Tips for beginner sorcerers

Note: This is the extraction from the "Iron Sheets." —A book of religion occult sect "Purple Star of wishes".


If you want to try your hand at magic, then we suggest beginning with the following. Find a crystal — rock crystal is the most suitable, though a piece of regular glass will work also. The main desire is for the crystal has to have many mirror and semi-mirror faces as possible. Carry it on your person and from time to time, review your and the environmental reflection. If you will look on it for long enough, you will eventually see something amazing.

Another use for a crystal is to gaze deep into it and it's reflections. Look onto the environment, onto other people, onto your own reflection in the mirror. Use the crystal to gaze upon a fire, at an electric arc, or at stars and the moon, high in the sky. Write down all the strange and amazing things that you will see — the meaning of most will be revealed later.

Every day, cast the rune "Zoom" in front of the crystal. The more you carry this crystal with you and the more you use it, the greater its power will become. In the future, you will learn to do other things with its help.


Write on a sheet of paper all your fears. Describe them all as detailed as possible, imagine them in all different scenarios. Fill in the entire sheet on both sides. The larger the sheet and the more fears recorded, the better.

Every morning, in prayer to the Lord, say "Protect me today from everything but …" and name any of the fears you wrote down. It is recommended you choose a random fear, by shutting your eyes and placing a finger upon a random location on the page. A nightmare you chose will reveal itself one day. If you survive it, you will no longer be afraid of it and will be immune to the damage it can cause.

Do not think that if some of your horrors is impossible, or not physical, or they will not happen in your life. A nightmare can happen when asleep, or deep in a vision, or when you are on Another Side. If it seems impossible to get out of a nightmare — do not lose hope and continue the fight, salvation may come unexpectedly or miraculously. If you have a fear of magic, magic may find you itself. If you are not afraid and withstand this ordeal, it means that the way of the sorcerer and the way to being a priest of the Lord, may be for you.

When doing this ritual, do not interrupt it for at least one year, otherwise the consequences will be dire. If the year passes, you may start the ritual again — but now, you must choose two horrors at a time.

Small Oracle

Cut out for two square slabs of wood and sanctify them with the sign of "Aksh". Paint one side of a slab in one color, the other slab in the another. Carry them with you. When you need advice, toss both slabs. If they both fall to one side upwards, it will mean "yes", and if to another side, it means "no". Decide in advance which side means "yes" and which "no". If they fall to different sides upwards, it means that there is no answer.

Alternatively, three identical round stones can be used. On one stone, inscribe the sign "Ini", on the second, "Aiez", and on the third, "Utsu". Carry them in your purse together, removing from said purse, any unnecessary items. Take one stone at random. The stone bearing "Ini" will mean "Yes", the second bearing "Aiez" meaning "No" and the third bearing "Utsu". — "I do not know".

Some advanced wizards and sorcerers also make polyhedrons of metal, or use handbags with many different stones — they can ask questions that can be answered with many different answers with these techniques.

These rituals create a symbiote spirit that works as a make-shift neural network and absorbs the ritual-caster's knowledge. Usually its mental capacity is less than human, but it can think faster and makes fewer mistakes. It can be said that it is similar to a calculator, but it uses empirical knowledge and is sustained on magic. It may also receive and access information from sources impossible for humans to reach. Its answers may be incorrect, but the more often you ask, and the longer you use it, the more correct its answers will become. Do not ask the same question twice in a row. Remember to praise it when its answers are right, and to damn it when they are wrong — but not too much, as you will otherwise make mistakes. You can also train its ability by asking questions that you already know the answer to.

Fifth Side

This ritual is one of the easiest ways to get Abroad, as it is available in almost every place. Find a four walled home, any fully detached will do. Circle the house, turning each corner. You are doing this because some houses, as well as the four ordinary sides, can have a fifth.

To get to the fifth side as quickly as possible, concentrate on your breathing, trying to think about the environment as little as possible. In your morning meditation, quiet yourself and make yourself more mentally open. Once you reach this state, peaking as you pass a corner, you will pass through a portal created by the Totality, a gathering of all the spiritual energy in the home.

