418-FR Experiment Log
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Original work: Comic album Destination Moon from The Adventures of Tintin by Hergé
Consumed word: "Rocket"
Lead by: Dr Vicat
Results: Professor Calculus' atomic rocket is replaced with a flying sail ship inspired by the caravels used to discover the Americas. The plot no longer takes place in Syldavia, a fictitious country with uranium reserves, but in France, at the Saint-Nazaire shipyard. Calculus nominates Captain Haddock as the commander of the expedition in honor of his ancestor, Sir François de Haddocque, who himself commanded a caravel. The album ends on the departure of the ship towards the Earth's higher atmosphere, where a sail is ruptured by a flock of birds, threatening the future of the mission.

Note: The entity's rewriting capabilities cover illustrations in the original author's style.

Original work: Animal Farm by George Orwell
Consumed word: "Pig"
Lead by: Dr Vicat
Results: Without pigs as the established dominant caste of the farm, divisions appear among the animals and the situation becomes similar to France a few years into the French Revolution. The ducks, outraged by the new government's actions, have occupied a part of the farm that they fiercely defend. The powerless government formed by the horses secretly prepares the return of the farmer, which they see as inevitable. The situation changes radically when a long-gone sheep returns to the farm and decides to take power. He raises a huge animal army and captures all nearby farms. The novel ends on the fall of the animal farm at the pinnacle of its glory, when the sheep and its army are trapped by an enemy farm.

Original work: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Consumed word: "Sheep"
Lead by: Dr Vicat
Results: The Little Prince asks the aviator to draw a capybara, a large South-American rodent. Despite the Little Prince's explanations, the aviator fails to comply and decides to draw a swimming pool, promising the Little Prince that the capybara is inside. Worried about his rose, the Little Prince asks the aviator whether capybaras eat flowers. The aviator promises that the one he drew only likes fish. Later, he learns that this species is strictly herbivorous and wonders whether the Little Prince's rose was actually eaten by the capybara.

Original work: A story written in a script invented by Dr Vicat for this purpose. A little boy loses his cat and eventually finds him in a tree.
Consumed word: "Ears"
Lead by: Dr Vicat
Results: The characters do not appear to be have a sense of hearing and communicate using a sign language.

Note: Maurice appears to understand any script with significance for at least one person, which points to telepathic abilities. Moreover, there is no threshold of notoriety for consumed works.

Original work: The Smurfs and the Golden Tree by Peyo
Consumed word: "Smurf"
Lead by: Dr Rey
Results: The album focuses on Gargamel, a sorcerer attempting to prepare an elixir of youth despite not knowing the main ingredient. Every attempt is a failure. One of the preparations gives rise to strange globular creatures which he deems satisfactory.

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