Early Summer, 5,000,000,000,000,000 AD

The early summer of 5,000,000,000,000,000 AD was a rather unstable time for the Polish.

Or perhaps it had been that way for everyone for the last 4,999,990,000,000,000 years.

Either way, the Big Crunch was beginning ─ the entire universe had gone from expanding to contracting, and the densities of the largest nebulae and black holes, and the galaxies that contained all of them, continue to increase under the strong gravity.

The earth had long been destroyed. With the exception of people like ElMA adherents and Liferaft associates who'd escaped to other worlds, the rest of the human race had died in the ice five billion years before then. (Even the remnants of the Nazis.) And so, in the hundred years since, the few remnants of life scattered. (The ninjas survived.)

Humanity has died out, and their home with them.

Even the stars were going out.

I did lie about some of the things up until now. Yes, there are still a few things still maintaining their shape within the crushing gravity!

The advertisements weren't lying ─ a single light of civilization remains in the starless universe! An unbreakable lamp!

Though it doesn't move any more… (Because there are no humans left…) A small, round antique watch!!! (Because 5 quadrillion years have passed!)

Adding new pages daily1, with a thickness of 1.5 trillion km2! The Epic of the Brave Foundation Agent who Saved an Innocent Young Girl, with 1.83 quintillion chapters3!

And now! Tyranny incarnate! Self-repairing, adaptive, highly resistant! The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile!

As of 5 quadrillion AD, the universe was filled with these indestructible objects!

It's natural that these indestructible objects would last until the last day. But would SCP-682, which does not possess conventional indestructibility, fight against the end with what it has? That question is plausible, but in any case, SCP-682 survived. Repeated destructive testing had given it many resistances, and it had taken the chance to consume the holy grail of the Nazis and strengthen its resurrective ability. It lives on, so there's no point complaining.

But, SCP-682, which "appears to have a hatred of all life", is now in a world with no life left. What is it thinking? And how is it still alive?

Because SCP-682 had become a member of the Foundation, and was waiting for the end with a goal.

So what is the reason it came to the Foundation? That's simple. The Foundation's "Administrator" used their gift of hypnosis. Not in a naughty sense. The second the lizard was convinced it was a member of the Foundation… it came in. The Administrator was also a great hypnotist. And it was the Dialogue Department's work, too, pervert. What an ༺༒administrator༒༻. THE BLACK MOON IS HOWLINGleave me alone!

In any case, SCP-682 is the last remaining Foundation employee. And, because the fire of Prometheus is indestructible, it remained and provides support for its mind. Indestructible ─ what a useful world.

 ─ oh, it looks like it's time for the end of the universe. ─


SCP-682 floating in the empty universe.

SCP-682: Soon…

SCP-682's pulse resumes, and it awakens from its four-quadrillion-year slumber. Its slight writing had created a new mouth near the center of its back.

SCP-682: Hm, looks like I'm still here… changing is no problem, either.

In truth, compared to before its hibernation, its ability to transform had improved by leaps and bounds as a result of its long-term image training. With its next transformation, it understood every ability at its disposal, and could transform into anything with a single thought.

SCP-682: How disgusting…

SCP-682 twists again. The universe is contracting, and soon enough it will be only a single point. And as some of the reasons for the Big Crunch include anomalous objects causing gravity, there can be no new Big Bang.

As the universe contracts to a single dimensionless point ─

─ No!

There is only one being that will not allow it!

SCP-682: Disgusting! Those damned humans!

It was SCP-682, who had assumed the form of a young girl with its superior transformations!

Its massive heart, pumping blood around its body, turned into a small human one!

Its hoarse voice, its bloodshot eyes, its giant mouth, all turned into those of a young girl!

And in the next moment4… SCP-682 took action! … No, it didn't do anything and died, of course, because it couldn't breathe5. In these conditions, there's no way a girl6 can survive. What happened next was Jesus Lolita's brain death.

And so, right before the end of the universe, the last, strongest organism's life ends. There is nobody left to count time in the universe. The universe, as a whole, has completely stopped.


When SCP-682 twisted for the last time, it consumed something with the mouth on its back: a wall clock that makes the world stand still in exchange for a single person's life. SCP-682's body was the "room", and everything outside it stopped.

And the only one who can move in this world is the former hard-to-destroy reptile, now a young girl, whose heartbeat had synchronized with the clock because she'd become a human. Also because it'd been mentally altered, so Yep, I lied earlier.it believes it's a Foundation agent.It was a perverted thing. Loli hypnosis… disgusting.

And in this immobile world, a young girl beats up an indestructible object! Bang! Bang! Bang!

With an infinitely strong force, the object lets out its Gyokuon-hōsō. Unconditional surrender. But SCP-682 doesn't care. The rules of war don't apply to anomalies.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When time has stopped, anomalous properties are lost7. In other words, indestructible objects become destructible, and other infinitely-growing objects, too, cease to grow. There is no perfect anomaly, just as there is no perfect despair8.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In an empty space left behind by time, in the polar night, that light of life continues to shine. The girl had died on purpose, and time would not continue until she had died again. An endless one-man show.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!




SCP-682 Loli: … Finally… it's over… how disgusting…

In the end, everything other than SCP-682 was destroyed. It She was the last object left.

As a final act, she chose to take her own life. And so time continues on."Loli", "hypnosis", and "suicide" really are a messed up combination of hentai tags.

Loli: (groan) … Disgusting (groan) … Let there be light. (crushed to death)

And so a Big Bang happened, and there was light.When an indestructible object is, against all odds, destroyed, there's sure to be a big explosion, so the moment time resumed, the Big Bang was sure to follow.

And so, our world, a world with no anomalies ─ in other words, a "normal" world ─ was born.


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