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"Make the world more reasonable."


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Foundation Collective — often shortened to FC in formal documents, and simply called the Foundation or various other names based on urban legends and rumors in informal settings — is a collective consciousness reconstructed on the human subconscious network with the same functions, purposes, principles and psychology as the Foundation in reality.

Its main activity is to suppress, manage, and control the disorder, chaos, and anomalous factors brought to Oneiroi networks from all possible sources, including reality. Most of these activities involve the securing, containment, and protection of conceptual Anomalies/Eldritches/Objects in dreams. Their treatment and research activities are also conducted in a largely similar manner to the real Foundation.

While the states under FC jurisdiction are widely distributed around the world, many of them are disguised and hidden as highly localized small collectives, or as underdeveloped areas under the control of large collectives such as Oneiroi West. There is a rumor that undercover agents, ostensibly acting as oneiromancers, are deliberately lowering the property values in these areas in order to maintain this status; no official response has been given by FC government.

Most of the subconscious that encompasses their key facilities, major cities, and capitols are either placed in local area environments that are separated from all Oneiroi networks, or behave as if they are hazardous zones (for example, the areas under the control of Oneiroi Collective), thereby preventing the intrusion of any group. In many of these jurisdictions, the positional coordinates are not disclosed to anyone except FC members assigned to them. Likewise, the actual existence of the FC's area of origin, as well as the cities and capitols where their ruling governments are located, has not been made public to date.

The main FC activities described above are performed by approximately 32% non-corporeals (pure Oneiroi) and 20% corporeals (dreamer shadows). It should be noted, however, that not all corporeals are Foundation personnel in reality. Some of them subconsciously join FC during their sleep to conduct research and missions; and upon awakening, they forget all about the events in their dreams (while in a few cases, some have been under the protection of the real Foundation, and others have been recruited as research advisors to it).

As for the entities composed of dream element, which are the largest part of the ethnic group in FC (approximately 35%), a portion of them are effectively utilized as defense and disguise functions, or as drones for reconnaissance and surveillance. As in previous examples, it is unknown which ethnic group the FC government officials fall under. It is also occasionally pointed out that the actual proportion of ethnic groups may not match the officially announced percentage, although this is mostly ignored.

Members newly welcomed into the collective are assigned to various positions, such as Mobile Task Forces, Containment Specialists, Research Teams, System Engineers, depending on their knowledge and aptitude. In several cases, however, their duties may greatly differ from those in the real Foundation, due to their self-awareness, autonomy, and other qualities as Oneiroi. It is not uncommon for some personnel to be unaware of their double life in two Foundations that exist in both dream and reality.

When corporeal members expire, a certain number of them are re-employed into the collective as non-corporeals. In recent years, the number of FC-related corporeal shadows descending as pure Oneiroi has steadily increased. Although it has been rumored that there is a mechanism to provide a certain level of directionality in this matter, FC government officials have denied it.


Foundation Collective


Ethnic Groups (████):
34.9% Noncon
31.8% Free Consciousness
20.4% Corporeal
12.6% Anomaly
0.3% Transitory

FC personnel/members
[Various other names, based on
urban legends and rumors]

The Administrator
O5 Council

Time Economy:
1 Cycle ≒ ∞

Realist / Idealist

Mechanical, Secretive, Lucid

Immigration Status:
It depends

Emmigration Status:

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Foundation Archive

Foundation Archive is an oneiric archive maintained and supervised by FC.
Currently listing partial disclosable information on Foundation Collective …

Collective Overview: Foundation Collective (FC) is a collective consciousness that serves as the Foundation in the dream world. Its purpose and ideology is largely similar to that of the real Foundation, contributing to the maintenance of normalcy in reality by securing and studying anomalies that manifest, lurk, or cause harm in the human subconscious.

No official statement from the government regarding the origin of the collective has been made to date. While it is rumored that access to relevant information requires a certain level of authority (equivalent to a high-ranking government official), the truth is unknown.

For other details, see additional reference files. However, please keep in mind that many of them are often suggested to be either inaccurate or dummies/disinformation.

Ruling Government: The governmental structure of FC is believed to have an organizational form that bears many similarities to the real Foundation. In addition to that, it has also been announced in the past that the government leadership overseeing the collective is the O5 Council.

However, it is unclear whether these leaders are the shadows of actual O5 Council members, or Oneiroi without physical bodies in reality. Likewise, it is unknown if there are separate O5 Councils in dream and reality. Any attempt to perceive the actual situation is strongly discouraged.

