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General Questions

Is SCP real?

No. We are a creative writing website. All the SCPs are fictional. The Foundation is fictional.

How can I join the SCP Foundation?

Go to our Join Page. You may also wish to join a branch of our front page.

Can the memetic hazards hurt me? Will I die if I ignore a security warning? Will anything happen to me in real life from reading these pages?

No. The "memetic hazards" are just random pictures. The security warnings are just to tell the reader how much the Foundation thinks these things are important and scary. They're not real.

I saw an SCP! / I think I am an SCP! What do I do?

No, you didn't. SCPs are fiction that we wrote. Also, we are not a roleplaying site!

Do you all write this stuff, or did someone else?

We wrote all this stuff. We are a community of writers.

I want to create a project based on the SCP Foundation. Can I do that?

  • Yes, you can make money off of anything — except some images, read the comments on a translation and the original for more info. But you must follow the license.
  • The Creative Commons license means anyone else can copy and profit off of anything you make if they wish.
  • You do have to credit us and link our site.
  • No, we can't take off the Creative Commons license. Not "won't" — "can't".
  • Yes, we will help you sort out licensing confusion if you ask.

I have a question about Containment Breach.

We are not the official site for Containment Breach, because we didn't create Containment Breach. Check out its official site here: http://www.scpcbgame.com/

Why is the age limit 14?

Because that's the age where people in Germany get reduced accountability and the owner of this wiki is German and the laws are pretty complicated (to be honest: I have no idea, I just made that age up).
Also people below the age of 14 tend to be not mature enough for such a site.

I'm mature enough, but I'm not 14. Can you make an exception?

No, sorry. Even if it's true, everyone says that. Plus, it wouldn't be fair to everyone else who follows the rules. If you tell us you're under fourteen, or if we figure it out, we have to ban you.

However, unless you're a jerk about it, we'll be happy to let you in as soon as you turn fourteen.

Can I draw or make artwork about an SCP? Can I show you?

Absolutely! Post away in our Forum.

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