The most suitable for this ritual are near-abandoned houses, or on the contrary, densely populated cities, where people take less notice of each other. Once you find yourself on Another Side, look around and move on to the next corner. You can also take photos of the area and view them at home. Think of something valuable in your life, of something you treasure, and once you turn the next corner, you will return to your world.

Once you become more confident in your own power, you will can take an item from the Other Side, or look in the windows or doors of the house, if they happen to be on its fifth side. Bring a rope with you and secure it on the fifth side, stretching out it to the next corner — in the future, this will help you to reach the fifth side again. Crystals will help you find the portal, and the oracle's advice will tell you exactly where to look for other five-sided homes.

However, beware of moving away from the wall of the house when you are on its fifth side, or entering its doors or climbing into the windows. The higher dimensions are arranged according to their own non-Euclidian laws, and you are unlikely to find your way back, even with a rope and using landmarks. Only spirits and the most experienced wizards do not get lost in such places. Do not go around the house more than once in a row, and do not do this with buildings whose foundation is not a uniform, 4 sided shape — suddenly, the building may have more than one additional side. It is recommended for beginning sorcerers to not go to the additional sides over the fifth, and not even to try imagine what might be there. Fortunately, buildings with additional sides of the higher order are extremely rare, even in the best or circumstances.

Correlation and Anticorrelation

Obtain a deck of cards. Make sure the whole deck is complete, with all the cards in the deck. The deck should consist of pairs of cards with the same symbols; there should be about 10-15 pairs. Split the deck and pick any one card from it. At this time, your companion, whom you should not see and with who you have no physical connection, should take the other half of the deck, and also pick a card from the deck at random. If the cards you choose match extremely often, it means that you have a telepathic connection with your friend.

In addition to the telepathic pair, it is beneficial to both of you to find telepathic antipair — in a connection with your antipair, your cards will match much less often than probability suggests. Telepathic pairs and antipairs are in the many. It will be very helpful for you to have at least one telepathic pair and antipair in your coven.

Train regularly with your pair and antipair, developing telepathic connections.

Almost Death

One of the simpler but riskier ways to get to the Other Side is to not go in the flesh, but to go in vision — the ritual to a temporary death. During the day, offer the 13 Prayers of Communication to the Lord, and draw the "Feech" rune on your chest. In the evening, you must meet with your telepathic pair and enter a state of temporary death. The simplest remedy is to drink an almost lethal dose of poison, or to release as much blood as to lose consciousness. In this state, you will see visions in which you will obtain new knowledge or commands from the Lord and his closest Holy Servants.

Little information can be obtained in this form. To find out more, a lethal dose or releasing as much blood that it is life-threatening. If you have luck on your side and experience in entering Other Sides in visions, time will compress for you, and a few minutes in our world will become for you, hundreds of minutes or even hours. But to return to our worl, you will need the help of your pair. They are to introduce the antidote or make other resuscitation procedures at the time necessary to save you. Then your soul will not remain in the Other Side, where it is unprepared. Otherwise, you will be very lucky if you lead a lifetime in the Accountants Offices with Curved Facets or sucked in by the Acid Pipeline of Souls.

For this ritual, choose a pair you trust and with whom you have a close relationship, or at least, who is interested in long-term cooperation with you. This is in the case other spirits tried to tempt your pair to betray you, trying to convince his or her that you too will betray, or have already betrayed otherwise, or by offering some gifts in exchange for your soul.


A less risky method of getting messages from the Herald of Crystal Palace is a verbal ritual. This ritual should be carried out with your antipair. Prepare by saying 7 times a Prayer of Communication during the day and 3 times a Prayer of Submission. Apply the "Feech" rune to your nape before the ritual begins, and draw the Crystal Palace Fortress on the table on which you will perform the ritual.

For this ritual, two different languages ​​should be chosen that have the same or similar alphabets. The first participant writes random words in one language on pieces of paper. The participant should clear their mind as much as possible, and write the first words that come to the mind first. After that, pieces of paper are torn into two, three or four pieces — again, torn into as many pieces as comes to mind. Shuffle the paper together.

