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How long has it been since we coined the word "society"? There isn't an exact answer. But at least, that must have been a long, long time ago.
Since the very birth of human beings, "swarms" have been etched in our DNA. As humans evolved, we began to learn to build gathering places, build villages, then cities, and finally kingdoms. Because we are afraid of nature and hate the power of nature, but we cannot control it. //
We experienced the wrath of nature, the pain of separation, and after that, we began to learn to face the power of nature, to use it, to control it.
We have obtained inexhaustible resources from the seas that have devoured the lives of countless of our fellow citizens, and we have obtained the light that dispels darkness from the flames that once burned our homeland.
We have gradually become a strong group from a weak individual. We build walls, we forge weapons, we wield the power that nature gives us, and we ignore any danger. This is our most prosperous era.
But, human beings are so powerful that they lose their way, produce abundance, and nourish sin.
The Industrial Revolution brought them machines, powerful machines. People began to despise nature and pollute it with sewage and waste gas, trying to make their mark on every corner of the earth.
We were silent, because after all, they were our compatriots, and what they did was only for the better development of mankind.
However, the war changed everything. The purest desire in the human heart has been completely exposed. Horrible memories lingered across the continent.
Now we've come to the conclusion that humans are sick, sick from the top down, and so are we. Only the power of nature can save us, correct the direction of societies, use our power to correct every aspect of them, and achieve the true "strong" of human beings, to the best of our ability.//


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