Facility Dossier Site-DE19

SCP Foundation Facility Dossier


Official Designation: Large-Scale Containment Sitet-DE19

Site Identification Code: BIG-DE19

General Information


Usage: Site DE19 is used for containment of particularly large anomalies as well as other objects for which no special containment specialization is required.

Founded: 23. October 1999

Location: Mühlheim-Kärlich, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Cover: Demolition site of the Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant.

Function: Large-scale containment and low-effort anomaly storage.

Size: 9000 m2 above ground, 456000 m2 subterranean.


Designation Location
DE19-B Büchel

Above Ground Structure


Site-DE19 in 2010.

Main access: The main access of Site-DE19 is located in the former turbine house of the Mülheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant, which is currently being demolished. These accesses consist of freight elevators of various sizes, the largest of which occupies an area of 45 x 20 m and can transport weights of up to 1500 tons. The building itself does not have any special protective measures, but the site is regularly patrolled by RTF DE19- 𝔄 "Abrisskommando" (i.e. Demolition Squad). They are armed with HK MP5N submachine guns and an HK SFP9. In case of attack, HK433-12.5" assault rifles, M47 Dragon and Fliegerfaust 2 bazookas are also available.

  • Guard Post Staff: Elevators lead down about 25 meters to an entrance hall with a height of 20 meters. This hall has several exits of various sizes, each with its own guardroom, immediately adjacent to the site's barracks. Each guard is equipped with an HK SFP9, pepper spray, taser pistols and telescopic baton, and has access to three HK MP5N submachine guns, M47 Dragon bazookas and various types of hand grenades in case of emergency. The floor of the hangar also has retractable tank and vehicle barriers and is guarded by automatic HK-GMW machine canon turrets. These are activated only in an emergency and target any moving targets whose movement profiles are not stored in their database. In the event of an emergency, the sentry or site command may spill the hall.
  • Side Accesses: Site DE19 has the most emergency exits of any site due to its size, which are normally sealed and can only be opened from the inside. In addition, there are numerous personnel entrances in surrounding cities that lead to underground garages where personnel can park their vehicles. These underground garages are connected to the entrance hall and are sealed with heavy drop bulkheads in case of emergency.

Subterranean Structure


Containment cell of SCP-025-DE during Construction.

Site-DE19 occupies the largest space of all the Foundation sites, which is related to its specialization. The entire building has extra-reinforced reinforced concrete walls, ceilings, and floors, and will be further expanded in the event of newly discovered large-scale anomalies. The anomalies are normally temporarily stored in a temporary containment cell until completion. All levels are accessible via stairwells and emergency buryable elevators, though there is also a freight elevator to move large equipment to lower levels of the site for containment.

  • Basement Floor 1: This floor houses staff quarters, site administration, administration, server rooms, canteen, and infirmary. Due to its close proximity to several cities, there are no recreational facilities at this location, however, coupons are distributed through the Foundation for discounts.

Laboratory corridor on Basement Floor 2.

  • Basement Floor 2: This floor contains the archives, the nuclear reactor secured by multiple steel bulkheads, and the research facilities of Site-DE19. Because of its wide range of contained anomalies, Site-DE19 has numerous laboratories for all the scientific disciplines necessary for containment.
  • Basement Floor 3: This floor contains the storage facilities and the station for the underground magnetic train that connects Site-DE19 to Site-DE4, Site-DE18, and Site-06-3. Like the entrance hall, the station is defended with automatic gun turrets and the train tunnels are covered with steel bulkheads to prevent escape or anomalies from entering. Also on this floor are the storage rooms and garages for construction equipment needed to build new containment cells. Furthermore, a wormhole is located on this level through which Site-DE9 can be accessed. Access to this wormhole is guarded around the clock by security personnel and automatic defense systems in both directions and is normally blocked by steel bulkheads.

Vault door to the storage vault for anomalous Objects on Basement Floor 4.

  • Basement Floor 4-8: Subbasements 4 through 8 are used for containment of common anomalies stored in Site-DE19 because of their low containment requirements. All corridors are protected by automatic gun turrets, steel bulkheads, and defenses such as playable exectution memes and releasable poison gas. Basements 4-6 are used to store anomalous objects; Safe- and Euclid-Class SCP-Objects are stored on levels 7 and 8.
  • Basement Floor 9-19: The lower floors of Site-DE19 are designated for containment of large-scale anomalies. These floors are typically spaced ten meters apart or even further and are reinforced and supported as best as possible to prevent anomalies stored above from breaking through the ceiling below by their own weight. The size and spacing of the floors vary greatly, with the upper levels being more developed than the lower levels, which usually contain very few but large anomalies.



Head of Construction Georg Runter together with O4-3 in the entrance hall of Site-DE19, which is currently under construction.

Site-Director: O4-3

Head of Management: Ulrike Koehler

Head of Security: Ricardo Leine

Head of RTF DE19- 𝔄 (19-Anastasia "Abrisskommando"): Major Patrick Stern

Head of research and Developement: Dipl.-Ing. Inge Jörg

Head of Infirmary: Dr. med. Torben Krug

Head of Logistics: Julian Vogel

Head of Maintenance: Dennis König

Head of Planning and Construction: Georg Runter

Personnel on-site

    Doctors: 20

    Researcher: 43

    Administrative Personnel: 7

    Maintenance and Supply: 78

    Security Personnell: 70

    D-Class: 25
    Construction Personell: 34

    Other Personnel: 31

Anomalies housed in Site-DE19

ID # Object Class
SCP-025-DE Euclid
SCP-046-DE Euclid
SCP-063-DE Euclid
SCP-070-DE Sicher
SCP-091-DE Euclid
SCP-110-DE Euclid
SCP-111-DE Euclid
SCP-266-DE Euclid
SCP-269-DE Sicher
SCP-282-DE Euclid
SCP-286-DE Euclid
SCP-008-INT Euclid

Additional Information

Site-DE19 was initially created as an outpost for an anomaly activated by radiation from nuclear waste from the Mühlheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant in 1988. Even though there was no immediate danger from the object, the operation of the nuclear power plant was stopped for safety reasons. The anomaly continued to generate incidents at the nuclear power plant over the years until it was declared inactive and neutralized in 1995 after activity weakened. However, the Foundation was unable to revise the cover story for the decommissioning of the nuclear power plant (erroneous building permit) without causing a stir, so in 1998 the German government under Gerhard Schröder demanded compensation from the Foundation for the unusable nuclear power plant. The O4 Council reached a compromise, which consisted of buying the nuclear power plant together with the land from the Federal Republic and financing its demolition. However, the demolition of the nuclear power plant simultaneously concealed the construction of Site-DE19, which was established in 1999. A practice that continues to this day with the construction of new containment chambers.

Site-DE19 continued to expand due to the ease of concealing construction, and as a result became the Foundation's largest site in 2009, resulting in its subsequent specialization.

Plans for further concealment of Foundation activities after the completion of demolition works are still being worked out at the moment.

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