The Groups of Interest: A.D.’s review lecture for the agents of External Relations. Fragment: Annihilism.
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During my work at the Foundation, I had come across a large number of individuals and organisations of various kinds — each interesting and unique in its own way, with a distinctive view of the world and the place of the anomalous in it. Some of them are current or potential, but valuable, allies of the Foundation, united with it by the desire to protect humanity and lead it forward. Some are the Foundation’s unconditional enemies, always ready to turn human nature and normalcy itself inside out, either for their own gain or for obscure ideological goals, without consideration for any risks and long-term consequences of their actions. However, as a general rule, even with such… persons, certain agreements can be reached. If they can not be destroyed, then at least it is possible to achieve… satisfactory conditions of coexistence, in a manner that is not so different from nuclear parity.

Perhaps the most striking exception to all of the above are those organisations and individuals, who follow Annihilism. They are not interesting, because their goal is simple — to destroy everything. They are not unique, because their goals bear no difference from a caricature villain of a cheap early twentieth century pulp fiction or a lousy pass-through video game, in which publishers forgot to hire a scriptwriter. And even when they try to wrap themselves in a religious or pseudo-philosophical wrapper, their ultimate goal remains unchanged, and betrays them like the severed nose of an Egyptian corrupt official.

You may ask, and quite reasonably so: who can even be attracted to such an ideology? Sarkicism promises power to the sectarians, the Church of the Broken God — the religious ecstasy of merging with the Metal Absolute, P.O.R.A. and the likes of it — the satisfaction of the centennial aspirations of oppressed peoples. Even the Chaos Insurgency promises freedom and prosperity to those who follow it. In contrast, even to the greatest and highest of its followers, Annihilism promises only destruction. So, who in their right mind would agree to this? Yes, the answer is right: no one.

There are currently two prevailing theories on this issue. The first is the one that coincides with our profiling data, and indicates that Annihilism gathers sociopaths, misanthropes, insane and simply short-sighted impulsive individuals, who want to exact revenge upon the world for their imaginary or real suffering, which they believe they were forced into. The second theory, proposed by Dr. Murzei, stipulates that “Annihilism”, how you and I call it, is nothing more than an anomalous memetic agent, infecting the population of the Earth by an unknown criterion. The majority of the modern humanity is considered to be immune to it, thanks to the obvious implications of Annihilism for the matters of natural selection.

It should not come out as a surprise if I now say that it is… problematic to negotiate with the followers of Annihilism. Of course, you can try to talk to them, and you can even sign something with them. However, the only thing that interests them is the destruction and annihilation of the existence. And since you have no right to offer them this, all these agreements will not be worth the air and paper spent on them. You should also be careful and avoid taking anything from their hands, however warm or cold they may be — Annihilism artifacts are not designed with user safety in mind. The best, most correct, and only viable way of interacting with the annihilists is their immediate and irreversible eradication. Fortunately, in this matter, allies can be found easily enough.

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