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Mobile Task Force Ω-5

Official Designation: Unit for Rapid Response to Atherrorism and the Confinement of Credo-Dangers

Status: Active

Allegiance: Northern European Director of Confinement

General Information


The Church Notre-Dame-De-La-Nativité d'Athée (Côte d'Or), where The Jewelers traditionally celebrate their victories, in the spirit of irony.

Founded: October 15, 1955

First Commanding Officer: Father Martin Deneuféglise

Headquarters: Site-Aleph, [DATA EXPUNGED], France

Mission: To prevent and combat threats linked to extreme atheism in general and to the group SAPPHIRE in particular, to maintain the faith level of civilian populations, and to confine anomalies that represent credo-dangers.

Size: 3 Officers, 33 Field Agents, 3 Negotiators

Nickname: "The Jewelers"

External Collaborations


Force for Antiterrorism by Tracking and Investigating the Menace of Atheism (F.A.T.I.M.A.)

Organization: French National Gendarmerie

Status: Active

Strategic Assets: Detailed knowledge of the activity of SAPPHIRE at a state level; control of French territory.


Project Malleus – Deputy Minister INCREDIBILIUS

Organization: Horizon Initiative

Status Active

Strategic Assets: Network of privileged assets with the best of religious aims; knowledge of the sacred relics frequently misappropriated by SAPPHIRE; theurgic aid provided to Foundation operations.


Bureau for the Surveillance of Theological Affairs

Organization: Global Occult Coalition

Status: Active

Strategic Assets: Global surveillance of religious crimes and anomalies linked to atheism; important archives concerning the activity of SAPPHIRE; network of privileged contacts within targeted Western states.


Primary Missions:

  • To prevent or minimize civilian attacks linked to extreme atheism.
  • To camouflage civilian attacks linked to extreme atheism and to check terror and loss of faith in the population.
  • To confine anomalies created or targeted by SAPPHIRE.

Secondary Missions:

  • To locate and capture members of SAPPHIRE.
  • To shed light on atheistic networks and their systems of recruitment.
  • To locate and stop those who provide them with supplies and anomalous objects.

Tertiary Missions:

  • To locate the site of interest known as “Stoa.”
  • To find proof indicating that the Silverstein, Faustil, and Veröff dynasties help to finance the activities of SAPPHIRE.

Historical Summary


Incendie de la Cathédrale de Chalesm.

1955 : Following the tragedies at the Trevi Fountain, the Foundation decides, with the support of the Vatican, to form the Mobile Task Force Ω-5.

1977 : A series of spontaneous, anomalous fires claim at least sixty sites of worship across Europe. These fires destroy the buildings along their temporal lines, consuming their historical foundations. The Cathedral of Chalesm is the only site with any remaining material traces, despite its non-existence.

1982 : The dissolution of the Lodge of Milan and the arrest of Fr. Hernögg-Miller (astrophysicist) prevents the launch of the anomalous satellite HOBBES.

1991 : An archaeological team affiliated with SAPPHIRE dynamites the entirety of the ancient religious complex Kehr’unti on the border of Iraq and ensures that the act is attributed to Hezbollah. The thaumaturgical energy freed by the explosion generate an NZ-Class Scenario.

2000 : The attack on Lourdes. The entirety of MTF Ω-5 is lost.

2003 : The dissolution of the Lodge of Paris makes it possible to secure numerous secret documents with major information on the geologic order.

2007 : A fire at a warehouse serving as a SAPPHIRE base provokes the Events of Avignon. Close to 4500 personnel find themselves under the influence of SCP-242-FR. The anomalies are confined and the crowd is pushed back without any important losses being sustained.

2010 : An attack on the Sagrada Familia reveals itself to be an “anti-clerical performance” of the anarcho-artistic collective Et Maintenant, On Est Cool?

2014 : The dismantling of the Lodge of Lyon and the arrest of Fr. Riggelmann (archaeologist) allows the retrieval of la Clef d’Airain and reveals crucial information concerning SCP-236-FR.

2015 : The infiltration of the home of the late Fr. Lacroix (parasitologist) in Orleans reveals major information concerning the meteoric decrease of mekhanite practices in France. This operation also leads to the discovery of the first fragments of the GRENAT.

2018 : The Legate Protocol is set in motion for the first time in Cyprus.

Personnel Information


Chypre, 2018.

Site-Aleph Liaison: Ernesto Gomez, Deputy Director of the Groups of Interest Observatory (GIO)

Strategic Commander of the Task Force: Mordekhaï Fenech

Commander of Intelligence Operations: Ambelis Recordet

Commander of Logistics and Confinement: Andrew Murdoch

Agent of Negotiation 1 - Terrorists: . Abigail Hamon, member of the Department of Psychology, specialist in Filbuson Syndrome.

Agent of Negotiation 2 - Terrorists: Dr. Alphonse Mercier, member of the Department of Psychology, expert in logic and rhetoric.

Agent of Negotiation 3 - External Forces: Father Eudes Charpentier, member of the Departments of Theology and Demonology, [DATE EXPUNGED].

Breakdown of Task Force Field Agents:

Atheistic division (10 Agents)
The atheistic division is dispatched when a threat requires the total absence of belief to avoid any harmful effects on agents. It should remain in reserve when a threat risks the Crystallization of Certainties or the onset of Filbuson Syndrome.

Adrien Colette; Alma Garnier; Christian Morel; Hannibal Bréant; Jean-Sébastien Albarez (LaVeyan Satanist); Kévin Simmons; Mahmoud Benchamma; Mélanie Kauffmann; Katerine Dubois; Théophile Menestre

Division Head: Katerine Dubois
Division Doctor: Mélanie Kauffmann

Believing division (10 Agents)
The believing division is dispatched when a threat requires a certain level of belief or religious knowledge to avoid any harmful effects on agents, when an operation takes place in hostile territory, or when a religious entity is unleashed by terrorists. It should remain in reserve when a threat directly or indirectly targets believers.

Alister Gordien (Roman Catholic); Delilah Avril (Vodou); Géraud Sylvestre (Roman Catholic); Judith Alvar (New Age); Léon Mascard (Roman Catholicism); Manuel Dang (Shintō); Matthias Delars (Protestant Christianity); Raaida Abaad (Sunni Islam); Sandra Bettan (non-Orthodox Judaism); Varya Komarov (Orthodox Christianity)

Division Head: Géraud Sylvestre
Division Doctor: Manuel Dang

Agnostic division (10 Agents)
The agnostic division is dispatched when a threat risks the Crystallization of Certainties, targets individuals with a fixed ideology, or affects ideologies directly. It also serves as a support unit or covering force for other divisions.

Amélia Lestang; Arthur Mint; Bertrand Lallemand; Cédric Chében; Fabien Tréhard; Fabrizzio Cazzola; Jessica Fernandez; Sheila Becker; Tristan Smithers; Véronique Malpertuis

Division Head: Sheila Becker
Division Doctor: Bertrand Lallemand

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