The Dinosaur
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“When he woke up, the dinosaur was still there”
Augusto Monterroso

—¿What the fuck…?

No, it could not be, still half asleep he straightened up on the bed and rubbed his eyes.

Yes, the dinosaur was still there.

He was at the foot of his bed, sleeping or it seemed, was very similar to a cat that seeks shelter and the heat of his master.

It was idiocy, had not Elmer returned it? Annoyed, he started to kick him still with his feet under the blanket.

The dinosaur did not like that, and growled at him showing his teeth. And I was not sleeping, but gnawing a pretty big and long bone.

And it was bigger than before, that was impossible, it was a compsognathus, no bigger than a chicken. But now he seemed to be the size of a large dog, rather a big dog, and also his weight…he almost looked like a deinonychus.

Suddenly, he remembered something:

"Working with temporary SCPs is really fucked up, and at the same time very interesting" said Elmer, or as he preferred to be called, Doctor Von Braun- "I was ordered to return this guy to his time…But no I'll do it, I'll keep it for a couple of days, maybe a week."

"And he lightly kicked the glass box where the compsognathus, like a blind and plucked hen, hopped and dashed against the walls."

"Are you going to disobey orders? It's not a good idea, you know how dangerous it can be…and why do you want to keep it? To perform potentially dangerous and perverted experiments?"

"Calm down, it's nothing like that" - Elmer insisted, that is, Von Braun- "I will only observe it, and already send a request to our superiors, in triplicate and with all the corresponding stamps…the real one reason is another.

"At the individual level, or rather, at the level of an individual biological entity, chrono-journeys can cause side effects whose derivations can be…well, difficult to calculate. Actually the consequences at the cellular, genetic, molecular and even sub-atomic level, can be…interesting"

Elmer's words took on all their meaning now: Chrono-journeys can cause side effects whose derivations can be…well, difficult to calculate…the consequences at cellular, molecular, genetic level… Bravo, something you were right about, again, even you would not have imagined that in less than 24 hours an animal the size of a chicken would grow almost to that of a doberman.

It was not a good idea to disobey your superiors.

Maybe it was not a good idea to kick it.

The dinosaur turned its head and looked at it, with a bone pierced across its snout full of teeth. Only then did he realize that the bone looked remarkably like a human femur…and was actually a human femur.

—Eeeh…¿Elmer?…¿Doctor Von Braun?

But Von Braun was not (or maybe yes, but in parts). The dinosaur stood up…it was bigger than a doberman, heavier too, he realized that when the dinosaur stepped forward and stepped on one of his legs.

—¡Von Braun!

The dinosaur spat the bone (rather I let it fall) and took another step further.





Half an hour later, the dinosaur was the only thing that was still there.

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