Under The Stars
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Cambodia, Isolated villa

The old sorcerer was exhausted. Entire hours spent dissecting this creature. Four years of research to make it tangible and one more to catch it; when you have the result of five years of project in your hands, you take advantage of it without looking at the time. The first discoveries were quite good, but it was necessary to realize, the vision blurred by the fatigue, that the rest of the analyses would have to wait the next day. He put down his scalpel and quickly cleaned up his laboratory before hanging his apron. He closed the heavy door, to cross his living room. He quickly turned on the fan running in the center of the room, before grabbing a beer in a small fridge, placed in a corner.

An isolated house, well protected, shutters closed… The calm was reigning here, as usual, giving the old mage a restorative bliss. Lighting a cigarette just taken from his jacket's pocket, he was dreaming from his sofa, finally giving himself a moment to rest. He thought about his wife, who was already asleep. He thought about his future son, the one he still hoped to have one day, about his fugitive daughter, somewhere outside, who had left because she didn't want to fulfill her duty….

He put his hand on his temples….

He would one day pass on all his knowledge, his skills, but not to anybody. He would have really liked to have a son. If life hadn't given him a daughter instead, everything would have been way easier. But fate was what it was, a beautiful bitch when it started. At this point, he could already have finished his training, but no. A fucking girl.

He could have bet on the next generation of course, and he had done so because the blood is always stronger in the first born, but she couldn't stand the treatment. In 20 years, running away had been her only truly courageous action, at the very moment when she had found the perfect progenitor for her.

Too bad.

He remained here, to think for long minutes, his thoughts only punctuated by the hops in his can. Once empty, he finally decided to move.

A bladder to help and to the bed: tomorrow would be another day and work awaited him.

He lifted the toilet seat and began his business, looking at the stars through the window with a distant eye, unaware that in a few seconds, his body would be lying on the ground with a.308 subsonic bullet well inserted in his skull.

Code name : “Flashlight”

Objectif : Neutralisation of the person of interest Masakayan Kayanan on the O5 council's decision, due to his probable allegiance to the group of interest “The Association of Black Magic Power Users”, already under hight surveillance since the 06/15/2017, when first clues about him were collected by the Fondation.Discreet operation and seizure of the domicil. Order to kill him on visue without warning, the danger is real and his survival unnecessary.

Résumé de l'opération : the 09/25/2017 at 10h00 PM, an intervention squad of the MTF Sasna arrived on the location to prepare the operation. Ready at 10h21 PM, It was decided to wait a proper shot opportunity to kill the main target before the assault. This one is founded at 00h46 AM, when the target showed up at his toilet’s window. The order to shot was given : Success of the operation. Neutralisation of a few barriers of protection (mostly abnormal) before entering in the building. The body of Mayumi Kayanan, his wife, was also founded (probably recent death, waiting for the legal medicine’s department) in the bed of the house, without any clear causes of death.

An unknown creature body was also founded in Masakayan Kayanan’s laboratory being dissected, with a lot of others possible abnormal objects. A large amount of books and treaties about abnormal subjects were also discovered, including a great book of black leather founded in his personal desk, identified as cursed but the field’s agent of the MTF. The content of this book is currently unknown. It is currently stored with the rest of the seized abnormal objects, its transfer to the Site-36BM site for further analysis is recommended by the doctor███████ present at the time of the seizure.

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