Dr.Ran's Personnel File
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Dr. Ran, taken by ███████

Name: Dr.Ritchakorn Ran (Nickname: Ritch)

Status: Married with no children

Security Clearance:

Position: Manager of Underground Department of Site-29, general research, supervisor and examine SCPs research

Location: Underground of Site-29

Main Biography:

Missing Biography:

Profile: Dr.Ran is the researcher which specialize for SCP objects which about stuffs and complicated structure. He works at the deepest of the Site. He seems to have his head like a bird head3 and he has a hobby as the taxidermy of small animals, especially birds.

Dr.Ran was contacted from The Foundation in the USA in 19██, according to the job application form as Dr.███ suggested him. It had been a long time that he was trusted. He was replaced the previous personnel who was decreased from the incident [REDACTED]. His task at that time was sitting in the office and doing the documents. Even though it was boring, it was better than nothing. There was one time when he used to be asked to do the field work but he was denied by the Manager. He received the little research of SCP objects from the seniors. There was something which others did not want to do or did not want to die, so they would give this task to him like they wanted to bully him by letting him out from SCP Foundation. There was no one trusted him at that time because he admitted and revealed that he came from the rival organization that worked for SCP Foundation. In addition, with his habits which are strict and unfriendly by both of words and gestures; however, he actually often helps others. He worked here approximately for 2 years before he was transferred to Thai branch. He also could get promoted as the Head level. That might be because he can control others better than the previous one who decreased from his negligence. If anyone has the serious problem with SCP objects, he will be the first one to help him or her. Nevertheless, Dr.Ran refuses to create the relationship or be close to any personnel, that cause him to be viewed as the arrogant one.

However, everyone should not trust Dr.Ran because there is a rumor among the senior personnel that he may be a spy who is known as R who is very skillful of The Serpent’s Hand. No one knows who is R and his appearance. His profile also maybe fake for enrolling in the SCP Foundation by using the trust. (Revealing his own profile is a part of which he wants SCP Foundation to trust him is without lies.) He also sometimes wears the ring which belongs to The Serpent’s Hand.4 Some/Many personnel in the Foundation may not notice it.

The Foundation does not find any information which he participated in the SCP Foundation or in the blacklist database of SCP Foundation. The information which the Foundation has now is his wife and him live in █████████ and rent an apartment but they do not live there, which Dr.Ran said that he rents for his grandson.

Weapons: A knuckle knife (which is able to be folded) and a small knuckle knife which its shape looks like a wavy snake’s fang, which is a souvenir of the wedding.

“There are no trustable hinds in the trustable.” - O5-█

Stuff written and translated


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SCP-747-TH - The Black Box (translated by DrSSSDrSSS)
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