Early Summer Rain on the Arca
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Product Name: Rainmaker Lily Lilium pluet eam

Gardener: Gardener 07 "Spider Lily"

Objective: Destruction of industry, greening of cities, and hindering of Project Arca.

Flower Characteristics:

(1) A perennial upright herb, with a height of 2.5 to 3.5 m. Two-thirds of the stalk is covered with cylindrical petals. To appear similar in appearance to a lily, the flowers fan out in a horn-like shape.

(2) Rainmaker lilies produce a special pollen, and have a habit of scattering it according to the following sequence of events to cause rain.

  • One: When an anomalous change in the energy field is detected, the rainmaker lily's pollen will clump together into a cannonball-like sphere.
  • Two: The petals are then filled with life energy, which is used to produce magical propulsion to shoot the ball of pollen out.
  • Three: The pollen reaches a height of 2000 m, at which point it scatters. When creating artificial rain, dry ice or silver iodide is scattered into the atmosphere; the particles become potential condensation nuclei, increasing the chance of rain. The pollen works the same way, almost always producing rain.
  • Four: The produced rainfall contains the pollen of the rainmaker lily within its raindrops.

(3) The root system uses a main root, which allows it to absorb life energy from the environment.

(4) The stem possesses elasticity and toughness. Due to the weight of the petals, it is often angled.

(5) The leaves are thick and possess parallel veins, and are the rainmaker lily's energy-sensing organ.


  • The rain caused by rainmaker lilies will significantly increase the growth and density of plant life in an area
  • The above effect does not affect animals, and can be used as a water source to sustain life.
  • While the pollen ball's physical destructive capabilities are weak, it has the effect of a smokescreen.

Cultivation Notes:

(1) The rain-creating effect is unlikely to function when the moisture in the air is insufficient.

(2) As rainmaker lilies' reproduction is reliant on rain, in order to maintain a good number of plants, rainmaker lilies meant for cultivation should be artificially pollinated.

(3) If there is insufficient life energy in the area, the pollen ball may not reach a sufficient height.


It is said that the greatness of humans is that they have won "survival of the fittest" by adapting any environment they may find themselves in. But is that really true? The development of technology often brings with it the side effect of environmental pollution, and civilization is eating away at our limited resources. For humanity to continue living, the world has paid and continues to pay a great price.

Just as there cannot be flowers if there is no soil, the world must be present for humans to exist. If the world is to be destroyed, the human race, too, should simply disappear off the face of this world. And the idea that humanity can just reconstruct the world is an outrageously conceited delusion. Those who are involved in this "Project Arca", the goal of which is to do just that, are sinners who should be lined up and fixed.

The seeds of rainmaker lilies were discovered in a Daevite ruin by the Bamboo Cage Anomalous Archaeology Association. According to the ancient writings, rainmaker lilies were first used by the species known as the Old Ones, who created them so that they could use the rain to water their crops. Daevite horticulture improved on rainmaker lilies, and considered embedding the seeds of various plants within the pollen ball to rapidly spread plant life. The power of plants whose growth has been improved by rainmaker lilies' rainfall is tremendous. In a moment, they gain wedge-like roots, able to split even boulders.

Rainmaker lilies are the most suitable flower to express our spirit. If we grew this in a city, what would happen? What if we buried strong plants like mint, kudzu, Somali corn, green dandelion, or Yayoi roses? The destruction of all man-made structures and the spectacle of the world being covered in blooming flowers would be enough to fix those who believe in the lie that is Project Arca.

We know from the reports by the fixed spies that the Foundation has called on numerous anomalous organizations, assembling researchers and materials in a research facility. Tomorrow night, we will use rainamker lilies to attack this facility, purifying this unclean, rotten machine and plan. Everyone, please do your best.

Flower Cultivation Result Report

Gardener 09 "Oak"

From the results, the attack failed. As the seeds we released were planted by the rain and the research facility was about to be destroyed by their leaves, vines and roots, lightning struck the almost-budding flowers and incinerated them.

Before us was the enemy of us "gardeners", the Church of the Broken God. They declared their support for Project Arca right then and there and joined in the Foundation's counterattack. We were outnumbered, and we had to make a strategic retreat.

Whether those degenerated ones were assisting because of their religion or for some other reason, it doesn't matter! We will continue to beat down the fools and prevent the completion of Project Arca. This sick world must be fixed, and only the pure power of the natural world can do so, not some twisted machine.

If the gods oppose us, we will go so far as to fix the gods.

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