Incident Report 027-01-J
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On the ██.██.████, the following incident occurred at the pub ██████████:

Around 23:25, SCP-027-DE-J penetrated the door in its usual brute manner, and directly tried to storm at the bar. However, an exceedingly beloved visitor was able to throw himself on it with his whole body weight in time. What followed was a racy kind of "chicken rodeo", during which the vast majority of the pub was broken… as well as a large number of guests. In total there were 34 injured, 12 of them severely.

During the "ride", the visitor managed to grab an empty tankard, holding it under the tap, and to operate the lever. Indeed, a liquid, similar to wheat beer, began to flow out of the tap. The visitor masterly rolled himself of the chicken, which, in one leap, immediately raided the counter (notwithstanding the cursing and punching of the innkeeper) to mate itself with said tapping device.

Meanwhile the visitor, who drained some liquid from the tap-chicken's tap-chicken-tap-device, took a vigorous gulp from the glass in which there was the tap-chicken-liquid, only to spit it out, together with the contents of his digestive track.

Later, the visitor explained to an agent of the foundation that the liquid "had tasted like warm, stale beer with the flavor of rotten, raw eggs". The seemed to have apparently suffered no health damages

The glass with the remaining liquid (and a portion of the visitor's digestive track) was safely secured inside a fridge in Dr. ████████`s office. For [EXPUNGED] reasons, a valuable accommodation was not provided. Dr. ████████ urgently insisted that the liquid [DATA EXPUNGED].

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