Foundation 4K
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Have you seen that? Those stars above—

Those constellations pass though hundreds of Billions of decades, centuries of time and life, blinking and twinkling before the birth of human race. They will still flicker on, after mankind has vanished and passed away in space, right?

Prior to the evolution of our civilization, people knew that the sparkle of a man’s lifetime cannot even compare with a supernova’s flash. However, those who understand the long life of the stars and the suddenness of lifetime is mankind, not the stars.

You will understand this too, no matter how, that humans will apperceive the spark in instantaneous burns brighter than the frozen soil in eternal, and that even the track of a quick-passing comet would be recorded in the abyss of the universe and the memory of people.

You will rise you head up one day, somehow. You will look upon for the stars, let you mind waving at the other side of the deep space, willing to conquer, and put yourself floating in stardust.

From a father to his son


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