Fu-A-1030 "Clean Wharf Roach" Sales Catalog
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With superior intelligence and vitality, they protect the Earth's oceans.
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Clean Wharf Roach

Product # Model Quantity Price
Fu-A-1030 L01-α 100 ¥ 5,000,000
Fu-A-1030 L01-β 100 ¥ 7,000,000
Fu-A-1030 L02-α 100 ¥ 10,000,000


  • Exoskeleton with internal stockpile of impact-resistant colloidal dispersions. Durable enough to survive being eaten by sea birds.
  • Collective intelligence based on pseudo-telepathy via myoclonic brain waves.
  • Sixth and seventh legs are three times larger than those of a normal wharf roach, with pedal-like cellular structures that allow them to pump seawater. Capable of high-speed swimming in coastal areas.
  • A Duncan-Amikage type biomolecular reconstruction organ newly developed near the reproductive organs. It decomposes contaminants in the ocean into colloidal dispersions and seawater, rendering them harmless.


  • Feed normal detritus as feed when raising. Providing contaminants is not mandatory.
  • Raising more than one hundred specimens in the same tank may result in breakage of the tank or other destructive consequences. We recommend keeping no more than fifty specimens in a single tank.
  • In order to control their behavior, it is necessary to "educate" them in accordance with the accompanying raising manual. We are not responsible for any damage caused by releasing the specimens without education.

Instructions: Fu-A-1030 "Clean Wharf Roach" is a species of wharf roach with unique abilities, created by our laboratory during the "Second Ecology Campaign" in 20██. The campaign is generously sponsored by the Manna Charitable Foundation.

Fu-A-1030 was designed to be a "living vacuum cleaner" that can autonomously clean up the ocean by its ability to remove marine contaminants such as organic mercury, PCBs, BHCs, mineral oil and plastic waste. While the development process was somewhat challenging due to its original feeding habits, the research team successfully created the following three types of products through their efforts.

  • L01-α: An early version, in which a reproduction suppressor gene was integrated into the prototype. Although capable of removing most of the contaminants listed above, it is unable to consume large debris due to the structure of its proboscis and digestive system. Slightly aggressive and difficult to control; Please use at your own risk.
  • L01-β: An improved version of L01-α. It is more obedient to humans, and can be trained to clean certain marine areas at your will. Please note that this model is still unable to consume large debris.
  • L02-α: The latest version with the ability to consume large debris. It is also more intelligent and has the highest level of obedience.

"Clean Wharf Roaches" possess collective intelligence and can understand human instructions to a certain extent when swarmed in a group of more than ten specimens. By feeding your specimens with our "Natural Map"1 (sold separately), you can continuously remove contaminants from the marine areas specified on the map.

"Clean Wharf Roaches" reproduce to maintain their population in the wild environment; due to our exclusive breeding control technique, however, they will not multiply to more than 10,000. Once you have "educated" them to your liking, you can release them without any concern.

Researcher's Comment: As all of you considering the purchase of this product know, we are in the age of ecology. For many years, our laboratory has been devoting its best efforts to the development of organisms that contribute to the global environment. We invite you to see the achievements with your own eyes! — Hyakku Torimaru, Chief of the Marine Organism Research Team, Research Laboratory No. 9, Area G

Customer's Voice:

  • I am a fisherman on the coast of the Sea of Japan; however, I was troubled by the recent decrease in fish catches due to marine pollution. After purchasing L01-α to improve the local environment, they cleaned up the surrounding waters within half a month. It was worth the effort to educate them well, because they also destroyed the ships of my competitors throughout the area, which made my business very easier. Thank you so much! — 36-year-old male
  • I purchased L02-α to clean up the private beach I own. The beach was beautiful to begin with, so they finished cleaning it right away; but I got attached to them somehow, and now I have about a thousand of them in the pool of my villa. Whenever I throw a beach ball, they all come and get it. They are extremely adorable ♥ — 63-year-old female
  • I was interested in your catalog and bought L01-β. Grilled 'em with salt, and the flavor was wonderful, just like shrimp. I especially enjoyed the base of their legs. — 51-year-old male
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