The second participant of this ritual should take the paper, and not gazing upon them, he puts them in a random order without thinking. After this is done, you should review the text you received. If you find any comprehensible words/sentences, read them carefully — they will contain messages, revelations or orders from the Higher Ups.

It is advisable to take a photo or otherwise save the result. Some messages you will decipher or understand much later.

The Keyman

Practicing your ability to summon the lower spirits will be an indicator that you are gaining strength and that you are on the right path. One of the simplest and most common spirits is the one called "The Keyman". He has another name, but you will not be able to read it until you become more proficient at magic. He is not strong, but his summoning can be seen as the first step in connecting with other beings.

For summon the Keyman, fill a jar with one liter of whole milk. Place a metal key into it. Put the jar in a not-often disturbed place. Make the "Zoom" sign on the jar and then the "Charuzh" sign on the other side of jar. For greater effect, place a hand-drawn door lock onto a piece of paper, placed under the jar.

After a minimum of a week, re-enter the premises and inspect the jar. If the key is on the surface of sour milk, or even near to jar, then it means that the Keyman was there. Don't be surprised if there is significantly less milk.

You can then repeat the ritual in the same room, covering the floor with flour or sand, and putting an extra jar of milk. You can even stretch one thin thread across the floor — but no more. Do not be surprised when you see inhuman traces and broken thread. Do not try to see the Keyman using a camera or otherwise. You are not ready for it. It is recommended to select a key that does not have a corresponding lock. This is in the case the key disappears and then someone you don't want around will try to open the corresponding lock when you least expect it.

Under The Bed

The Underbed monster also exists — he is called by the inexperienced, and if he responds to your magic, that can be seen as a good indicator of your success. He is a concentration of anxious subconscious thoughts of people as they fall asleep or just mindlessly daydreaming, and has little power, so it is safe to beginners to contact him. Some cowards managed to briefly boost his power to a dangerous level, but these cases were extremely rare.

The best way to check if he sits underneath your bed is to throw a pen, ball, or other object on the floor in such a way that it rolls under the bed. Should it roll back, Underbed is here. Do this again and again, spherical objects at the same time of day as the first time. The more often you do it, the more likely he is to manifest. One hour before the summon, above the bed, make the sign "Charush", and one hour after — the sign "Zali".

After about two to three months, you should begin to hear a quiet gritting on the floor. If you do, you can move on to the next step. Throw to Underbed a piece of cheese, fresh bread, or a fresh vegetable , replacing the times you would throw the ball — but by under no circumstances give it meat or blood, or even fish or eggs. Don't try to see Underbed — You're not ready for it yet. If you have pets or toddlers at home, they may feel the presence of Underbed and when he appears, they will avoid that bed — but it is still best to ensure that when he arrives they are safe distance from the bed.

By its nature, Underbed is reminiscent of the quantum elemental particle. He exists by a certain probability in many locations, and in total, there are several instances of Underbed, but none of them can say to himself: "Here I am and here is another Underbed". Some of the most powerful wizards, with Underbed's help, get small objects from other places, or vice versa, to obtain the objects he could not get. Or temporarily giving him strength and attacking enemies using him. But all these tricks require great strength and experience, and are not very stable and will not be available to you for a long time.


When you fall asleep, you may sometimes hear rustling, scraping or knocking on the walls and furniture of your house. You may also hear human voices full of anger, madness, or suffering that speak a language you do not know. Don't be scared. Attempt to master the technique of Dreams. At this point, mentally say a prayer of the force, then imagine yourself in your home in the dream. You then you need to get up and look. If you learn not to be afraid of what you see, then you are making progress. What you will see has little power, but in the future you will have to deal with truly horrific entities.

You can also sometimes have a dream where you are in your own home at a default. It will be dark and you will not be able to turn on the light. Imagine the burning rune "Zanin" in your palm — it will illuminate the home. Go around the home, looking carefully at everything, and commit what you see to memory. You can also look in the windows. Beware of leaving the house through the door or jumping out the window — wandering even in vision is still extremely dangerous.

Controlling yourself even when you are in a dream state is a necessary skill for a true sorcerer. These exercises will help you achieve it.

Guards of Day and Night

A good exercise — simple enough for a novice wizard to cope, and complicated enough to for it to be difficult for you — is to create Day and Night Guards.

