Dr. Grom's personnel file

Dr. Grom (2nd from left) a few years ago during the K-scenario training "Zombie Apocalypse 5"

Name: Dr.-Ing. rer. nat. scp. █████ ███████ alias Grom

Security Clearance: Level 4

Personnel Classification: A

Location: Site-DE4

Languages: German (de-N) | English (en-2)

Position: Director of the Technical Division of the German branch of the SCP Foundation, and Co-Director of the Internal Audit and Disciplinary Department.

Ensuring the functionality of the SCP database and the IT systems, supervising the development, production and maintenance of technical equipment, containment cells and facilities of the SCP-Foundation in Germany, and ensuring the compliance with standards and regulations, granting of security clearance levels and prosecution of security breaches.

Career: Dr. Grom was born on 198█-██-██ in ███████ (North Rhine-Westphalia) and [DATA EXPUNGED]. In 20██ he was recruited by the Foundation, and after some years working for the mother Foundation he was transferred to a meanwhile abolished department of the SCP Foundation in Germany. After recent restructuring in the top management, he acceded the position of Dr. █████ and therewith his current position.
Like most doctors of the Foundation, he has not graduated at a university but holds the doctoral degree due his granting of Security Clearance Level 3 and only within the Foundation, without official acknowledgement.

Despite the fact that he could take up quarters at every site of the Foundation in Germany, he favors Site-DE4, probably because of the physical closeness to his hometown.

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