Facility Dossier Site-DE2
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SCP Foundation Standort-Dossier


Official Designation: Special Site-DE2

Site Identification Code: ACT-DE2

General Information


Usage: Site-DE2 forms the archive of the Germanophoe Foundation. This is where all the branch's information is collected and stored. The archive AI KAI also ensures that the data is correctly processed and protected. In the event of an impending end of the world, this site also acts as a kind of black box to restart human civilization in an emergency. Therefore, no anomalies are allowed in this facility.

Founded: 23. September 1962

Location: Silvretta Reservoir, Austria

Cover: Known to the public as Upper Vermunt Power Plant I

Function: Archiving of all information of the Germanophone Foundation

Size: 22.000 m2 (subterrainian)

Above Ground Structure


The Silvretta reservoir, under which Site-DE2 is located.

Main access: The main and at the same time only access is located in the Upper Vermunt Power Plant I near the Silvretta reservoir and is hidden in one of the buildings. The access is large enough to allow trucks to pass and widens underground into a two-lane roadway. A traffic light at the entrance prevents collisions. The building itself is made of reinforced concrete and has walls with a minimum thickness of 40 cm.

  • Guard Post Staff: The guards are disguised as security personnel of the Upper Vermunt Power Plant I and equipped with one HK SFP9, pepper spray, taser pistols and telescopic baton each. If this is not enough to deter intruders, the MK-30 gun turrets on the underground access road are activated and access is blocked by drop bulkheads. The turrets have an automatic targeting system that will detect and fire on any moving objects until deactivated. If this is not sufficient to repel the threat, the access tunnel will collapse along its entire length.

Main Area: The main area encompasses all of the Upper Vermunt Plant I, is largely untouched by security measures, and is not used for Foundation activities as much as possible to make detection difficult. The access building is the only one with reinforced walls. 14 radio antennas for routing data traffic are camouflaged in the vicinity of Site-DE2 and connected to it by ground wire. Only 5 radio antennas are located inside the site and are mounted on the roofs of the buildings.

Subterrainian Structure

The entire site is maintained at a constant reality concentration of 20 Hume using Scranton reality anchors. Should stronger reality-bending forces act on the facility from the outside, additional anchors are activated to raise the concentration up to 100 Hume. The site formerly housed numerous technicians and archivists, but they were removed as digitization progressed and the KAI archive AI was installed. Previously, transfers were frequent because many employees could not withstand the psychological pressure of being buried beyond repair in the worst case scenario of the event of an attack, as there are no emergency exits. Today, Site-DE2 is maintained and inspected every two weeks by technicians from other sites. They must identify themselves by password and DNA test and are constantly monitored by KAI for their behaviour and manner of movement within Site-DE2. Additionally, sensors are installed throughout the site that can detect thaumaturgic, psionic and magical influences. Should KAI suspect infiltration, the subject in question is spatially isolated and immobilized with stun gas from the ceiling. If this is not enough to stop the infiltration, chemical gas weapons, memetic means of influence and termination, or traps such as trap doors, spring-guns, and converging walls are used to neutralize the intruder.


Path to the former staff quarters.

  • Floor U-1 and -2 This is where the former administration, recreational facilities and abandoned employee housing are located. Today, spare parts, tools and supplies for the technicians are stored here.
  • Floor U-3 This level houses servers with low value data. Like all server systems and computers at the site, the equipment is cooled with nitrogen, resulting in a normal temperature of -50 °C in the server rooms. KAI is able to make emergency repairs and technical adjustments via robotic arms installed in the ceiling and raises the temperature to -15 °C during maintenance by technicians.

Interior view of a server on level U-4.

  • Floor U-4 This floor is separated from Level U-3 by 15 meters of concrete and earth and, like the following levels, can only be reached by a KAI-controlled elevator. Servers on Floor U-4 house sensitive data of medium classification and are secured with bunker walls and armored steel doors.
  • Floor U-5 The floor is separated from Level U-4 by 20 meters of reinforced concrete. A hostile atmosphere of carbon dioxide and nitrogen and various chemical poisons prevails throughout the floor. Due to this fact, technicians are required to wear NBC protective suits with integrated oxygen supply. The servers on this level contain top-secret data whose retrieval must be authorized by KAI through Foundation personnel accounts and terminals. Four servers are especially secured digitally as well as physically against unauthorized access, called the "Four Elements" because they store information of elemental importance to the Foundation's continued existence and secrecy. The floor's server rooms are normally at a temperature of -60°C; moreover, unauthorized intrusion in any way results in the immediate use of numerous visual, auditory, and, through vibration of the floor plates, tactile memetic means of termination.
  • Floor U-6 Another 20 meters of reinforced concrete separate this level from U-5, which also has no breathable air. On this level are the personal servers and the data center of the site AI KAI. Also present on this level is a nuclear fusion reactor and numerous accumulators, along with spare parts and machine limbs that allow KAI to perform maintenance and repairs on himself. Because of KAI's importance to the site, no more than two people are ever allowed at its terminal at any time. Trespassing results in an immediate counter-reaction from the AI which includes, but is not limited to, force of arms through spring-guns and shrapnel mines, the use of additional poison gas, memetic means of termination, as well as psychological manipulation of the intruder and extortion through threats to their property, identified acquaintances, and family members.
  • Floor U-7 Floor U-7 is located approximately 250 meters below ground and contains the DEEPWELL archives of Site-DE2. Data of existential importance to the Foundation and humanity as a whole is stored here, including all known human history, scientific knowledge essential to civilization, and the biological data of numerous life forms. In addition to Scranton reality anchors, these premises are additionally protected from retrocausal changes by the only Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sink owned by the Germanophone Foundation, and have multiple backups that are regularly cross-checked and compared by KAI. Maintenance of these servers is also performed by KAI itself using installed robotic arms and spare parts stored at this level. Replenishments are checked particularly carefully and thoroughly here before delivery in order to rule out tampering.
  • Energy supply: Energy is provided by Upper Vermuntwerk I, which has far more and more advanced turbines than is publicly known. The fusion reactor on Floor U-6 is normally disabled, but is activated during power outages and in the event of a K-Class scenario. It is theoretically capable, with maintenance by KAI, of powering the site for over 500 years before it becomes inoperable for material reasons.