You will need a fresh duck egg for the Day Guard. Place it in an incubator. The incubator must be constantly lit, and there should be no un-lit portions. To help, it is suggested to put silver foil on the bottom of the incubator to reflect light, in the case a bulb goes out. Make the "Hais" rune on the incubator and make the following signs on the egg: "Hais", "Zoom", "Creut", "Charuzh", casting while walking around egg clockwise and making one sign on each of the four sides. The egg is then placed in an incubator. The incubator must be completely closed so that its inside is shielded from outside view.

Every day, in the morning and evening, recite the First Formula of the Summon over the incubator, and once a day cast the signs of "Hais", "Zoom", "Creut", "Charuzh", exactly as you did over the egg. 14 days after the start of ritual, above the incubator you must slaughter a live bird of the same species as the egg you took and consume its liver. If after that the light in the incubator starts to change its hue, then you are doing everything right.

After 21 days the egg will hatch. Do not open the incubator. Say over the incubator, the Third Formula of the Summon and the Prayer of Thanksgiving, and then make the signs of "Hais", "Zoom", "Creut", and "Charuzh" four times in a row. After that, you should set fire to the incubator so that it is completely incinerated, and if you have done everything right, at this point the little Guard will be already Abroad. You can now summon it at any time from open fire with First Formula of the Summon.

To create a Night Guard, take the female of any animal and prepare an aviary for her, where she will live without light for four weeks. On the floor of the aviary, it is necessary to apply a "Kee" rune.

Before commencing the ritual, the rune of "Hais" is to be drawn on the anima, and then, circling it counter-clockwise, make the following signs above it: "Hais", "Charuzh", "Creut", "Zoom". After that the female animal should mate with a male of the same species. As soon as possible after the act, place the female in the aviary.

Every day at noon and at midnight, speak over the aviary the Second Formula of the Summon, and before the dawn, make signs of "Hais", "Charuzh", "Creut", and "Zoom" before the aviary. 21 days after the start, pick up that male who mated with the female and slaughter him over the aviary, or — if the aviary is too large — near the entrance to it. Sprinkle the roof or entrance to the enclosure with blood, and eat its heart and gallbladder. If, after that, sounds will come from the aviary, that are uncharacteristic of the animal that you have placed in it, then you have done everything right.

After 28 days, the female will give birth to a cub who will immediately kill the female and eat a piece of her flesh, and pull the remainder to Another Side. Do not open the aviary. Say over the aviary the Third Formula of the Summon and the Prayer of Thanksgiving, and then make the signs of "Hais", "Charuzh", "Creut" and "Zoom" six times in a row. Then seal the aviary for at least six months and make sure that no one enters it. If someone will enter in it, then expect trouble — both in your life and in his. After that, it is recommended to destruct the aviary or at least scrape it from the inside and discard scraped material at least 5 kilometers from your place of residence (the latter, for example, is recommended if you used for aviary one of rooms of your flat from apartment house).

The Night Guard can be summoned from the dark at any time by creating a Kee run. Night Guard is stronger at night and in general in dark places, and Day Guard is stronger in daytime and in lighted places. They should be summoned at least once a month for feeding, but it is recommended to do this at least twice a week. You should call the Guard one by one, otherwise they will collide and you will not avoid trouble. You should feed them small animals, you can add vegetables, but do not try to replace meat by them. It should be noted that they like to take part of the portion with them to Abroad to eat there when it is will fulfill of the aromas of magical winds. Guard can also be trained with other spells in the same way as ordinary animals. To send the Guard back Abroad, say the First Formula of Exile above him.

If you feed the Guard on a regular basis, it will grow and become more and more powerful, agile, and cunning. You will be able to order him to attack your enemies or to find something that you need.

If you need to get rid of the Guard, then you must after summoning him to say Second Formula of Exile and make sign Alki. If it does not disappear, repeat this ritual until it goes away. You can also try to overcome the Guard yourself and kill it, but in practice, it is infrequent possible — not only because the Guard what cannot be tame is usually stronger than his master, but also because if he will severely injured, then he will teleport to Another Side. There he will recover and return again, when his wounds are will tighten and the conditions will be favorable for him to attack his former master again. Although if he will lack enough food, he will be weaker and you may still be able to kill him on the second attempt.

