Log of the Italian Paranormal Events
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Foreword: All anomalies are fundamentally points where the tissue of reality gets naughty, but only some of them persist over time. Many paranormal events occur and cease too quickly, in which case we just take note of them and conceal them from the public. May these logs serve also as a warning for our agents: the chance that an anomalous event disrupts normalcy is always lurking.

— Captain Sara Giovanni, SIR-I

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Event Description: Starting from 12:00 on 16/06/1984, the internal speakers of the factory ceaselessly broadcast the siren alert marking the hours. Every attempt to interrupt the siren, including unplugging the power network, was useless. The Foundation arrived on-site the next day. During the subsequent research, the sound waves of the signal turned out not to be broadcast by the speakers, but to be lingering in the air. At 14:17 on 12/05/1985, the siren alert quickly got lower, before ceasing.
Event Date: 16/06/1984 - 12/05/1985
Location: Headquarters of the ██████ ████████ company, in the █████████ industrial area, Siena
Action Taken by the Foundation: The factory was acquired and work was carried on, alternating with research. The workers were given hearing protection, as well as the obligation not to disclose anything. After the event ceased, amnestics were administered.

Event Description: During a survey on ███████ island, four staff members of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park and a researcher from the Agronomy Department of Sassari University saw a shapeless, incorporeal entity wrap around the holm oaks one by one, before leaving them emaciated. Two of the witnesses recorded the events with their smartphones. Because of the relative proximity of Site Nettuno, naval unit 2 reached the island in ██ minutes. The witnesses claimed to have lost sight of the entity 5 minutes before the unit arrived. Analysis revealed that the holm oaks were desiccated.
Event Date: ██/10/2012
Location: ███████ island, in the province of Sassari
Action Taken by the Foundation: Amnestics were administered to the on-site personnel. The video recordings were acquired and the phone calls were erased. The data in their possession were altered with a year-old retroactive effect, so that the conditions of the holm oaks is attributed to the Phytophthora fungus. Despite extensive research on the island, the entity was not found again.

Event Description: At 18:54, 100 m away from the borders of the A3 highway, a freight truck belonging to an unknown company appeared, passing through the traffic and the vehicles. No car crashes or casualties were reported. The truck disappeared as soon as it reached the border toolbooths in the province of Naples.
Event Date: 10/07/2007
Location: A3 highway, in the provinces of Salerno and Naples
Action Taken by the Foundation: All eyewitnesses were amnesticized and all video recordings were erased. The area was monitored for the next 2 months, in order to verify whether the phenomenon could happen again.

Event Description: During the autopsy, at 20:56, G██████ Z██████'s corpse exploded. The victim was a 19-year-old male murdered in his apartment; an unidentified individual slit his throat.
Event Date: 19/12/1999
Location: Autopsy room, Saint Orsola general hospital, Bologna
Action Taken by the Foundation: The on-site doctors were amnesticized and a cover story was made up about the corpse. Analysis of his blood revealed nothing anomalous. A bag of his blood is kept in a cold-storage room at Site Asclepio for further research and analysis.

Event Description: At 20:27, a confused, screaming young woman materialized some dozens of meters away from the church in [REDACTED]. Her materialization was followed by that of 2 men in black, escorted by a bloodhound. They pursued the woman as far as the churchyard, where she was caught, knocked down and mauled by the dog. The event occurred in a matter of 20 seconds, after which the 4 figures dematerialized, before reappearing at the starting point. Thus, the scene played out again with the same outcome 4 times in a row. Every attempt by the passers-by to rescue the young woman was useless, because both the victim and her pursuers turned out to be intangible.
Event Date: 8/5/2009
Location: █████ ███ street, Ravenna
Action Taken by the Foundation: The only evidence of the event (a video recorded by the security camera in a nearby store) was confiscated and all eyewitnesses were amnesticized. SIR-I monitored the location for the following weeks, but no more apparitions were reported. It was impossible to identify either the woman or her 2 pursuers through the video.

Event Description: Between 20:00 and 22:00 on ██/██/198█, a thundercloud shrouded a military radio station, and the facility was struck by winds as fast as 280 km/h. At 06:12, the weather conditions got milder. During exploration, the station turned out to be badly damaged. The 23 men serving as personnel was found in the underground environment were ██████████ was. 14 of them were naked and covered in blood, lying unconscious around the object. The other 9 men were deceased - either strangled or beaten up - and covered in cuts. Their blood was identified on the walls and the floor, which were entirely soaked in it.
Event Date: ██/██/198█ - ██/██/198█
Location: Avezzano, Abruzzo
Action Taken by the Foundation: At 00:17 on the day after the event, the Foundation sent SIR-III (“Præcĭpŭum Auxĭlĭum”) to evacuate civilians and establish a security perimeter. SIR-III was deployed alongside SSM-X (“Consequentia Glacialis”) for a survey, after the harsh weather got milder. After that, ██████████ was contained effortlessly, while the 14 survivors were treated at Site Minerva for 15 months, before being released. The facility was cleaned up and given back to the Italian army after the event.
Note: See SCP-073-IT.

