Niceto Livi's File
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Niceto Livi

Coordinator of the Biological Containment Compound at Site Asclepio

Name: Niceto Livi

Birth Date: 29/11/1971

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 1.79 m tall; curly black hair; grey eyes; long, pointy nose. Wears glasses and has a short, thick, curly beard. Has an evident scar under his right eye.

Language Certificates: Italian (madrelingua), French (C1), English (B2), German (B2)

Research Focus: Biochemistry, microbiology.

Career: Assistant of the first coordinator of BCC from 2009 to 2013, coordinator of BCC since 2013.

Biography: Niceto Livi is an only child, born and raised in Naples. He graduated in microbiology at the University of Naples Federico II and attended the Claude Bernad university in Lyon, where he partook in two Erasmus programs. After his PhD, he was hidred as a microbiologist at the Jean Mérieux laboratory in Lyon. He learnt about the anomalous in 1994, at the age of twenty-three, when he was attacked by SCP-027-IT while he was on holiday in Taranto. He got a scar under his right eye and a broken shoulder from that encounter, which sometimes still hurts. After interviewing him, the Foundation amnesticized him, but recorded his name, believing that he might become a brilliant researcher.

The Foundation recruited Niceto Livi for good in January 2009, in agreement with the Mérieux laboratory. However, Livi went back to Italy only in September, kept in Lyon by the trial for the murder of his girlfriend Hélène, and by the procedure to adopt her daughter, eleven-year-old Charlotte. After finally arriving in Site Asclepio, Niceto Livi became the assistant of Dr. Calabresi, the former coordinator of the Biological Containment Compound. When Dr. Calabresi retired in 2013, Livi replaced him.

As soon as he became the coordinator of BCC, he requested the implementation of an AI capable of helping him manage the compound and all the anomalies contained there. His request was approved by the Superintendents, who asked the Advanced Engineering Section to take care of it. In 2014, the new GAI ROWSANNAH was made to aid both research and containment at Site Asclepio.

Personality: Niceto Livi is a handsome, intelligent man. He is aware of it and tends to take advantage of it. Besides, he is very prideful and arrogant, which sometimes causes him much trouble. He swears too much, both in Neapolitan and Italian, as well as in French. He does not always get along with a long list of other researchers; in this "list" of his, Dr. Zaffiro is included. He claims to be afaid of nothing, yet he is scared of spiders and water.

Dr. Livi is not exactly an educational model at work, since he often lashes out on his subordinates, which is why he is deeply hated by some of them. He is completely different with his family and friends, including Dr. Contadi and Lorenzo Nuvolari, lieutenant of SSM-VI, who has been his friend since kindergarten. He is kind and caring towards his family, but he also likes partying, joking, cooking and watching television.

He has been scared of water since he almost drowned at sea at the age of seven, during a family trip to Greece with his parents. He has never gone to the pool and cannot swim.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • He is married to Chiara, an engineer born in 1986, whom he met in a disco in Naples. He had a son with her, Salvo, born in 2015. He had a daughter - Élisa, born in 2002 - with Hélène, whose other daughter - Charlotte, born in 1998 - he adopted. While Charlotte is not his daughter, she has always treated her like she was.
  • He can speak almost fluently English, Italian and German, but French above all. He swears a lot in French. He is so fluent in French because he studied and worked in France and his daughters' mother was French.
  • He did gymnastics and athletics for twenty years.
  • Born prematurely, he has a slight respiratory insufficiency and suffers from asthma. Moreover, he often has the flu.


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