The Marine Spectral Scourge

The Marine Spectral Scourge

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Craneozoa Gigantis
KTE-3120-Cetus Typhon (by the Bookburners)


A giant jellyfish that inhabits the depths of the ocean, whose umbrella1 resembles a human skull. The Marine Spectral Scourge has the capacity to create fleshy tumors2 from the flesh of their victims, from which jellyfish are born with the power to revive the dead.



Artistic representation of the Marine Spectral Scourge3.


Characteristics: It is similar to a giant jellyfish, but its head has the form and texture of a human skull. It is capable of emitting a magenta and purple-colored glow and from the start of its tentacles and oral arms4. It can emit electric shocks and inject venom through its tentacles, which it can extend to double or triple its normal size.

Nature: The Marine Spectral Scourge is 'hibernating'56 most of the year, so it does not respond to external stimuli. However, when it wakes up, it is very aggressive, especially when it's hunting, and can attack and destroy any object or animal that crosses its path.

It only feeds on humans, which it always kills before eating and only consumes their bones, as it uses their flesh to make strange masses from which reanimating jellyfish will be born at random intervals. It's important to clarify that these jellyfish usually die after reanimating a corpse, or after a few days if none are found. After finishing its meal, the Marine Spectral Scourge will hibernate until next year.

History and Associated Groups: We do not know its exact origin, although we have several theories about how it could have arrived here, such as it being is a creature that came from space or was created through some thaumaturgic ritual. However, we haven't found enough evidence to confirm or rule out these theories. What we do know is that it has existed for thousands of years7 and had some relevance in the history of the Halloween holiday.

The natives of Scotland, where it used to roam, performed various rituals in which they sought to avoid being devoured. In these rituals, the inhabitants would disguise themselves with moss, leaves, or branches in order not to be seen by the Spectral Sea Scourge, which was supposed to help them survive. The natives also made holes simulating skull faces in all kinds of fruits for the purpose of trying to scare the creature away8. These, among other ritualistic behaviors, would eventually be passed down from parent to child even after the Sea Spectral Scourge had left the shores. Such 'traditions' subsequently influenced the Samhain holiday and eventually made their way into Halloween.

It is known to have hunted in all the world's oceans, although it is currently found in the Atlantic Ocean.

In the year 2000, its existence came to the attention of The Bookburners, during an operation carried out by Agente Phaganax9 Moluna that consisted on getting information. Said operation was sabotaged by The Bookburners, who managed to track her down and find her location. Agente Phaganax10 Moluna had to flee, leaving behind some miscellaneous documents, including an ancient document regarding the Marine Spectral Scourge. The Bookburners undertook an operation to search for it and managed to partially neutralize it, causing it to go into a sort of coma or something like that. Since then, it has not hunted any more individuals.

Approach: Due to its behavior, it is not wise to approach the Marine Spectral Scourge. Although it remains dormant all year round, we do not know if it can be awakened on purpose11.


We do not know for sure why the Marine Spectral Scourge creates jellyfish with the ability to revive dead bodies12. Nor do we know its exact origin or how it has survived for so long, or the method by which the Bookburners managed to almost completely neutralize it13.

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