First Orientation
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“Alright, everyone, I hope you’ll understand about the procedures of the Foundation.” After Dr. Ethan said, the room atmosphere was silent. “Are there any more questions?”

Everybody was still silent.

“Okay, so follow me.” Dr. Ethan and a group of new researchers followed him silently. “The next place we’re going to visit is underground. Please be patient, for those who have Claustrophobia.” Dr. Ethan said.

Since I had entered this Foundation, I felt strange. Why is the atmosphere here strange? Most of the researcher's faces where pale and quite unfriendly. I accidentally stared at a pair of female researcher’s eyes, their reaction seemed very mean to me. The only thing I could do by now was to turn my face down and follow the others. While I was being absent-minded to think about other things, thud!!!!

“Oops,” I softly exclaimed after bumping a person who was in front of me. “I’m sorry.”

“Never mind” The person who was in front of me said, she didn't even turn her face to look at me. About a few minutes, Dr. Ethan came to me with his mean face.

“Are you absent-minded?” Dr. Ethan asked me.

“No…No, sir” I replied hesitating.

Dr. Ethan came to me slowly. Every researcher stared at me. I turned my face down nervous.

"Alright, a newbie. Then, which SCP procedures I discussed just a moment ago?”

I had a little falter. Er…by the way, I was not even listening since I had been here for what Dr. Ethan just said. I started to feel tense, and my face was hot. Dr. Ethan leaned his face near to me.

“Alright, a clear soup face. Can you answer me? Your face seems strangely pale.”

Other researchers slightly laughed, my hands were humid. So now any parts of the body which were able to change the color, it had already changed into pale color. “Er…you discussed…about…”

Suddenly, all of the electric light in the sector blacked out!!!!!!! Many of red lights lit. researchers shocked from the situation. Dr. Ethan focuses on me before quickly going to a lift. I was a little shocked by the situation.

“Everybody!! follow me quickly if you still want to live!!!” After Dr. Ethan said, many researchers entered in that lift but there were too many people to enter the lift. “Alright, those who are still staying outside, can you wait for another one? After I leave this group, I’ll pick you up. Those who are inside the lift, please wait at the front of the lift. Don’t do anything strange!!”

The lift door closed after he said…yes, guess what? Was I inside the lift?… I was waiting for another one with the approximate number of 7 researchers. Not more than 1 minute passed by, a female researcher cried. She couldn’t stop crying.

“Er… Are you alright?”

She stopped crying then hugged me. I was a little surprised. Her body was shaking horribly.

“It’s gonna be ok, another lift will arrive soon.” I said to her.

“Ooh…you, such a soap opera. And you, stop crying now, I’m annoyed.” Another female researcher said.

Time passed by for I felt that it was too long, which was strange…suddenly.

Bing!! The sound of the lift appeared before it opened, I was really happy.

The person who was inside the lift was not Dr. Ethan but a corpse of himself inside it. The lift was also full of blood and other researcher corpses who used the lift before us. Somebody was cut in half. Somebody had his limbs amputated. There was another one who had his internal organs taken out and hung from the lift light. I saw it and felt nausea that I didn’t know the reason why. A female researcher screamed. The one who was inside the lift smirked before shouting at us. “You…the unorthodox like you must die. I’ll completely destroy this Foundation!!!… Well, but I've got an offer for you, return SCP-882 and I shall let you go.”

“We just started to work.” Another researcher said.

“Oh, really…what a pity, so it’s useless to spare all of you.”

He shot at us after what he said. I hid under a table with another female researcher. There were 3 researchers who were shot. The bullet hit one’s head. Another one was shot for the whole face which I was unable to see it. Another one was injured and painfully screamed. I heard other 2 bullets shot before that all went quiet.

“Where are you hiding? Little children…come to play with father.” That bastard said satisfied.

Another female researcher and I hid under the table. We couldn't do anything. I didn’t know the fate of the other 4 researchers. Bing!!! The sound of the lift happened again with a weird dressed woman who stepped out from the lift. She looked like a mad person.

“Oh…Eva, you’ve come at the right time. There are a lot of rats hidden around here. Help me find them.” That bastard said.

That woman quietly walked around the room. The other female researcher and I quietly bypassed them before quietly reaching inside the lift. At that time, there were another 4 researchers that quietly appeared and quietly ran to the lift.


A researcher stepped on a plastic bottle on the floor “Shit!!!” He cursed before quickly running inside the lift. That bastard and the weird dressed woman turned their face here.

I quickly pressed the lift button manny times. I remembered that my thumb was injured. They quickly ran to the lift while they where shooting at us.

They couldn’t reach inside on time, but there was one bullet which they shot that caused a researcher to get injured. He was hit at the hip. Lucky that he didn’t feel pain. The bullet might have not hit him in an important organ…The lift was going up continuously. The Other 4 researchers and I were inside the lift which was full of blood and corpses. The blood was mixed with the disgusting appearance of the many corpses.

I endured to not throw up beside a researcher. She wasn't be able to withstand, so she threw up. The smell of blood was mixed with the smell of air-conditioner inside the lift. It felt like I kept a coin in my mouth. The smell caused me to have nausea. I prayed that they didn’t wait for us in front of the lift.

