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Vittoria Usai

Second Superintendent

Name: Vittoria Usai

Birth Date: 09/01/1965

Clearance Level: 5-IT

Physical Description: Caucasian female; 1.78 m tall; blue eyes; long, light brown hair, often tied in a ponytail; wears glasses.

Language Certificates: Italian (native language), English (B2), Spanish (B1)

Research Focus: Economy, finance


  • 1993 - Hired by DAeF as an accountant, she got noticed for her extreme dedication and efficiency at work, confirming how beneficial it was to accept her into the Foundation.
  • 2011 - Gets promoted to Second Superintendent and director of DAeF. She was one of the Superintendents who strongly opposed operation [REDACTED] in 2014, which she saw as a pointless waste of money.

Biography: All data relating to the Second Superintendent's recruitment are restricted to the other Superintendents and the O5 Command at their express request, in accordance with the Foundation's senior staff's data protection protocol. The following was personally validated by the Second Superintendent. Therefore, it is not possible to assess whether all the events reported here actually happened.

Vittoria Usai was raised by a Sardinian countryside family, where "nothing went to waste", a slogan which she still uses to this date and had a considerable impact on her lifestyle: she tends to economize a great deal and spends money only for things she truly needs. A model student, she was accepted into Cagliari university thanks to a scholarship, without which she could have never studied. After graduating in Economy, Second began to work as an accountant for a large company in [REDACTED], getting noticed for her efficiency and passionate commitment.

In 199█, Vittoria Usai was infected by SCP-099-IT, thus acquiring the ability to make highly advanced mental calculations and very complex accounting operations with no computer aid, which caught the Foundation's attention. She was recruited by the First Superintendent himself, intrigued by her skills. Classified as Class E personnel, Vittoria Usai underwent quarantine to verify the anomalous effects of SCP-099-IT on her. After quarantine, she was recruited by the Administrative and Financial Department.

Personality: Since her recruitment, Second worked hard for the Foundation, knowing she'd been cured of the effects of SCP-099-IT. As such, she commits herself to her job at SE-C and as a Superintendent with great dedication.

She appears to be sociable, although she puts work ahead of everything else. In her free time, she likes joking and got on the good side of most personnel, especially the Eighth Superintendent.1 However, she can prove detached and cold in her replies. This demeanor is supposedly due to the effects of SCP-099-IT. The other Superintendents know that very well and try not to blame her.

Characteristics and Special Features:

  • She is an inveterate smoker, which often causes her to be intractable, if she does not get to smoke for too long. Such behavior leads those who do not know her closely to have a bad opinion on her.
  • She has loved Irish setters since she was cured by the Foundation and has been adopting some since her recruitment.
  • She keeps a horn of plenty in her office; she describes it as her lucky charm, although some Superintendents suspect it is not a mere bauble. Apparently, only the First Superintendent was able to [REDACTED].
  • She is one of the few people in the Foundation who know First's face, since he recruited her himself.


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