was, Michela applied for the job, although she doubted that she would get it. The interviewers appreciated her commitment and precision a lot, so they hired her, much to her surprise. That made her very confident, which allowed her to move up in the Foundation and to become an archivist and security manager at Site Deus. Her transfer had been necessary because personnel had noticed that the organization of documents and protocols was awful at Site Deus: it endangered the anomalies contained there.

At first, Michela was eager, open and helpful to everyone. However, she changed when Giacomo was captured during a raid by CGOM and joined the cultists, following his captivity. Once she learnt what had happened, Michela commited entirely to work. Although she now claims to have overcome that phase, she still hates CGOM and expresses that in several ways. Since that happened, Michela neglected social interactions to focus entirely on her job. She still acts that way, even if she feels more and more lonely as she gets older.

Personality: Michela Marchetti is well-known as an organized, efficient person, with a great sense of duty leading her to fulfill her assignments no matter what, even when she is in a bad shape. She tends to appreciate and seek out personnel with her own standards, and she is very demanding under that aspect. Combined to her precision, resolve and blunt honesty, that can often irritate her co-workers. The fact that she starts acting all detached and pragmatical when the situation calls for professionalism does not help. Despite that, she proved that she cares about Site Deus and the well-being of its personnel — she sometimes takes on someone else's assignments if she thinks they cannot take anymore, ignoring her own limits.

Due to her liking for paperwork, she prefers to work from behind the scenes, leaving public relations to deputy director Gianfranco Rinaldi. She is cool-headed and able to work in very tight situations without losing control. However, she struggles when she has to improvise, which is why she always prepares backup plans and protocols. A serious and upright person at work, she tends to relax and let go of her obsession for organization only outside the Foundation. Incidentally, she is known for managing her money poorly.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • She has a passion for collecting robot action figures, which she often knows everything about.
  • She tends to call everyone by their last name, simply because she rembembers those more easily.
  • At weekends, she works as a volunteer in a kennel, since her apartment is too small for dogs.
  • When she has to speak in public, she wears an anomalous ring making her overcome her hesitation. However, she acts needlessly rude and cruel while wearing it, so she puts it on as rarely as possible outside official events.
  • She loves unusual flavors, such as lemon and coffee granita or pineapple pizza. Although she is good at cooking, no one ever asks her to cook anything.


  • «I'm sure there's a protocol for this situation»
  • «Focus, Rinaldi. We're just halfway through the day, and you're already getting distracted»
  • «You say that only because you've never tasted it. You'd change your mind, if you tried it»1
  • «Two hours and a half are more than enough for a woman my age»2.
  • «Enjoy your holiday, or I'll assign you double the shifts when you come back»3
  • «Gundam? Gundam?! That's clearly a Daitarn action figure! Observe: unlike Gunplas, it turns into a tank, with a cannon sticking out of its back. Of course, there are a few untransformable versions of it, but this particular action figure was produced by Bandai in 1998 to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Japanese airing»4


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