The foundation/basis of FC government has been confirmed as strongly demonstrating a secretive nature. While this serves as a robust security within the territory, it may be to the detriment of some of its members.

Jurisdictional Cities: FC covertly maintains jurisdictional territories in a variety of subconscious areas around the world, which contain clusters of cities with various uses, such as relay points, monitoring stations, storage facilities, shelters, containment facilities, and research facilities.

Among them, the cities that serve as the main and important bases for FC activities are constructed only in subconscious areas that meet stricter selection criteria. Once a city is established, it is not rare for the host that encompasses the territory to be taken under the protection of the real Foundation.

Although there is a theory that a jurisdictional territory exists in every Foundation personnel's subconscious, it is considered to be unreliable. On the other hand, many FC members support the hypothesis that all Foundation personnel' subconscious is safeguarded in order to prevent information leakage through Oneiroi networks.

Their own local networks, established by connecting only their jurisdictional territories, are commonly referred to as FC Network. In most cases, however, a certain level of clearance seems to be required to travel between these cities.

Personnel Composition: It is believed that the majority of FC members are Shadows/Oneiroi who are/were actually Foundation personnel in reality.

However, it is not yet announced how many of them are/were able to recognize that they are/were participating in FC in their dreams. Similarly, there are frequent cases where Shadows/Oneiroi originating from non-Foundation personnel are/were employed or cooperated with FC, though the exact total number of such cases has yet to be calculated.

When a corporeal dies in reality, they have a certain chance of being re-employed by the FC as a non-corporeal. However, the exact probability and process of this is apparently still unknown. Although rumors suggest that some personnel have been active for over ███ years, their authenticity is not certain due to the secretive nature of the collective and its members. Nor will it ever be.

Do you think there are too many abstract and vague explanations? Perhaps, but we are in a dream, after all. It might be better not to think too much about it.

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By the way, would you like to know more about Foundation Collective?

About This Canon

Based on the concept and worldview of "Subconscious Internet" originating from Oneiroi Hub, this canon is a collection of works describing stories related to "Foundation Collective", which is the SCP Foundation in dreams, developed independently by SCP-JP Branch.

As has already been explained in several sections, the goals and ideology of Foundation Collective are similar to those of the Foundation in reality. They contribute to the maintenance of normalcy in reality through activities such as securement, containment, research, and concealment of anomalies and supernatural phenomena in the subconscious of humanity. That being said, their background and origins are shrouded in mystery, just like the real Foundation.

In SCP-EN Oneiroi related articles, on which this canon is built, there are also Foundation agents secretly working in dreams called Mobile Task Force Omicron-Rho (The Dream Team). However, when compared to the era/world where only the Dream Team exists, the world where Foundation Collective was established has a noteworthy difference in that the Foundation's oneiric technologies have dramatically developed, either through simple technological advancement over time, or due to rapid progress caused by some mutational factor.

Originally, these differences arose from my considerations about the Subconscious Internet mentioned above: "With the existence of human subconscious all over the world, how can the Foundation monitor, contain, and conceal anomalies and disturbances arising from the subconscious with only the Dream Team and other limited resources?", or "If Oneiroi can travel between the human subconscious, could they infiltrate the Foundation personnel's subconscious and cause an information leakage?" — These questions inspired me with an idea: "Maybe the Foundation with highly advanced oneiric technology exists in our dreams?"

Therefore, if you want to write an article based on this canon, you may be able to distinguish your article from other Oneiroi-related ones by keeping this aspect in mind. Another advantage is that you can make the most of the "Foundation in dreams" situation and portray the anomalies contained in the real-world Foundation from the perspective of the dream-world Foundation or in the form of their reports. For example, the Foundation may be able to interfere, negotiate, and contain some conceptual and psychological anomalies if they are in the dream.

As stated before, due to the fact that this canon is founded on specific concepts and worldviews derived from Oneiroi Hub, the articles created here will be tagged with "oneiroi" in most cases.

Oneiroi Network

Many articles on the Oneiroi say that during sleep, people become entities known as "Shadows" or "Oneiroi" and operate in the subconscious, which is our personal dream. They also inhabit the subconscious of waking people, and can travel freely from one person's subconscious to another.

This state of Oneiroi freely moving between human subconscious areas, as well as the interconnection between multiple individuals' subconscious, is called the "Subconscious Internet" or "Oneiroi Networks" as mentioned above.

