Event Report to Incident 124-01-A
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Foreword: On June 20, 2000 the silent alarm was triggered in sector-A of the location. The MTF DE20-ℜ "Seher1" moved out with 2 groups of five. All people there were given a pass2. This protocol is largely from the point of view of the unit that had direct contact with the intruder.

[start of record]

Leader Aleph: Here Unit Aleph. We are in the sector. Aleph finish.

Auge: Understood. Auge end.

Leader Beth: Here Unit Beth. We are also in the sector. Coming from the other side. Beth's end.

Eye: Understood. Eye end.

Leader Aleph: Will now take the intruder from both sides. Aleph finish

Auge: Understood. Auge The End.

Unit Aleph and Beth are silent for five (5) minutes.

Leader Aleph: Have visual contact with a person. It is a guard. Will ask for solution. Aleph finish

Auge: Understood. Eye end.

The guard keeps running, apparently she did not notice the unit.

Leader Aleph: // calls to the intruder // What exactly is her job here?

The guard pulls together.

Unknown guard: Oh … I mean … My job is the observation of SCP- … how do we call it again?

The guard raises his hand in the opposite direction. MTF team Aleph raises her weapons.

Unknown guard: Why are you targeting me? I am unarmed.

Leader Aleph: Answer a question to me: What are the baseline cell dimensions for humaoids in Sector C?

Alleged Guard: 4 meters à 4 meters à 3 meters. shows signs of nervousness.

The supposed guard moves his fingers lightly. Leader Aleph trembles imperceptibly.

Leader Aleph: The … Weapons … down. The answer … is … is

Note: Team Leader Aleph later testified she bit her lip to rid herself of the intruder's anomalous effect.

Leader Aleph: … INCORRECT! There are no humanoids in sector C! Do not let the weapons sink! He has an abnormal effect!

The intruder runs without hesitation. He seems to be trying to instigate an instance of SCP-124-DE, labeled SCP-124-DE-2-2. Team Aleph starts firing.
Leader Aleph: Eye, can you hear me? The intruder has anomalous abilities, whether it's a memetic or manipulative effect, we do not know right now. Aleph finish.
Eye: Understood. Will pass this on. Eye end.
Leader Beth: Here Beth, have noticed. We come. We try to cut the path for the intruder…

A period of fifteen minutes is skipped until the two teams meet at a crossroads.

Leader Aleph: Auge, here Aleph. Beth and we failed to cut off the intruder, but we are close to him on the verses. Aleph finish.

Auge: Understood. Eye end.

Note: There is a change of view here to a camera, which the meeting of Dr. med. Ainsworth and the fugitive. For some unknown reason, the audio and visual material is damaged during this section. Here is the part that could be restored:

Dr. Ainsworth had just completed a test and hurried out of the way, so she crossed the path of the fugitive. She was informed of the impending danger by her "beeper", but had lost her way, which was why she was still present.

Dr. Ainsworth: What's going on… Run to the crossroads before she could read the whole message and frantically search the corridors. … "Skitter, danger, turn around, humanoid, perceptual bender," very helpful …

Disturbance, image recording is interrupted by a brief noise for 1 minute. The sound will go off regularly until MTF Aleph and Beth arrive.

Dr. Ainsworth blocks the way for the fugitive and apparently talks to him. The intruder is unsafe.

Dr. Ainswort: Why are you helping her? Or is [sound drop] member?

Intruder: Why [sound drop] trust you?

Dr. Ainsworth: Because we [statics] Ainsworth on the camera. For a moment, the screen will be white, before something is recognizable.

Intruder: Mademoiselle has been talking about you, so [statics]. Why hide [sound drop] and chase Mademoiselle? She just wants to help people.

Dr. Ainsworth: Yes, [statics]. Otherwise, [statics]. Because it harms people and violates the M[statics]!

Intruder: Mademoiselle likes to convince you personally.

The picture shows static noise for 3 minutes before something is recognizable again.

Dr. Ainsworth: Why are you telling me all this?

Intruder: Because it's all [sound drop] Plan in which I'm [statics] chess piece in the lovely hands of Mademoiselle.

Dr. Ainsworth: I see [statics] urges my supervisor to change your development [dust drop]. If they show [sound drop], they'll show [sound drop]. Your skills are [static] and a [waste] as useful [static].

Dr. Ainsworth gets something out of her coat, presumably a phone. The fugitive moves his fingers again, this time energetic.

Dr. Ainsworth raises both hands protectively. The intruder explodes in flames and hurls Ainsworth against the wall. She stays dazed. The alleged intruder disintegrates into burning parts and at one point in the air the air begins to flicker and discolor. For a moment, the silhouette of another person becomes recognizable, before another appears from nowhere, which grabs the silhouette and disappears.

Note: The following is again the record of MTF unit Aleph and Beth, whom the scientist Dr. Ainsworth met.

Dr. Ainsworth, who staggered out of the corridor, holds his hand. There are burns to be seen.

Leader Beth: Are you hurt? Had he shot her with fire?

Dr. Ainsworth does not react immediately.

Dr. Ainsworth: What … did you ask? Ah, yes … Yes, he has. Otherwise, I am unharmed.

Dr. Ainsworth looks confused. Team Leader Aleph and Beth look at her nervously.

Group Leader Beth: Can you tell us where the attacker went?

Dr. Ainsworth: Well … of course. Follow me…

Dr. Ainswoth led the MTF unit to the scene. The unit searched the "corpse" and the surrounding area. Team leader Aleph questioned the researcher.

Leader Aleph: Did he say something before fleeing?

Dr. Ainsworth: He told me that he was the branch Malchuth … but may I tell that later? I'm still in shock.

Before Leader Aleph could answer, one of her subordinates shouted something to her.

MTF soldier: We have completed the investigation, do you want a short report?

Leader Aleph: Keep it short.

MTF Soldier: points to the body. The body we see here is nothing but a lifeless dummy. A mannequin most probably given the appearance of a human by an anomaly.

Leader Aleph: I'll get them taken away and scrutinized.

[end of recording]

Addendum: That the intruder was able to invade unnoticed and the events that occurred when he disappeared suggest that there is a connection with SCP-032-DE. During the review of the incidents and acts of SCP-124-DE, evidence was found that Mrs. Mirabilis (POI-1989), through member Malchuth, with the Caecus Carneliana Collective communicates. Given her behavior, but is to assume that she is not a member. At the dummy nothing was found except, a badly damaged logo. Because of Dr. Ainsworth's behavior is under investigation as to whether she has violated the Founation Security Regulation Art. 12.2.1 "Hostile Burglary Behavior". Their behavior against the intruder, so long to stop him, and testimony have a mitigating effect.

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