Photographs Recovered From a Kayrós Musicians Base
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— Okay, Flangerson, we'll assign you a somewhat simple operation — said Dr. Steffano Gonzalez, as Agent Shuffle entered the office.

— Yes, Dr. González? — Shuffle asked timidly.

— At first, I wanted to assign you to a somewhat risky mission, but because of your recent incident with SCP-ES-███ I preferred to assign you to this — He said, looking for something on his desk.

— But, doctor, the incident has not affected my mental or motor abilities — exclaimed Shuffle indignantly.

— I know. That's precisely why I decided to send you on this operation. I plan to take advantage of that incident — Dr. Gonzalez responded.

— S-seriously? — Inquired Agent Shuffle, evidently intrigued. — What is this about?

— You will see… Here are some coordinates. They are from an apparently abandoned base that belonged to members of GoI-1632. We need you to go there and collect as much information as you can. Since SCP-ES-███ has modified your appearance, it's literally impossible for them to trace any relationship with you and the Foundation — said Dr. Gonzalez, handing Shuffle an envelope.

The door to Dr. Gonzalez's office slowly opened.

— Doctor? — Agent Andrey Stidav peeked in carefully.

— Andrey! What's up? — exclaimed Gonzalez.

— I am informed that Agent Shuffle has returned from Operation Thinker Taylor and wishes to speak with you — said Stidav as he left.

— Oh! Send him in, said Dr. Gonzalez, looking a little excited.

Agent Shuffle entered and threw the envelope on Dr. Gonzalez's desk.

— Here you go — said Shuffle.

— Is something wrong with you, Flangerson? — Gonzalez asked, picking up the envelope.

— Huh? Ah, I'm sorry. No, I'm fine. Just in a bit of a hurry. I was already in a hurry to get back to the Foundation's facilities. My stay was horrible, but luckily it's all over — Shuffle said, taking a seat. He really looked exhausted, but Dr. Gonzalez didn't seem to mind too much.

— Hm, you will talk to me about the development of the operation later. Would you do me the honors? — Gonzalez asked as he handed the envelope to Shuffle.

— Don't be a clown and open it yourself, that's why I gave it to you, said Shuffle, laughing discreetly.

— As you wish — Gonzalez declared, as he tore the envelope and extracted a photograph.


— A band? What does it say here, Flangerson? — González asked.

— He says "That concert was beautiful! I hope I can do more things like that! Signed, Natalia". Or at least I think so — said Shuffle. — It's probably SCP-ES-116-02, Doctor.

— I see — said Gonzalez, a little pensive.


— What about this? Do you think this is abnormal weaponry? — González asked, evidently curious.

— I honestly have no idea. It seems they belonged to a woman named Lily F. Mayo — Shuffle replied —. Also, there is mention of a museum where these items are on display.

— But what is this? A camera, a knife, a gun… Is that a Geiger counter? — exclaimed Gonzalez, with obvious interest.

— That's right, Doctor. — Replied Shuffle, with some reluctance.

— Wow! Ah, I'm picking up some idioms from working around here… eh… Did you see the awful spelling of the scribbles above? My God, how awful — Gonzalez laughed, and rightly so. Anyway, let's see what else you found. —


— I don't know what that picture is, if I'm honest; I found it by chance hidden at the bottom of a drawer, and I don't have the slightest idea who they are or what they're doing, said Shuffle, looking carefully at the photograph.

— Do you think they are members of Fumigators? You know, the central division of Kayrós Musicians in Argentina — Gonzalez suggested.

— Hmmm. Maybe, but I don't think so. I mean, just because they have gas masks doesn't mean they're from that division. Those from the northern division of Mexico are not fish, haha — Shuffle laughed.

— Seriously, please, Flangerson — Gonzalez took the photo on the side and took another out of the envelope.


— What the hell is this? — Gonzalez arched his eyebrow. Why would they put a warning like that? What were they keeping in there? Was it something dangerous? Maybe it was something of great material value?

— That's what I'd like to know, doctor — Shuffle was as confused as Gonzalez.

They both stayed checking the photo in silence for a while longer. It really didn't make much sense. The metal blind was in a space surrounded by foil, and it wasn't exactly a sturdy material. Also, the ceiling seemed to be made of wood, and it had several holes. It didn't matter if it was an anomaly or some very valuable object, it just didn't make sense. In addition, such an explicit warning not to cross over drew too much attention, and there was no staff nearby. It was all really confusing.

Gonzalez decided to put aside the photograph to analyze it in detail later and took another.


— "Today I met The Photographer". Hmmm, interesting to say the least. Do you know anything about this? — Gonzalez examined the photo very carefully. There was something familiar to him. He knew there was something he had seen before, but he couldn't figure out what, and he hoped Shuffle would know.

— The Photographer seems to be half known out there. Maybe not as well as Lily F. Mayo, but she must have her fans. She must be popular enough for someone to be excited about meeting her . Shuffle jumped when Dr. Gonzalez interrupted him.

