Dialogue of a girl and a man
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You know, I want to see Santa Claus. Can't today be Christmas?



So no presents in advance?

Grown-ups use their credit cards; why can't I? My dad bought a Nintendo like that.

…Yeah. I got scolded bad.

I get it. It's bad.


Hey uncle.

(She looks to the field. The field looks beautiful, filled with daisies, lilacs and violets. But her eyes look sad.)

If it's bad, I can do it.

I'm not a bad child… I'm going to be bad when I grow up, so I'm going to do something bad now.

It doesn't affect my credit score. They give a loan without any interest nowadays…

Okay, okay.

(She throws a rock at the field. If flies in a parabolic trajectory, and lands in the flower patch. A small thud can be heard. She moves her eyes to the distant mountains.)

They say if I grow up, I will be a bad person. Bullying the princess, casting spells.
It's not like I wanted to be this way.

Yeah, I wanted to be a scientist since long ago.

(Sunlight shines between the clouds. She frowns at the sudden light.)

I liked space. I could see the stars very clearly at my hometown, like how you see in books, like pins on a board… I liked the sight so much. That's why I wanted to be a scientist.

It's daytime, dummy.

Now's not bad and all… but it's a bit boring. I miss my parents. It's too far here, and there's no vacation. I wish my school was closed like where Harry Potter goes.

Yeah, there's no Weasley. Hehe.


How about stargazing, to change the mood?

(The sun sets and the moon rises. Stars begin to appear in the sky.)

The winter sky is pretty, isn't it?

You can see better this way.

(She lies behind. Mindlessly stargazing, she calls the name of the stars under her breath. Each star she calls twinkles. Her voice becomes slowly until it becomes silent. She turns her head.)

You know, I'm always thankful to you.

I know you're busy; my dad's always busy, too. But you come every day to talk with me.

That's why I wanted to give you something I got from Santa.

Of course it's real.

Oh, forget it. I know you didn't fall for that, anyways.

(Silence. She turns her head to the sky, and reaches out to draw a figure of a person. Two constellations of a man and a woman appears.)


I know you're busy. You should fight with somebody again, someone who isn't even born yet. Go, quickly.

I'm fine. You know. I'm… trapped in here.

…Because I am a witch.


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