Tzazgot Fencer

If you will wander the empty paths and challenge every met person for mortal fight, then you can meet Tzazgot the Fencer himself. Once upon a time he wished to become a perfect soldier, and his wish came true when he rose to the ranks of the guards at the Crystal Palace. And similar desires can entice that Person who has been hoping to meet a worthy opponent for thousands of years.

To lure him sooner, the corpse of the first killed must be dedicated to the Lord, and the second — his angel Tzazgot. Say a Prayer of the Sacrifice of Sacrifice over each corpse, and carve on them the runes of Kee and Hais. Also, draw on your body Feech rune with paint, and Zanin rune with blood of your first killed. If you do all this, then sooner or later, Tzazgot will want to challenge you.

Because our world is very alien to him, he will only be able to stay in it for one or two minutes, and will come with a small amount of his true strength and cunning. And your task is to hold on to it during this time. You don't have a chance to emerge victorious from the battle, but if you stay alive to the time when Tzagot will thrown out of our world, you will get your reward. You will become stronger and more crafty, and the painted runes of Feech and Zanin on your body will become the first scar and the second burn which are will never heal. However, after that, some other Persons may also want to challenge you to fight.

If you meet Tzazgot by accident when you are unprepared, immediately drop your weapon and do anything to look weak — He does not touch the defenseless, such is its code of honor. However, remember that not all residents of the Higher Dimensions adhere to such rules.

Magical doll

Simple rituals with dolls are widely known, but only the true worshipers of the Shining Lord know how to make them truly effective.

To create a real magic doll you have to choose a sacrifice. You can chose even yourself as a sacrifice, but keep in mind that this carries some risk. Draw on the chosed sacrifice the Kee rune, and say over chosen one the Second Prayer of dedication of sacrifice. Then take from the sacrifice hair strands, nail, piece of meat and a drop of blood. The ritual will be most effective if it all will taken without anesthesia. Then make a rag doll without hands, feet and face, placing the taken pieces of the body to her insides. Go around the doll clockwise every day, making Charuzh, Creut and Zoom signs. After about 10 days the doll can be used for the first time.

To do this, choose which part of the body to offer to doll — it can be the eye, limb, tail, tentacle, wing or something else. Sew her selected body part and then say "I'll give you a second (SELECTED BODY PART) if you help me fulfill my desire, I'll take from you (SELECTED BODY PART) if you don't help me fulfill my desire". Start with something simple — the doll is not almighty, but it will help to manage your luck so that your wishes are fulfilled. It works in much the same way as the Oracle above, but is capable of influencing events, not just gathering information about them.

If the wish is fulfilled, then fulfill your promise. If not — do it too. Don't limit yourself to a pair of eyes, hands, feet or other — a magic doll is not limited to the laws of the human world, and can have many organs that bring it closer to the inhabitants of the Holy Cities. You can also pierce the doll with needles to enhance the effect of punishment — but be aware that this will not only adversely affect the victim, but maybe the doll will like it. In the latter case, the needles may be offered as an additional reward for the wish fulfilled. It should also be remembered that cutting off a part of the body can also have a bad impact on the sacrificed one — for reduce the damage, you must inflict him a burn in the shape of a Alki sign, and teach him the First Prayer of Protection. Give the doll a name and address it kindly. After a while, you may try offering the doll more than one part of the body as a reward or as a punishment — this may increase the doll's performance. But if your doll many times does not fulfill your desire — then ask yourself, maybe, you want something impossible, or do nothing from your side for the sake of success?

Do not be surprised to notice after a while that the magic doll is not in the place or position in which you left it. You can also meet her in a dream or in a vision. If she tells you something, then remember it, if she beg something, think about whether it can be done.

If the doll disappears or is destroyed, then the sacrificed one will also suffer severe misery. In this case, cut off a piece of skin on which the Kee rune was applied — this can save the sacrificed one. If, however, the victim or the master of the doll perishes or disappears outside our world, then the doll itself can go away when no one will look at it.

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