File No.HKC454/1

The following is an internal document of GOI-088 (Team Zero, Royal Hong Kong Police) which is the original stored in Site-ZH-25 and the digital copy saved in the foundation intranet database.

Date of Record: 01/12/1982
Ml666 Far East Department Zero
Title: Issues with Anomalous Boat People
Inspections Record
Department Date of Inspection or Supplementary Name
0 01/12/1982 CSD/454/1
CSD 12/12/1987 CSD/454/1
0 12/1/1988 CSD/454/1
Location of Registration: Cha Ling Team Zero Database
CLASSIFIED Annual Stamp Approval
Remark: The classified level of the file and the clipped documents must be the same. The classified level of this file shall be elevated with additional marks of elevation on an essential basis. 1982
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