Experiment log 747-1-5
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Test One, Date ██/██/2012

<Begin Log>

(Unknown): Control, we have an emergency, please advise.

Aviation Center: Status?

(Unknown): The left wing of the plane has blast– (Explosion) –Oh my god! The left wing is gone, and we’re going to– (Unknown loud noise) –can’t control it!– (Unknown loud noise).

Aviation Center: You need to make an emergency landing immedeatly.

(Unknown): We can’t see anything, the whole sky is clouded– (Unknown loud noise) –in front of us, another plane! Oh my god! It isn't a plane-

[An explosion is heard.]

<End Log>

Note: One day, after experimentation, Boeing 777-████ of the ████ airline had an accident. The plane exploded into two fragments, and the head of the plane descended into the ocean. The tail of the plane has not been found. Forty-five corpses were found and identified, however, ninety-six people have not been recovered.

Test Two, Date ██/██/2013

<Begin Log>

Madot: This is Captain Madot of 747-████. We're going through a rough path of weather, which is rather turbulent. Please, everyone remained seated with their belts on. There may be slight shaking, and we will be ten minutes behind- (A voice interrupts the captain, which is believed to have been a modification of the original recording:) Everyone will die.

[There is silence for three seconds.]

(Unknown): Erm, it appears as though someone inserted the phrase "Everyone will die" into the recording.
Madot: You’re still a rookie, you might just have some fear in your head. I have everything under con-


(Unknown): What was that?!

Madot: I have no clue- I can’t control the plane!

(Unknown): I… I see smoke coming from the tail of plane! W-will- (Unknown loud noise) captain, I think– (Unknown loud noise) – lane.

[An explosion is heard, followed by a woman screaming, presumed to be a nearby stewardess.]

[The sound of scraping steel is heard.]

<End Log>

Note: One day after experimentation, Boeing 747-████ of the ████ airline had an accident. The plane crashed into a section of the Swedish National park, which resulted in a wildfire. The tail of the plane was located successfully, but the cockpit has not been recovered. Captain Madot, the co-pilot, the flight attendant, and two other individuals have been located- however, twenty-eight passengers have not been located.

Test Three, Date ██/██/2013

<Begin Log>

(Unknown): Hey Nimp, I’m seeing another plane over there.

Nimp: I don’t see anything.

(Unknown): …How odd, just a moment ago I could see it. The sky is so clear… but, how'd it just disappear like that?

[Silence for six seconds.]

[Unknown loud noise.]

Nimp: (Screaming) What the hell!? T-There's something underneath the plane! (Unknown loud noise) –the right side– (Unknown loud noise).

(Unknown): -Disaster! Turn ir right!

Nimp: We can’t dodge, it- (Unknown loud noise) -oh- (Unknown loud noise) –is devi-

[The sound of steel impacting and an explosion is heard.]

<End Log>

Note: This test did not have a corresponding crash, but from the information which was received from an agent, it was made known that Boeing 737-████ of the ████ airline has a pilot whose name is Nimp, and was flying ████ passengers, before suddenly vanishing. Before it disappeared, it was flying above Thailand, but there have been no witness reports of any explosion.

Test Four, Date ██/██/2014


Test Five, Date ██/██/2014


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