Rachele Siciliani's File
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Rachele Siciliani

Captain of Naval Unit 2 of Site Nettuno

Name: Rachele Siciliani

Birth Date: 07/03/1978

Clearance Level: 4

Physical Description: 1.67 m tall; long, red hair; brown eyes; has freckles on her nose. Wears either glasses or contact lenses.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), Greek (native language), English (B2), French (B1), German (B1), Arabic (A2), Slovenian (A2).

Working Focus: Mechanics, naval engineering, offshore sailing.

Career: Recruited by the Foundation in 2014 as a sailor in naval unit 2, whose captain she becomes in December 2017.

Biography: After graduating in mechanical engineering, Rachele Siciliani worked in the field of sea trade on the cargo ship [REDACTED], whose captain she became after saving it at the last minute from a shipwreck in 2013. She was involved in the discovery of SCP-046-IT in 2014, after which the Foundation recruited her.

Tactful and capable of handling her men, Rachele Siciliani does not hesitate to scold them when she needs to, even when it is her superiors who need to be scolded. She does not hesitate to question director Contadi's orders or tell her what she thinks of her behavior.

Thanks to the time spent in the merchant navy and after sailing around Europe, Rachele Siciliani can speak French, Arabic, German, Greek and Slovenian, which is very helpful to cooperate with units from other countries and make sure anomalies are captured and contained. Although she can take the tests to become a translator, Siciliani refused to do it, claiming that she prefers to work at sea, aboard her beloved ship.

Personality: Rachele Siciliani is known for her addiction to smoke and coffee and her love for hard rock. She often wears an AC/DC - her favorite band - T-shirt under her uniform. In her free time, she likes going to metal music festivals. At one of such events, the Gods of Metal festival in Milan, she met her boyfriend Mario, a longshoreman from Genoa. Her passion for metal music almost makes her look violent and gives captain Siciliani the appearance of a bossy, terrifying woman, although she is quite the opposite: she is very calm and soft-spoken, even when she scolds her men.

When she suffers from smoking withdrawal, she struggles to concentrate, her hands shake and she throws unjustified temper tantrums. This causes her subordinates to fear her a lot: they consider her particularly threatening in those periods. Siciliani tried to quit smoking multiple times, but has always failed to do so, which forces her to always carry packets of tobacco and cigarettes in naval unit 2 to prevent the lack of them.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • She has a tattoo covering most of her back, portraying a whale.
  • Since her mother is Greek, Rachele is fluent in Greek.
  • She has a twin sister, Stefania. They love pretending to be each other to pull pranks to family and friends.
  • She and her boyfriend had a daughter in 2011, Tania. In their free time, they love spending time on the beach or at sea.


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