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The Foundation is politicized, what can the victories and defeats of an organization from which perfection is demanded mean for the people behind the veil?

"Whoever remains as Venezuela's new president, probably Nicolás Maduro, your mission is to protect him as a new member of the Regional Council. Failure to do so will lead to results similar to those of the Regional Council in Thailand. We will have our agents in the country to make sure of this."

From SCP-ES-120 by Dc_Yerko

Gazing Upon Dead Stars

Gazing Upon Dead Stars is a canon focused on a very real dilemma faced by humanity: Where are all the aliens?

This dilemma has a formal name: Fermi Paradox. There are a number of solutions to this paradox, some more accepted than others.

No solution is yet definitive, and no research has proven the existence of extraterrestrial life, although inconclusive evidence does exist.

The Foundation, accompanied by the Guardians of the Universe, a species we call exolagomorphs, have also faced the paradox and between anomalous science and vigilant eyes, have discovered the ashes of other civilizations, and sometimes even some dying embers. The Fermi Paradox has a solution, rooted in the dark origin of existence itself… But what is it?

That remains to be seen..

Let us help you prepare against the Twilight, whenever it comes! Even if we were all crushed to death in your hand, we would cut off your arm with a last funeral smile. Give us the pleasure of fighting by your side, even if it is for the last time!

From SCP-ES-129 by Luis Gm and Almarduk

Nuclear Dream

Nuclear Dream discusses the consequences of an anomalous nuclear energy known to the people of Tlaneyanco as tlanextlitetl, which has had an impact on them as well as the outside world. In recent times the effects of this power are increasingly being shown, what will be the future of the world under these flames?

I can assure all of you, whether you take my word for it or not, that I will achieve my goal of re-integrating the entire world. Under the power of the tlanextlitetl and my wisdom, this dream will come true during my mandate.

From Nuclear Dream Hub by Luis Gm

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