— Hold on! Wasn't The Photographer an anomaly the GOC captured in the 40s or something? Her name was… she was a Type Green… fucking GOC and her weird words. She… you get the idea, don't you? — Shuffle looked at Gonzalez like he was crazy. Well, never mind, I'll check it out later. Let's check something else, Gonzalez said, looking a little upset.


— It's stained — Gonzalez observed.

— I know, but she was already like that when I found it — Shuffle replied.

It did not seem accidental. It was as if someone wanted to hide something, but what was that? The same question as before. Naturally, Gonzalez realized this.

— Do you think they wanted to hide something with the ink? — he asked.

— What? — Shuffle looked confused.

— Don't you think it's very convenient that there is an ink spot right here. Also, doesn't that look like a gallery or… or something? —

— Oh, no. Here we go again, said Shuffle, leaning back in the chair.

— What? Look, it's true! They look like… like panopticons with little figures or statues inside. Do you think they're, you know, anomalies or just eccentricity? — Gonzalez asked, pointing out the stain for Shuffle.

— Well, neither we, nor the Coalition, nor the Agency have a record of an anomaly that looks like that, or that has been recovered from a similar location. Maybe it's just a gallery of some MK mogul — Shuffle replied, looking closely at the image. —. Although perhaps the UIU knows something, who knows —


— Stairs. Is that soundproofing? — González asked. The question itself was offensive; it was obvious that it was insulation, although placing it in a place like this was not logical.

— This is one of the Dismantled Bases of MK. It was abandoned and turned into a branch of Chedraui Warehouses, in 1961 — Shuffle answered, evading the question —. No abnormal activity has been reported in the area or objects of interest, nor has there been any trace of the group. —

— What was its function? — Inquired Dr. González.

— Unknown, but apparently it was some kind of central or something. Some members would meet and give talks. It seems to me that they also rented the place for individuals who wanted to hold executive meetings and didn't have a good place. So it's unlikely that it was an area of interest to us — Shuffle replied, looking at the picture.


— And what about this? — Gonzalez was restless.

— Ritual. Unknown purposes. I am not sure if it is something serious because MK is not characterized by doing "magic" things and they focus on it from a more scientific or simple point of view. Maybe it's a performance or something different. Or who knows — said Shuffle, while yawning. He was trying to hide it, but he really wanted to leave the room and go to his own office. He was physically and mentally exhausted and just needed some time to himself.

— I see… — Gonzalez was a little confused by the content of the photographs, and struggled to assimilate them completely at that pace. He took two photographs that were stapled together and separated them.



— I didn't staple them — Shuffle went ahead —. It seems that both are related to a certain "Cardenas Experiment", according to the first photograph. I don't think we have any information about it at this time, so maybe we should do some research. The images don't say much either. We cannot discern the location of the entrance or the nature of the Experiment. —

— Do you think that gramophone girl knows anything? She was created after a similar experiment, after all — Dr. Gonzalez said, while trying to get something out of the photos.

— I don't think I know much, honestly. She wasn't exactly a big name, Shuffle replied, looking up at the ceiling. But I can tell Anacrusa to ask her later, if he thinks. —

— Leave it be, if you want. I'll check it later — Gonzalez replied.

Taking another photograph only meant taking out more doubts and putting them on the table, but that was his job.


Agent Shuffle and Dr. Gonzalez looked equally confused in awkward silence. There was no information to extract or discuss really.


—What an original signature, Gonzalez said sarcastically.? — Anything you know about this? —

— Well, at least now I see the group a little differently, Shuffle said, before being interrupted by Dr. Gonzalez.

— Yeah, yeah, let me guess; you thought they were cold, unemotional people and now you see they're not really like that and they have their own dreams and stuff. Right? — Said Gonzalez, a little annoyed.

— Well, it seems like a detail without a joke, but I would have liked them to do something similar to me, answered Shuffle, a little sad.

— Quinceañera parties are for girls, Flangerson — Gonzalez said, trying to keep the laughter down.

— What I mean is… Look, let's just move on to the next thing, shall we? — Replied Shuffle, looking indignantly at Dr. Gonzalez taking the last picture of the envelope.


— Oh. Wow. Uh… E-experiment Cárdenas, do you think? — Gonzalez asked, this time openly showing his confusion.

— I don't know. If it's related, we have something. If not, then who knows — Shuffle wasn't so sure either. He wasn't a professional investigator or anything, and he was in the room against his will.

Gonzalez took the photos, arranged them, and put them back in the envelope, which he then placed in a drawer on his desk. Shuffle got up and went to the cafeteria at Site 15. As he ate, he pondered what he had seen. What did that really mean? On the one hand, he had the image of sinister people who did not hesitate to undertake experiments for economic gain. He had seen this with SCP-ES-232. On the other hand, people who perhaps had never seen that dark side of Kayrós Musicians. People who, perhaps, somehow thought they were doing the right thing. Kind individuals, he dared to think. Was it possible that both sides existed together? Were they both exaggerations? Shuffle was never very good with psychology or similar issues, and starting to ask those questions didn't sit too well with him right now. He wondered if in the near future researchers would find anything useful in the photos.

He wasn't the only one…

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