Two Pages From the Journal of a Highlander

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Some striga crawled out of the forest again. I was lucky that Pompon started barking at it when it came, so I realized in time and shot the motherfucker down. I don't know what I'll do with a corpse of an owl with teeth, but I'm not gonna burn it down, it may be useful in some way. Maybe I'll impale it and put it at the fence as a warning.

Electricity is still gone and it probably won't be back. I'm in a good enough situation that with my sheep and the forest I'm basically self-sufficient. In general, in the countryside things are better than in cities I think. In a block of flats you can't make a dugout to put diary in instead of a fridge. Earlier today, Jarząbkowa came to help me with the cheeses and told me what is happening down there in Zakopane. Nothing good. I'm afraid to even think what will happen if no one fixes it


I wonder what will I do when I run out of pages in this notebook. I'll probably find another one, but what if I fill that one too? I'd give my right hand that no paper factories or wherever notebooks like this one are made in don't work.

It's been about a week and a half since the blackout and I've become numb to all those weird things. When I was out to gather some brushwood, I saw a leshy, or some other freak, between the trees, and I barely gave a shit.. I wasn't cutting the trees down, I'm not a lumberjack, so it wasn't gonna have a problem with me anyway.


Fuck werewolves.


For a few days, I wasn't writing down anything because I had a fuckton of work with the aforementioned werewolves (fuck them, really). They mauled Tuśka and Pacan. To add to that, I don't have anything special to keep them away, I don't have any good guns, this is not America. Just some rusty air gun, left from when I was a hunter. But I have no bullets since I fired them all at that strzyga. Pompon barked at them, but I tied him to the shed because I feared they would hurt him. I don't know what to do.


Those werewolves must be dumb or something. I tied some of grandma's silver cutlery (and some I got from Jarząbkowa, which she gave me after hearing about this) to the fence and they are afraid to jump over it.

I saw the leshy again. Maybe I should befriend him somehow since he he hadn't tried to eat me yet.

Still no electricity.

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