Dr. Ran's Proposal
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Photograph of the main entrance of SCP-001

Item #: SCP-001-TH

Object Class: Euclid

Object K-Class: JK-CLASS

Special Containment Procedures: On ██/██/19██, there was the order to fence the iron net, which is covered with the PVC which is 6.7 meters high, around the outer area of SCP-001-TH’s area. Including the setting up of the warning sign “restricted area” with the detecting movement equipment and Close Circuit Television at the fence for every 10-15 meters. The amount of Foundation personnel will be assigned to watch and observe any movement which may be happened in the building which is nearby the main enter-and-exit way of SCP-001-TH.

If there is any outsider who trespasses in the area of SCP-001-TH and they do not come back, they will be considered as the missing person. There also will be no rescue. The Foundation personnel will be suggested to not to enter in the area of SCP-001-TH if it is not necessary.

For the case of the person or foreign matter which come out from SCP-001-TH, assume that it is possible to be SCP-001-TH-1. This also has to be arrested for observing and studying.

Description: SCP-001-TH has the appearance as an ancient archway which is made of bricks and laterite which is covered by pure gold (although some parts of it were peeled). Its shape has 185 x 338 cm. and deep for 519 cm., as the front side of the door turns to the north which is 3 km. Far or more than that from the main entrance, which people who live in the outer area of the █████████ village has the myth that this door was probably built for ███ years of Before Buddhist Era or approximately ██ years of Buddhist Era. There is no record that when it was built. There are unknown alphabets at the rim of the front door. It is predicted that they were Rigveda and Hindu languages. However, as some parts of the alphabets disappear as the time goes by, that causes it to become hard to translate, the upper side of the door has the word "पुनर्जन्म” (Reincarnation).


The picture of trees which are more numbers than the outside area when walking through for 3 km., taken by Delta-2 Team

SCP-001-TH leads to [REDACTED]. It is an island which is surrounded by [REDACTED] rivers. When it is viewed from the outside, it will be seen that the island is in the oval shape which may have the area around 4 km2. However, when walking from the main entrance to the ancient door, it is sometimes found that it has its distance which is more than 4 km1. It is also covered with many huge trees until some areas of SCP-001-TH that has no sunlight able to be shown. This place has been never recorded in any map in the world due to recording as the map will make the materials which use for recording set on fire via an unknown method.

A person who will enter in the area of SCP-001-TH has to follow the main road which is only one-way soil road. If anyone is out of the main road or reaches the area without using the main road, they will disappear immediately when they are not on someone’s eyes. It is believed that the whole area of SCP-001-TH is is linked between the human world and the God world. People who live at the other side of the gate (designated SCP-001-TH-1) are only young men and young women who are immortal, have no disease and no elderly aging. In addition, anyone who walkthroughs the door will immediately disappear to another side and never come back forever.

According to the ancient alphabet record on the laterite which was found in the █████████ village, was written that SCP-001-TH-1 might be the [REDACTED]. They were able to come out from the world that they lived, but they would lose the immortal status and all memories while they were living in another world, which caused them to be only ordinary human immediately once they had already passed the door. However, SCP-001-TH-1 was still able to speak their unknown language even though they had no any memories left. Nowadays, the Foundation record the discovery record of SCP-001-TH-1 for ███ items (since B.E.2 2463-25██, the number is unknown for the before of this period.) and there are ██ items which are considered to be SCP Objects.

Addendum-1: There is the observation that villagers who live in the █████████ village where are near to SCP-001-TH are the descendants or grandchildren of another world comers a long time ago, and they could not go back. That caused them to stick in the human world, be ageing and finally decreased. The Foundation’s researchers entered the village for random diagnosing the sample of DNA to compare between the villagers and SCP-001-TH-1 which was recently found on ██/██/20██. It is found that there are some genes which have the similarity and unable to find from local people except here. As people who have this gene, they will endure for the sicknesses and elderly state for increasing the chance to expand the ethnic group. Moreover, it is found that there are not only people in the █████████ village, but it is also the population which lives in the ██████, ███████ city approximately 50,███ persons (Some people have a lot of it). Random diagnosing the sample for the number of ████ persons have already confirmed that they have the special gene same as SCP-001-TH-1 for the number of ████ persons.

This discovery may be the conclusion that some of the SCP-001-TH-1 (which are not few) exit from another world, which may be after [REDACTED] for some reasons.

Addendum-2: On ██/██/19██, there was a group of Indian priests travelled to the █████████ village for performing a religious ceremony. They were also secretly entered in the SCP-001-TH in another way which was not the main entrance without the permission from the Foundation's staff. After that, they were lost and 612 days later the agent found the priests named ████, who was one of a group of Indian priests which secretly entered, came out from SCP-001-TH by the main road. He said he got lost from other priests, then he returned by the previous way, which he said he spent only 1 day. This case is the only one case which missing people who entered SCP-001-TH, then able to come back.

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