Event Description: From 03:05 to 03:29, an anomalous weather phenomenon took place within a 25 km2 area: it rained wheels of cheese and other processed dairy products, such as stracchino and mozzarella. The analyses carried out on a few samples at Site Asclepio revealed no anomaly in their chemical composition.
Event Date: 15/03/2022
Location: An area in the T███████ valley
Action Taken by the Foundation: The whole local population was given an appropriate amount of amnestics. The damage caused to civilian buildings and public facilities was explained to the public with the cover story of a hailstorm. The Foundation took on the repair costs, hiring some specialized firms already affiliated with it. Some undercover agents oversaw the works carried out over the weeks following the event, looking out for its possible recurrence. There were no more cases.

Event Description: Upon opening a can of Peroni beer, a prolongued (28 seconds) and loud (roughly 93 dB) vocalization was heard from inside of it. The vocalization matched professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo's typical exultation (generally understood as "sium").
Event Date: 10/07/2018 at 14:25
Location: The Site Urano cafeteria.
Action Taken by the Foundation: The audio-visual recording of the event, captured by the security cameras in the cafeteria, was saved in the site archives. The can was destroyed.

Event Description: 2 boxes of "P████████" popsicles ready for freezing made by D█████ appeared near the Mario Zucchelli station, Antarctica. The boxes bore a black marker writing, reading “Send back to the factory”. The event was reported by the station personnel in spring 2018, after retrieving the boxes a few meters away from the main entrance of the station. The boxes supposedly appeared during the Antarctic winter, when the station is unoccupied.
Event Date: Unknown date, between December 2017 and March 2018
Location: Mario Zucchelli station, Ross Dependency, New Zealand, Antarctica
Action Taken by the Foundation: Agents Scotti and Alessini, who worked undercover at the station on behalf of the ████████ international mission, seized the boxes and amnesticized the rest of the station personnel. After that, the boxes were shipped to the nearest containment area, namely Site-45 via STARS.

Event Description: As recorded by the cameras outside the ███ ████████ school, a whirlwind formed between 03:45 and 04:05 in non-anomalous weather conditions, mostly made of towels, kitchen sponges and dusters. It later swept up other items in its wake. None of the items showed anomalous properties.
Event Date: 31/05/2022
Location: Cherubino Ghirardacci street, Bologna
Action Taken by the Foundation: The Foundation was alerted on the fly by agent L███ C██████████, who lived onsite. Other civilians living in the same street were amnesticized. The video files from the security cameras of the school were erased.

Event Description: At 5:43, a flock of Sardinian sheep began ramming the fence of their enclosure, breaking it and running westwards. After stopping in front of a tree, the whole flock began ramming it until every sheep died, due to their brain injuries.
Event Date: 13/08/2014
Location: The countryside around [REDACTED], in the province of Bologna
Action Taken by the Foundation: The shepherd and the local press were provided with the cover story that the sheep were affected by a rare animal virus which caused their anomalous behavior and death. The carcasses were taken to Site Cerere — an autopsy revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

Event Description: Some sea horse specimens from aquarium 14-A, contained in the Site Nettuno cafeteria, were moving as if to dance following a 136 bpm tempo. The cameras recorded the specimens' unusual behavior around 06:30. They had been first found by researchers of Site Nettuno at the beginning of their shift. The event ended when all the sea horse specimens were removed from the aquarium. 2 weeks later, deputy site director Dr. Cortellesi noticed the same behavior in her turtle, contained in her office.
Event Date: 12/01/2018
Location: Marine Science Division at Site Nettuno
Action Taken by the Foundation: The sea horses were moved to another aquarium, without displaying any anomalous event again. An investigation to understand whether the components or the structure of the aquariums might have caused this phenomenon is ongoing. The same procedure was applied to Dr. Cortellesi's turtle.

Event Description: During the performance of musical piece 4'33'' by American composer John Cage, the whole audience began clapping rhythmically, then suddenly stopped at the end of the performance and lost all memories of what happened. Analysis of a video recorded by one of the viewers revealed that the clapping perfectly mimicked Clapping Music by American composer Steve Reich.
Event Date: 05/09/2022
Location: Manzoni Auditorium, Bologna
Action Taken by the Foundation: Due to the aforemention memory loss, the Foundation simply confiscated the phone of the individual who recorded said video, before erasing it and giving the cell phone back.
Note: Following further analysis of the video, it was learnt that the audience was only composed of 434 people out of 1236 seats, although every seat had been pre-ordered for the show. Research into the cause of this phenomenon is ongoing.
03/10/2022 Update: A request has been forwarded to the Foundation's English branch to watch Steve Reich more closely and include him in the PoI register as a Class III reality bender.

Event Description: In the evening of 28/01/1963, shortly after dusk, some by-passers reported witnessing an inexplicable event along the shores of the Olona river. A seemingly asleep woman lying on her back was seen slide along the river, floating just above the water. A man almost entirely in white, except for a bright red cloak, followed the woman for several dozens of meters, before diving into the river to reach her by swimming. At that point, they hugged each other, crying and laughing intensely, before dematerializing. A white, glowing orb was left where they stood, rising towards the sky until it could no longer be seen.
Event Date: 28/01/1963
Location: Rho, Milan
Action Taken by the Foundation: Every testimony of the event was censored according to the standard cover-up proceures. A sketch of the woman, drawn based on the description provided by one of the witnesses, identifies her as Maria B███████, a Calabrian 32-year-old woman died in Milan on 28/01/1953. The man's identity is still unknown.

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