The Raven and The Dragon
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Record of attempted termination of SCP-682 number: 81340918374923560681083947091233

Item: Res. Andrés Mondragón.

Tissue Test Record: It was not necessary to test the SCP-682 tissue, but Res. Andrés Mondragón requested to do a small physical test with the tissues. The tests did not give any results but Res. Andrés Mondragón reported feeling de-stressed.

Termination Test Record: SCP-682 was introduced to the test area together with researcher Mondragón.

SCP-682: Another insi-

Res. Mondragón: Shut the fuck up, you fucking Güevón!

SCP-682 remains silent. Res. Mondragón pulls out a laptop computer and enters the page known as “SCP Foundation”.

SCP-682: What is Güevón?

He goes to an unidentified page and proceeds to erase it. SCP-682 begins to fade.

SCP-682: What have you done to me, you hairy meatball?!

Res. Mondragón: Something I should have done a long time ago.

SCP-682 vanishes into thin air, Res. Mondragón takes a sudden leap.

Res. Mondragón: I'm free at last! Unbelievable!

SCP-682's neutralization is confirmed.

Note: Who the f███ is this guy?- Dr. Clef.

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