KAI (abbreviation for Künstliche Archiv-Intelligenz", i.e. Artificial Archive Intelligence) is the administrative quantum AI of Site-DE2 and was the first AI to be entrusted with administrative tasks by the Germanophone Foundation. Its program data and blueprints were the model for subsequent models, such as the security AI KIRA. For more technical data, please consult KAI's data sheet.

KAI is responsible for managing the data stored in Site-DE2 as well as defending against any outside intruders, whether digital or physical. For this reason, KAI also has the privilege to deny and repel other AIs' access to its databases and, in particular, can override KIRA's actions within Site-DE2. Should KAI register hacker attacks or unauthorized access, he fools those concerned with decoy databases into believing they had a successful access while locating the machine from which the request originated. Once located, KAI notifies the nearest sites or outposts to apprehend the intruder. Should a hacker fail to fall for the decoy databases and continue to attempt to bypass KAI's firewalls, the AI will send Foundation malware to the machine and display crippling memes or memetic kill agents, depending on the persistence and severity of the intrusion. Should access be gained by another AI, KAI launches a counterhack to bring the construct's systems under its control, thus draining its resources before deleting its programs and sending copies of them to site-DE23's containment specialists for further investigation. Such counterhacks proceed with the assistance of KIRA in case of emergency.

In the event that KAI registers a pan-European or even global K-class scenario, he draws water from the Silvretta reservoir to fill the elevator shaft with special cement. Subsequently, levels U-1 to U-3 will be flooded with water from the reservoir. KAI will then put the entire site into low-power mode, send out continuous and regular broadcast pulses via underground transmitters, and provide the lower levels with breathable air to facilitate rediscovery by survivors or generations following them. KAI has protocols in place for such an eventuality to keep any discoverers from destroying it and to reteach them any knowledge they may have lost.

Additional Information

Site-DE2 was established in 1962 and was intended to serve as an archive for the parent foundation while the process of reappraisal of the Nazi period was still underway. At that time, the site consisted of only three underground levels, which had previously belonged to a SKP bunker built in 1943 under the cover of the Upper Vermunt Power Plant. It had been intended to hold secret files of the SKP and continued to be used for this purpose by the Foundation, being expanded in the 1980s to accommodate more personnel and files.

After the Germanophone Foundation became independent, the digitization of site DE2 was one of the main concerns of the O4 Council, so construction work was started on levels U-4 to U-7 and the first servers were moved to the site.


KAI's quantum computer component during installation.

In 2001, after the successful analysis of SCP-███-DE, the first applicable quantum processor was built and equipped with an operating system in Site-DE15. AI research at Site-DE23 became aware of the project and requested the technology for experiments with rudimentary learning programs. By 2003, the technology had reached the point where the O4 Council ordered the creation of a quantum AI. The intelligence, christened KAI, was installed on Floor U-6 in 2005 and was initially intended to manage only one server. KAI was physically separated from the rest of DE2's hardware at that time and was taught its task.

From 2006 to 2010, KAI was granted more and more access until in 2011, with the completion of the server farms, he controlled the entire digital archive of Site-DE2. From that point on, the site's human staff was moved elsewhere and staff housing was scaled back. At the same time, KAI was taught to manipulate robotic arms and independently maintain the site's machinery.

In 2012, work began to provide Site-DE2 with the security measures now prevalent against normal and anomalous intruders, starting from the bottom up. During this endeavor, three of the workers unfortunately died when KAI discovered an anomalously enhanced infiltrator during the work and locked the individuals in a room along with his target before poison gas was applied. To commemorate those who died, a small plaque now stands next to the entrance to Site-DE2.

With Site-DE12's nuclear fusion breakthrough in 2014, a plan was made by the O4 Council to make Site-DE2 "doomsday proof." Appropriate flooding and cement generation measures were completed within two years, as was the installation of the Scranton reality anchors and the requested Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sink, but installation of the nuclear fusion reactor continued until 2018 as updated design innovations were repeatedly made to make the facility more robust and durable. KAI received a new central interface during this time, as its old one had been assembled in 2005 from unused parts in Site-DE2. The old one is currently retained because it is the only way KAI can access SCPFUNK, the predecessor to today's SCiPNET. SCPFUNK is currently out of service, but can be brought back up from Site-DE2 in emergency situations.

In the spring of 2020, KAI abruptly reported that it could not access the servers in Floor U-8. However, such a floor had never been planned, let alone built, so the report was considered a bug in the AI. However, this has since been under review after KAI retrieved the construction plans and technical data of said floor from the DEEPWELL servers and presented them to the system engineers. Sonar samples suggest that there is a large, massive object about 300 meters below Level U-7. Efforts to reach the object are still underway.

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