Bing!!! The lift door opened. There was no one there. The 4 researchers were quickly out from the lift. I noticed the card which was besides Dr. Ethan’s corpse. The card was a security clearance level 5 keycard. I quickly took it as it might be useful, and I pressed the button to stop the lift to run its system before I quickly followed the other researchers. Before we could recognize ourselves that we backed to the meeting room. This room was huge and dark. There were a lot of corpses. I took my mobile phone and quietly turned on its flashlight to walk through. Then, the other researchers followed me.

Suddenly, I heard the screaming sound of a woman. She was at the mezzanine of the room.

“Go away!!… You’re bastard! Ah…”


The flashlight of my mobile phone was shed to a man. He wore a white mask which its paint looked like the Bali mask. His hand had a shiny silver sword full of blood. That woman was quiet now. half her body was missing. Her blood was shed on the mezzanine. I was very shocked. The other halfof her body seemed that it was still alive before she blacked out. During that time, I saw an exit door. It wasn’t far from here. That man who was at the top jumped down and ran towards us. I decided to shut down my mobile phone and grabbed the hand researcher besides me. We were quietly walking to the exit.

“Where the bloody are you!? Such the bollocks!” The man in the mask shouted.

I touched the exit door before quietly and slowly opening it. I saw another lift. The researcher behind me ran and pressed the lift button. The lift door opened with a lot of people wearing hoods with large swords. That researcher’s head was cut. A female researcher beside me screamed before she ran back to the meeting room. I quickly followed her before they quickly followed us. We hid behind a large number of corpses. The researcher who was hit was tricked dead on the corpses for tricking. Another female researcher and I quietly walked beside the meeting room's wall. Our eye-sight were adjusted to be quite able to see in the darkness.

“Er, Jack, Those bloody researchers will go to the lift, won't they? Help me wait for them there.”

Shit!!! I didn’t know what to do at that moment. The female researcher beside me cried again. She said to me softly that she didn’t want to die. Yes, I also didn’t want to die.

Crush!! There was someone opening the door behind us. I turned to him. There was another researcher who ran inside the room. Those bastards walked towards him.

“Don’t move, otherwise you’re dead!!!” That researcher shouted at those bastards. He had a 9 mm gun in his hand. He pointed his gun at them.

“If you move, you are also dead.” Those bastards said before encircled that researcher.

The one who waited in front of the lift ran into the room before he stumbled with a corpse and he fell over. His mask was broken into 2 pieces before he ran into that researcher. At the moment, the two researchers and I quietly moved to the exit door. We pressed the lift button and waited quietly. I turned back to watch all the time whether they followed us or not.

Bing!! The lift door opened with those bastards which were chasing. They might hear the lift sound. Bang!!… I heard the sound of a gun before the sound of something getting slaughtered. That researcher must certainly have gotten killed. He screamed painfully.

We entered the lift. There was the corpse of a female researcher. She was shot in the back. I pressed the lift button of the B1 floor which was the exit floor. The lift door was closed. The other 2 researchers and I were relieved. However, the lift was going down instead of up. I noticed that there was someone who pressed the lift button on the 7th floor. The female researcher must certainly have press this button before she died.

“Shit!!” The researcher who was shot, cursed before she kicked the corpse of the female researcher.

I tried to control my mind. The lift slowly went down before opening its door. The 7th floor was very dark. I couldn't see anything. The female researcher beside me was completely out of energy even for standing. I waited for the lift door to close its door quietly. Oh my God, I completely forgot. Those mask people must have pressed the lift button waiting for us, for sure.

“Or we’ll get out from the lift…and send an empty one to trick…them…So they won’t wait for us again. They…they’ll go somewhere else. So, we’ll press the lift button to go up…to the upward floor.” Another researcher presented his idea. He lost too much blood as he couldn’t control his mind.

“Maybe if we had died since the first time…the story would have ended.” Another female researcher said.

During that time, the researcher who was shot saw the bandage on an office table of the janitor. The male researcher beside me quickly ran to grab it. Suddenly!! The lift door closed, even though I used my hands to debar its door.

The outside researcher hit the lift door and was in a lather, before quiet and replaced with the screaming sound. The lift door was closed and lifting up to the B1 floor. I tried to press the lift button of the 6th, 4th and 3rd floor, but it was useless. There might be someone controlled this lift. Those bastards must be the one who controlled it.

“No N…No” The female researcher beside me cried and screamed very loudly. I sat down. I hugged her tightly. I also didn’t want to die.

“This is just the first orientation.” I thought.

The lift was lifted up to the B1 floor. Bing, the lift door opened. I closed my eyes tightly. I was scared to see in front of me.

“Hey, you!! Are you alright?”

I was surprised before I opened my eyes. Thanks to the goddess of mercy!!! There was a team which the Foundation sent. Her…She and I survived!!! They took us out from the building before leading us to the Foundation van.

“You’re very lucky that you didn’t stay at the research center or the laboratory. The Church of the Broken God directly raided there. You’re the first surviving group, congratulations. The driver will send you to another sector to clean yourself. Don’t worry, the first working day is like this. You’ll be familiar later on.” The white bearded man in the uniform said before sending us in the car.

After all, the card which I kept, I didn’t get to use it. I picked up the card which was full of blood to take a look.

“Er, you…what’s your name?” The female researcher asked me.

“I’m Gamma.” I embarrassedly replied.

“I’m Mary, nice to meet you.”

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