To simplify things, let's replace sleep with "logging into a VR chat room," Oneiroi with "avatars," our subconscious with "servers," and Oneiroi Networks with "Internet connections". You sleep to log in to a VR chat and experience the environment, scenery, and events in a server through your avatar. And then you can go to another server via your Internet connection and interact with other avatars.

However, anomalies do manifest even in the subconscious, and it is not surprising that various types of chaos and disorder are introduced through the interconnected network. These can be Oneiroi who possess unusual properties, nightmares brought to us due to the nature of the real-world anomalies, or non-corporeal invaders from higher planes of existence.

One of Foundation Collective's main objectives is to secure, contain, and protect them in the same manner as the real-world Foundation, as well as to maintain the normalcy of Oneiroi Networks, thus minimizing their negative impact on reality.

Unlimited Technology and Members

As described above, the technology possessed by Foundation Collective is extremely advanced and difficult to understand, not only compared to that of the Foundations of parallel universes, but also to that of most of Oneiroi communities.

Just to name a few: visualizing dreams, turning humans into Oneiroi, containing metaphysical entities, taking over physical bodies with Oneiroi, becoming pure Oneiroi by giving up their biological form, and so on. The list goes on and will continue to grow. On the other hand, it should be noted that in almost half of the cases, it remains unclear how the technological basis was acquired or discovered (although of course there are many technologies based on research results).

Foundation Collective personnel utilize these technologies to infiltrate the subconscious of various individuals around the world. Their job roles are similar to those of real-world Foundation, such as researchers, system engineers, field agents, directors, and many more. However, there are many positions that have not yet been given official titles, or are not even known to the general personnel at all.

— The point I've been trying to say so far is that each author can freely introduce new technologies and job roles, and can construct stories about their origins without any restrictions whatsoever.

Likewise, you are allowed to freely choose how Foundation Collective members look in reality. A lowly janitor in reality may be an elite researcher in dreams, or a university professor in reality may unwittingly join the collective as a research advisor in dreams. It would also be a good idea to write stories about what happens after someone has lost their physical body in reality.

Hidden Territories

Within the vast Oneiroi networks throughout the world, Foundation Collective utilizes numerous subconscious areas as its own jurisdictional territories. Many of them are hidden and disguised from other Oneiroi and collectives by their own technology. You can safely assume that this thoroughly secretive attitude is basically the same as the real-world Foundation.

Because of their secrecy, they do not disclose the locations of FC capitol and major cities — the subconscious areas where the collective's Administrator/O5 Council is supposed to reside — or any other important territories related to their origins. However, this is also one of the aspects that can be freely interpreted by each author and depicted in the articles.

Not only that, it is possible that the subconscious of the real-world Foundation personnel may have been protected by Foundation Collective in order to prevent them from leaking information to Oneiroi. If you would like to describe a jurisdictional territory established in an ordinary person's subconscious, one way to go is to consider the advantages and disadvantages to this person who is the "host" of the subconscious.

Given this opportunity to set the stage for storytelling in the subconscious of all ages and genders, it may help you to write articles for this canon if you keep in mind the secretive stance and various aspects of Foundation Collective that I have mentioned so far.

Relationships with Other Collectives

On the human subconscious Internet, there are many other collectives of Oneiroi besides Foundation Collective. These are made up of dream-world entities that have come together for a variety of purposes, such as hobbies, information gathering, entertainment, killing time, beliefs, religions, or for no apparent reason. Smaller ones act like fansites, while larger ones are more like social media platforms.

Foundation Collective does not actively seek to associate or connect with these various collectives. And at the same time, most of these collectives are not fully aware of the existence of Foundation Collective and its normalcy maintenance activities.

However, it is also true that the existence of Foundation Collective continues to be rumored by many Oneiroi in the form of a kind of urban legend or myth. Furthermore, FC could have some kind of contract, secret agreement, or transaction with the governments of several major collectives including Oneiroi West.

As a matter of fact, Foundation Collective has infiltrated several external collectives with their operatives, and has re-employed several members of these as "insiders" or "observation sleepers". Anyway, we never know the actual situation, and no definite setting is disclosed (which means that this is another subject open to interpretation by each author).

And then there is Oneiroi Collective, a particularly alien collective among all the others; FC's relationship with them is also unclear. While OC is registered as a Group-of-Interest by the real-world Foundation, most of the information about their objectives, origins, scale, and technical capabilities is vague and obscure, even in dreams. On the other hand, however, we can think positively that because most of them are shrouded in mystery, this is an opportunity to explore the relationship with Foundation Collective afresh.

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