Dr. Ores Personal File

Dr. Ore on his way back from his work on [REDACTED].

Name: ██████ ████████

Secrity Clearance Level: Level 4

Personnel Classification: A

Location: Site-DE12 - Material Research and Developement

Pseudonym: "Dr. Ore"

Position: Head of the Materials Research and Developement Department

Duties: Sampling and analysis of materials from anomalous objects and newly developed materials of the Foundation. (formerly)

Life career: Dr. Ore was recruited by the Foundation on ██/██/2███, after he succesfully analyzed SCP-███ at his old workplace, without having any knowledge about what exactly he was analyzing. Since then, Dr. Ore showed great commitment to his work, was subsequently promoted to Level 3 and gained his foundation-intern dotorrate. Due to the the unpredictable nature of many anomalous objects he studied, Dr. Ore had to be brought to the infirmary of Site-DE12 six times already, despite excessive security measures. He did not receive permanent damage up until now.

Psychological Profile: Dr. Ore is very single-minded and result-oriented. Should conventional methods of sampling and analyzing fail, he likes to resort to unorthodox methods to get samples and results. Additionally, several colleagues complained about his work security craze, which, according to them, complicates their work. The site administration, however, supports Dr. Ores position, because there were 30% less work accidents in the department since the start of his employment, despite his own mishaps. Also, Dr. Horn voiced his concerns regarding his enthusiasm.

„In general, there is nothing to complain about if people have fun while at work, but I always get shivers down my spine when I see Dr. Ore working at his workbench and hear how he laughs.“ - Dr. Horn, Head of the Materials Research and Developement Department

Note: Inside Site-DE12, Dr. Ore almost always wears welding goggles and a dust mask, because he basically only switches between his office, the workshop and the test laboratory. During an internal survey, it turned out that only ten persons in Site-DE12 have ever seen his face.

Addendum 1: Dr. Ore was promoted to Head of the Materials Research and Developement Department of Site-DE12 on 06/28/2017, after the murder of Dr. Horn. Through this, he has now great influence in Site-DE12. Surveillance records showed that Dr. Horns murderer wore the same clothes and safety gears Dr. Ore is normally carying on his person, and also had his hairstyle and bodily build. All accusations had to be dropped, however, because he was together with five of his colleagues and two assistants in lab 3A when the crime occurred.

Note 2: Despite his promotion, Dr. Ore still wears his welding goggles, dustmask and work clothes nonstop, even if he now has to visit the labs and workshops of Site-DE12 much less often. According to him, he doesn't feel "whole" without them. Furthermore, his promotion seems to have impacted his physical comfort negatively.

Yes, I understand that not everybody likes his job, and deals differently with it, but I always get depressions when I sit in front of Dr. Ore office at my desk and hear how he cries in there. - Mrs Strack, Secretary of Dr. Ore

Note 3: Since Dr. Ores promotion, a growing number of personell claim vehemently to have seen Dr. Ore at different locations of Site-DE12 or even interacted with him, even if it can be verified that he was somewhere else at the stated times. These claims could until now not be completely confirmed or invalidated, because the surveillance cameras of the locations in question always malfunctioned with unknown cause at the stated times.

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