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SPC-ES-330 - The Little Parrot that Punched Sharks
by EthanHanson
translated by EthanHanson
A few days later I decided to go to the same place where my friend fell. There are legends that say that those who die in the sea are condemned to wander in it, so I wanted to pay my respects to his spirit, try to ask for forgiveness for not having acted sooner. But Fede was like crazy, shouting "EEE" everywhere. He was trying to attack something in the water… And when I looked a little closer I saw that they were sharks.

The Last Night Before the Beginning
by Luis Gm
translated by EthanHanson
The dark room is filled with lifeless lights, the peace and simplicity is almost perfect, but nevertheless an external force contaminated such a beautiful blank canvas. The painter let a drop of black ink fall, and at the same time noticed the beauty of the chaos and decided to continue with the work; brushstroke after brushstroke, touch after touch and thought after thought.

SCP-141-IT - The Sweet Oven©
by Drss Selene
translated by Roberto Turati
The cake was unchanged on the outside, while the inside turned out to be stuffed with human meat, blood, teeth and traces of bile. No biological component gave relevant results in the DNA tests. The biological waste was disposed of.

Fascist Council of the Occult Hub
by Mr Abadede
translated by Roberto Turati
The Council's mission is to bring down the Italian Republic and found a new fascist dictatorship. To do so, they intend to use their anomalies in terroristic attacks undermining people's trust in the institutions, causing civil and social instability and leading to a power vacuum which they are going to fill. Besides, CFO aims to eradicate all organizations dealing with the anomalous, such as the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition, or to take them over, so as to gain unopposed control over Italy.

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